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Scott P. Roeder May Be A Murderer, But Slain Wichita Abortionist Dr. George Tiller Is Neither A Hero Nor A Martyr

On Sunday May 31st, 2009, a man walked into the Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th St. in Wichita, Kansas and fatally shot abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller, while he was in the midst of ushering. Fifty-one-year-old anti-abortion activist Scott P. Roeder of Merriam was arrested three hours later along I-35 in Johnson County and has been accused of the crime, being held on suspicion of first-degree murder and aggravated assault. More about Roeder's background HERE.

The Wichita Eagle provides the most comprehensive coverage. As of post time, 29 different stories are posted on their George Tiller Page. KAKE Channel 10 coverage HERE.

Dr. Tiller is the fourth abortionist killed in the United States since 1993. His full obituary can be read HERE. The other three include Dr. David Gunn of Pensacola, FL in March 1993, Dr. John Britton also of Pensacola, FL in July 1994, and Dr. Barnett Slepian in October 1998. The National Abortion Federation claims there were four others from 1977-1993. The number of pre-natal lives these doctors took has not been documented. Dr. Tiller and his clinic have been the target of numerous protests and threats since 1986, all summarized HERE.

In the wake of the slaying, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered increased security for some abortion clinics and doctors. But the U.S. Marshals Service would not specifically describe who was being protected, or what security measures were being taken.

Inexplicably, much of the pro-life lobby is playing defense in response to this crime. Kansans for Life, the state's largest and most influential anti-abortion group, immediately sought to distance itself from the shooting suspect. In addition, Operation Rescue and Kansas Coalition for Life also rushed to condemn the shooting. " If this person's connected in any way to the pro-life movement, it'll set us back 20 years because the people of America do not approve of this behavior," said Mark Gietzen of Wichita, who heads the Kansas Coalition for Life and has organized 1,846 consecutive days of protest outside Tiller's clinic. But the pro-life movement needs to remember that they are NOT the ones who have slaughtered an estimated 50 million unborn babies since 1973, with 93 percent of those abortions performed for elective or "social" reasons rather than therapeutic, or medically-necessary reasons. The pro-life movement has NOTHING to apologize for.

Already there are moves afoot to turn Dr. Tiller into an official "martyr". Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women wanted Monday to be a "national day of mourning" for him. An estimated 400 people showed up Sunday night for a candlelight vigil replete with the typical ritualistic tearjerker anthems like "Kumbaya" and "We Shall Overcome". The clinic itself will shut down for a week of mourning. One of the reasons why Dr. Tiller is being canonized by the pro-choice movement is because he was one of only a handful of doctors in the country to perform high-risk and late-term abortions.

But is Dr. Tiller really worthy to be considered a "hero" or a "martyr"? Fox News' Bill O'Reilly doesn't seem to think so. In November 2006, in his Talking Points Memo, O'Reilly said, "In the state of Kansas, there is a doctor, George Tiller, who will execute babies for $5,000 if the mother is depressed. And there are rapists impregnating 10-year-olds who are being protected by abortion clinics. It doesn't get worse than that. This is the absolute shame of America." The Factor then learned that Tiller was aborting babies of girls aged 10-15, including victims of forcible rape, "and those abortions were not reported to authorities as required by law," Bill said, "so the criminals who impregnated the girls have so far gotten away with it."

And Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline explained the situation on the November 3rd edition of the Factor. "[In] every single instance, there was not a late-term abortion performed on a viable child to save the life of the mother," Kline asserted, "and in every single instance, there was not an abortion performed for a physical reason." So according to the records, Tiller was using "depression" as an excuse to terminate these pregnancies.

"When you have a 10- or 11-year-old child who is pregnant, and gets an abortion, and no one calls the police, it's likely a family member that is abusing that child," said Kline. In Kansas, sexual intercourse with a child under 14 is defined as "rape" because the child is below the age of consent, which means any pregnant girl under 14 getting an abortion at Tiller's clinic is the victim of a crime and Tiller is required to inform authorities. AG Kline indicated Tiller is not reporting the rapes, a felony under Kansas law.

But on his June 1st program, Bill O'Reilly vigorously condemned the murder of Dr. Tiller, on the basis that it promotes anarchy and vigilantiism (the transcript will be posted at the link sometime on June 2nd).

Hero? Martyr? Not by any stretch of the imagination does Dr. Tiller qualify. The shooting of Dr. Tiller unquestionably meets the criteria of first degree murder, and if convicted, Scott Roeder deserves the death penalty. The increased protection of abortion clinics is also necessary. After all, in the Bible, it is written, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and I will repay". Elective abortion is legal, like it or not, and thanks to Scott Roeder's impetuosity, is likely to remain legal much longer now. But a doctor who willfully performs elective late term abortions, a barbaric practice not unlike female genital mutilation in the Middle East, is not deserving of any honor, for he is without any himself.

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