Monday, July 13, 2009

CNN Promotes Anti-White Racist Bigotry: Annual "Best Places" List Of Top 100 Small Towns Excludes Those More Than 95 Percent White

CNN Money has posted Money Magazine's annual "Best Places" list of the 100 best small towns in the USA. This will also appear in their August 2009 print edition, on sale now. Their definition of all small town is any city with a population between 8,500 and 50,000. Other criteria include good jobs, crime rates, schools and affordable housing. However, they have a racial criteria - the city can not be more than 95 percent White. No other racial criteria are applied.

Here's the official description of the criteria they use for all their lists of "Best Places":

CNNMoney's Best Places database of 1,800-plus U.S. cities includes towns with populations 8,500 to 50,000 with satisfactory education and crime scores, where income is below 200% of the state median, and that are no more than 95% white – as well as cities with populations 90,000 and up.

Imagine the reaction if cities more than 95 percent Black were disqualified. Jesse and Al and the NAACP would be staging a march on CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Will any comparable White civil rights organizations like the Nationalist Coalition, European Americans United, the National Alliance, or the National Socialist Movement officially protest this development? If they want to be taken seriously by mainstream America, they better consider doing so. Already the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront have posted reaction.

On a more pleasant note, four Utah cities made the list. Click the name of the city for its details:

-- Number 14: Farmington, UT
-- Number 22: Draper, UT
-- Number 71: Bountiful, UT
-- Number 74: Lindon, UT

The Salt Lake Tribune has since published its own story. Note that when they listed the criteria, they carefully omitted the "no greater than 95 percent White" criterion. This is why blogs exist, to uncover mainstream media manipulation and distortion. The Tribune has published some thorough reports on the history of the Logan Northern Canal, but then countered that solid journalism by concealing an important part of another story.

A master list of all the cities in their database, including the unranked cities, can be found HERE.

To contact CNN and express your outrage of their expression of bigotry, visit this page and select the CNN Money icon. Reference article entitled "CNN Money's 2009 list of America's best small towns".

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