Sunday, July 5, 2009

Critically-Acclaimed British Historian And Holocaust Revisionist David Irving To Appear In Salt Lake City, Utah On July 13th, 2009

Once again, critically-acclaimed British historian David Irving is making an annual American tour - and Salt Lake City is on his itinerary. Irving will be appearing in Salt Lake at 7:00 P.M. on Monday July 13th, 2009. Unfortunately, because his appearances have been disrupted by antifa extremists and Jewish supremacists in the past, he does not disclose the precise location of his appearance until just a couple of days beforehand. A 2003 appearance in Salt Lake was disrupted by protestors.

David Irving's website is available HERE. His complete itinerary is available HERE, as well as instructions on how to obtain additional information and to pre-register for the appearance if desired. You will be able to purchase Irving's books there, or, if you already have any of his books, bring them to the event and he will autograph them.

David Irving attracts controversy because he's been slandered as a "Holocaust denier". But the facts are that most "Holocaust deniers" are more precisely described as "Holocaust revisionists". They do not deny that Jews were targeted, rounded up, incarcerated, and in some cases, even murdered, particularly in areas of active Communist partisan activity during World War II. Instead, Holocaust revisionists simply dispute the demographics, the methodology, and, above all, the singularity Jews attach to the Holocaust. The latter is most troubling because Jews present their Holocaust as the penultimate genocide, and many of them minimize genocide committed against other peoples.

But what makes this a significant issue is not so much the slander campaign against Irving and other revisionists, but the fact that several European nations and Australia have laws against Holocaust denial. This means that if you express public disagreement with official Holocaust dogma in these nations, you can be arrested, tried, and imprisoned, as in the case of German political prisoner Ernst Zündel. Imagine if you were tried, arrested, and imprisoned for disputing global warming theory, or for publicly proclaiming the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It's a free speech issue; the truth is able to stand on its own without statutory protection. By supporting David Irving's free speech rights, we better defend our own rights. Rev. Ted Pike also speaks out against Holocaust denial laws HERE.

I first encountered one of David Irving's books in 1990. Entitled "The War Path", it was a continuation of his analysis of events leading up to and encompassing World War II in Europe. But as I read this book, something different began to be apparent - alone among all historians, David Irving expressed very little personal animus against National Socialist Germany. He dared to suggest that not all Germans were monsters. In short, he implied that the average German was just as patriotic to his country as Americans and British were to their respective countries. This represented a departure from the conventional wisdom that the Nazis were utterly evil. But Irving still holds to the basic notion that there was a "right side" and a "wrong side" in World War II, nonetheless.

Contrast Irving's work with William Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", which actually was more detailed and informative, but which in spirit was little more than 1200+ pages of regurgitated Allied propaganda.

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