Monday, July 27, 2009

Motorcyclist Matt Sevy Nearly Decapitated In Ogden, Utah By "Pranksters" Who Stretched Fishing Line Across The Street

What was intended to be an "innocent prank" in Ogden, Utah nearly had lethal consequences, and Ogden Police have issued citations for reckless endangerment to six suspected perpetrators of the prank. Full story aired on KSL Channel 5.

Matt Sevy was riding his bike home near 2nd Street and Monroe Boulevard on Sunday July 26th after playing cards with friends. He describes what happened next: "All a sudden, I started choking and couldn't draw any breath of air. I instantly hit the brakes and tried to grab what was choking me. It cut my neck. It caught me completely off guard. I had no idea, I couldn't see what was choking me. It's probably going to turn into a longtime scar."

He had been snagged by fishing line stretched tightly across the street. It was pulled so tight it left a gash on his throat. KSL video embedded below:

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A person following Sevy helped track down the perps. The police caught up to the perps in a house just across the street. The perps told them that there was actually more to the prank. They has also planned on tying a sheet to the fishing line so it would like a ghost. But the biker just happened to arrive before they could complete the task.

Not to matter, though. Charging the perps with reckless endangerment is pathetically weak. Had it been piano wire, heavy-duty fishing line, or a lead wire, it could have decapitated Sevy instantly. Because of the fatal possibilities, a much more serious charge would be in order. Attempted murder would be an appropriate starting point, with the ultimate goal a conviction on attempted involuntary manslaughter (if there is such a thing). Obviously, lawmakers need to determine if this type of situation happens often enough to warrant a change in the law, and if so, pass the appropriate legislation.

The creeps may not have intended or desired to take Matt Sevy's life, but they engaged in a gratuitous activity that could have cost Sevy his life. When you deliberately endanger someone else for the "lulz", you should pay a serious price.

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