Friday, June 5, 2009

Christopher Allen Assaults Two Homosexuals In Ogden, Yells Anti-Gay Slurs, May Also Be Charged With A Hate Crime

An Ogden man who faces assault and criminal trespass charges for beating up two people may also face hate crime charges because he allegedly yelled anti-gay slurs.

The Ogden Standard-Examiner reports that 30-year-old Christopher Vonnegut Allen was arrested and booked into Weber County Jail on two counts of assault, both class B misdemeanors, and one count of criminal trespassing. He has since been released on bail.

Allen's first victim was 24-year-old Wil Phillips, subsequently identified as gay by his mother, who stated that he was inside an unidentified friend's apartment while his friend was outside smoking. He then he heard his friend and Allen, who also lives in the complex, talking. When Phillips opened the door, the two men fell into the apartment in what at first appeared to be a playful scuffle. But when Phillip's friend went into the bathroom, Allen immediately attacked Phillips, sitting on top of him, slapping, kicking and stomping him while saying "I'm not fucking gay". While Phillips was a bit roughed up with a few bruises and a bloody face, he required no professional medical attention. This accounts for the first assault charge as well as the trespassing charge.

Allen's second victim was 20-year-old Whitney Goich, who disclosed that she is a lesbian. Goich claims that she was walking into an apartment complex at 3455 Harrison Blvd around 2:30 A.M. on June 2nd when she was accosted by a man who punched her in the face. He shouted a few slurs, grabbed her face again, and thrust his knee into her nose. Subsequently, it was found she needed professional medical attention; she was admitted to McKay-Dee Hospital Center with a broken nose and went into surgery to repair her nose and a tear duct in her left eye. This accounts for the second assault charge.

Police determined that Christopher Allen was intoxicated at the time of the assaults.

After arresting and charging Allen, police then sent information about their investigation and the victims' allegations to prosecutors who could, under a Utah hate crimes law, enhance charges against Allen.

The idea of hate crimes and protected classes is ridiculous. It simply stirs up resentment by those who are not protected and polarizes society. The severity of a charge ought to revolve primarily around the ability of a victim to resist, meaning that crimes against the very young, the very old, and the disabled generally should, as a rule of thumb, earn the most severe charges. Just because a person is a certain race or other diversity variable should not warrant special attention. Rev. Ted Pike discusses the dangers of "hate" laws HERE.

Since the female victim required professional medical attention, that assault charge should be upgraded to a felony. Otherwise the other misdemeanor assault charge and the criminal trespassing charge should remain in force. Allen should get hammered because he sent the woman to the hospital, not because she's a lesbian.

Since when is it the state's role to play God and decide what is in a person's heart?


Voice of Utah said...

I have concerns about the concept of hate crimes myself. I see both sides; that hate crimes are intended to terrorize an entire sub-community, but I also have a hard time seeing why beating someone up because he might fall into a particular category is worse than beating someone up for money or because you're a sociopath, etc. This Allen guy sounds like he is worried that he is gay himself.

Drake said...

It's a "hate crime" because the victim said Allen made hateful slurs? Sure thing. He broke her nose and sent her to the hospital. I get it, she's pissed. But what proof is there Allen made gay bashing comments other than her version? This "hate crime" bullshit is just that, B.S. Gays get beat up and say the attacker made some comments that hurt their widdle bitty feewings, and he is charged with a hate crime. A black Muslim hunts down 2 U.S. servicemen recruiters, shooting both and killing one, and absolutely no charge of a hate crime. I guess the black Muslim must not have shouted, "Death to America and the devil's military!" while pulling the trigger with intent to kill. Yes, his hate crime inspiring words would have made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

I actually know Whitney, the lesbian woman who was assaulted. She is a very giving, selfless, and kind person and she would not lie to get attention.
This is a hate crime because both her and the other man attacked, who did not know each other, were attacked because they were gay. Attacking someone because they are gay is a hate crime because it sends a clear message to a minority group- that they are hated and unwanted. A hate crime is a crime committed with the intentions of persecuting a specific group, and this was certainly the case.
As for someone being prosecuted based on their ability to defend themselves- that's bullshit. Almost any woman stands little chance against a man who has decided to attack her.
Being a gay woman myself, I am now more scared that I would normally be to walk alone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The fact that everyone can assume that they know or are aware of the full details of the events ridiculous. The police report states that alcohol was involved which makes it clear that judgement was impaired. I think hate crime laws are needed to a point but i feel like this could be the gross misuse of the law.