Friday, July 31, 2009

Hawaii Football Coach Greg McMackin Being Witch-Hunted For Describing Notre Dame Pep Rally As "Little Faggot Dance", McMackin Grovels

Update: The Honolulu Advertiser now reports that Greg McMackin will be suspended for 30 days without pay. The money from his suspension will be used to fund an intern for a homosexual group as well for other awareness efforts. McMackin also will participate in other activities including a pro-homosexual public service announcement.

A college football coach is under fire for using the word "faggot" in public - but not from the gay rights lobby. He's being witch-hunted by his own employer, the University of Hawaii, as well as the Hawaii media, particularly the Honolulu Advertiser.

On July 31st, 2009, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that University of Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin is facing disciplinary action in the wake of comments made to the media during the Western Athletic Conference meetings on July 30th. McMackin, who was the defensive coordinator at Utah from 1990-1992, apologized almost immediately after using a derogatory slur against gays in describing Notre Dame as doing a "little faggot dance" before the Irish defeated the Warriors last year in the Hawaii Bowl 49-21. Local Hawaiian coverage provided by KITV Channel 4, with links to several news videos. The Idaho Statesman has a links page to several other Hawaiian media stories.

The Salt Lake Tribune also published the complete transcript of the remarks. Here's the part containing the so-called "offending" phrase:

It made me sick after that game. It made me sick. But I screwed up. And I'll never do this again. He had his guys, 'we do something special at Notre Dame' he said, and they get up and they do this little cheer, like this, (clap) you know, this little faggot dance.

And you remember, Jason and Stephen (Hawai'i beat reporters), so my guys were looking at me, they're all looking and trying not to laugh.

So I gave them the ... don't write that "faggot" down. I was misquoted.

Anyway, I give them the shaka, so our guys get up and it was the best Ha'a I've ever seen, I mean, they're on their chair, they have beads on, they're ripping their beads off. I mean it was a little scary. I think Notre Dame watched that and said we better have ourselves ready because they really played a good game -- I can't take away.

Their quarterback was on fire. I even challenged the last play of the half because there's no way that guy could have caught it. We had two guys on him he caught it out of bounds with his toes in and it was, it was just great execution. So anyway, just please, last year you covered for me as far as my recruit, cover for me. Go ahead, say faggot dance, no. Please cover for me on that, too, right Karl? (Benson, the WAC commissioner) I'll deny it. Anything else?"

Unfortunately, instead of manning up and standing firm like Utah State Senator Chris Buttars after the "black baby" remark, McMackin went into Trent Lott mode and started groveling serial apologies like a whipped puppy dog. The Tribune includes the full text of both his pathetic apologies, both immediately after the comments, and then the second apology during the press conference. KHNL Channel 8 news video embedded below:

His groveling may not have helped. Hawaii spokesman Neal Iwamoto said that no decision on whether or not to discipline McMackin would be forthcoming until athletic director Jim Donovan had a chance to meet with his coach. Donovan confirmed that he would meet with McMackin on July 31st. But Donovan may be laying the groundwork to throw McMackin under the bus, or at least perform a public political castration of his coach.

"We're very disappointed regarding the comments coach Greg McMackin made at the WAC media preview in Salt Lake City," Donovan said. "Obviously we don't condone his remarks, particularly since we take such great pride in the diversity of our state and university. I've conveyed my disappointment to him and he has expressed deep regret for showing such poor judgment."

Of course, what would you expect from a school which nicknames its teams the "Rainbow Warriors" (rainbow being a symbol hijacked by the gay rights movement).

Meanwhile, Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis was disappointed but not terminally offended. In a prepared release, Weis said: "Yesterday, Coach McMackin demonstrated poor judgment when, while making comments critical of our football program, he used a derogatory word. Speaking only for our football program, we were offended by the remarks. This afternoon I received a phone call from Coach McMackin and he apologized to me and asked I pass that along to my players and coaches. We accept his apology and we will move on." Conference USA apparently also thinks it's much ado about nothing; just today they announced their agreement to continue playing in the Hawaii Bowl through 2013.

But some don't think an apology is enough. KITV Channel 4 is conducting an "unscientific" poll asking people what should happen to Coach McMackin. Here are the results so far:

Nothing: 43 percent
Sensitivity Training: 22 percent
Fine: 10 percent
Suspension: 4 percent
Firing: 21 percent

It looks like at least 43 percent of respondents still think like Americans. What's disturbing is that one out of every five respondents think like Communists, saying that McMackin should be fired. Only in Communist countries are people fired from their jobs for political reasons.

Coach McMackin handled it badly. First, he shouldn't have been trying to take back the remarks on the spot; it sounded lame. Second, the only people he owed an apology to was Notre Dame; he had no business abasing and humiliating himself in public. When you apologize for sinning against political correctness, you merely encourage the imposition of more political correctness.


Gary said...

You are a disgusting person. Really.

I'm not even that big on the gay rights movement. Sometimes I think they ask too much, want too much.

But saying Chris Buttars "manned up" is pretty hard to justify.

Perhaps it's your own fears you are actually defending.

Nothing wrong with teaching our kids to respect others (that's what the Elders teach, right?). And if you remember, the LDS Church even condemned Buttars words. And yet here, you equate Buttars to "being a man."

No, little boy, a man understands you must respect each and every human being if you want to live the gospel, not just the one's you like.

You shame Utah and the image of the LDS Church.

Gary's Dad said...

My son sent this to me, as I'm an ex-football coach, thirty two year veteran.

My son is right. You are a disgusting person. As a member of the LDS Church and someone who has spent a lifetime teach children the importance of being on a team, learning to respect one another, and build a bond for a common goal, and also as an ex marine, I cannot find a single thing noble in what Chris Buttars did.

Yet here, you claim he "manned up."

Which part of the D & C are you getting that from. Oh, perhaps what we should be admiring about Buttars is in the New Testament? No? Old Testament? Not really there even? Strange.

Where are you getting it then?

You should be ashamed of what you've written here, and that it appears under the title "Voice of Deseret" sickens me. I pray no new members of the LDS Church stumble on this site and read your awful words here, and choose instead another path. I hope that no member of our faith struggling with doubt comes across you praise of Buttars in defense of this coach, and decides that yes, you speak for all of the faith. I hope that no one seeking God in confusion reads what you've written here before the read the word of the Lord, and chooses an unrighteous path instead of the message of hope, tolerance, and love that our savior teaches, and which you are in dire need of a refressher course on, my boy.

Perhaps it's as simple as growing up, but I think it's more. You need to read your gospel, and you need to realize that no, the Lord is not talking to only YOU, he is talking to all of his creation.

Now grow up.

football said...

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