Thursday, April 16, 2009

Utah Highway Patrol Also Announces Its Intent Not To Abide By SB81 And Cross-Deputize Troopers As "Immigration Enforcers"

The Utah Highway Patrol has joined the growing ranks of a number of Utah law enforcement agencies that will not take advantage of a program to cross-deputize troopers as immigration agents, as spelled out in Utah SB81, signed into law in 2008. Stories from the Salt Lake Tribune and KSL Channel 5 (already 404 comments posted to the story).

Utah Department of Public Safety Director Lance Davenport says lack of funding is the primary driver. He says if the Legislature wants troopers to become immigration agents, they need more resources. State budge cuts already have forced them to reduce trooper coverage. But then Davenport then pandered to the local Latino constituency during an April 15th town hall meeting in West Valley City, saying that he's mainly concerned about traffic safety and making sure everyone feels safe in Utah, including immigrants.

Presumably, even ILLEGAL immigrants. Many Latino advocacy groups want to protect illegal immigrants against discovery to preserve the United States as a dumping ground for Latin America's "surplus" population. What gets suppressed by the media is that many American-born Hispanics and even some legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration.

Other Utah police agencies disavowing SB81 include the Salt Lake City Police Department. Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank unleashed a firestorm of criticism when he announced that he would refuse to enforce SB81. His choice of words not only was unfortunate, but he also fueled the criticism further when he appeared at an April 9th meeting of Centro Civico Mexicano and said he wanted all Salt Lake police officers to learn Spanish. Imagine - being forced to learn a foreign language in your own country just to be employable. When Western nations did that to Third World nations during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, that was called COLONIALISM. The knowledge that Chief Burbank also joined in an ADL-sponsored trip to Israel in 2008 also sparked the controversy further; the ADL is notorious for their pro-liberal bias and support of hate crimes laws and speech codes worldwide, and has provided "anti-bias" (meaning anti-conservative, anti-Gentile, and anti-White) indoctrination to law enforcement agencies.

West Valley City police won't participate, either. The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department will enforce immigration laws only against inmates booked into its jail. SB81 also requires jails make a reasonable effort to determine the immigration status of inmates, and Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder praised that aspect of the law. "It should not matter if a bad man is Hispanic, Chinese or Italian," Winder told the few hundred people gathered at a Latino mall. "If you commit the crime you will go to jail. And under SB81 the bad man will be deported." As for whether deputies and detectives on the street will enforce immigration laws, Winder said: "We're not going to do something that the law does not require us to do."

In contrast, John Martineau, chief deputy with Daggett County Sheriff's Department, will not cherry-pick only the laws with which he agrees. In a statement to KSL, Martineau said in part, "I wanted to let you know that I support HB 81 [SB81], I am a Law Enforcer, not a Law Maker. I may disagree with many laws that our on the books, but I took an oath to protect the constitution of the United States of America, Also to enforce Local, State, and Federal Laws of our Country. It is our Job to obey and enforce the laws that are supported by the people in the communities that we serve."

One of the concerns expressed by law enforcement is that if SB81 is enforced, Latinos may be reluctant to disclose crimes committed against them. This is an overblown concern; when one calls 911 to report a crime, dispatchers do not ask about immigration status. The only instance where a victim's immigration status might come into play is if a predator targets a victim specifically because of illegal status. Then again, illegals know this risk exists when they sneak into the United States, and should not be allowed to escape this risk. There are consequences attendant to every choice.

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