Sunday, April 26, 2009

Diversity Watch: Deaths Of Blake Strebel And Derek Jasper Unleashing Raw Emotion; Racist Anti-Mexican Grafitti Appears At Ogden Crash Site

A traffic accident in Ogden, Utah in which two Latinos fleeing from the police ran a red light and fatally T-boned two White guys is unleashing raw emotions in the community. Many have scribbled condolence messages on a traffic light pole at the crash site.

But one message was distinctly unsympathetic. In a reference to the ethnicity of the perpetrators, one person wrote "Kill all Mexicans". And, predictably, the sensationalist KTVX Channel 4 is focusing exclusively on that aspect. They even nagged Ogden Mayor Matthew "Boss" Godfrey into visiting the site and covering up the offending grafitti with tape. KTVX news video embedded below:

Quite frankly, all the graffitti should be removed from the traffic light pole. There is no reason to be turning a light pole into a public noticeboard just for people to express their grief. That's why we have funeral parlors and cemeteries.

On Wednesday April 22nd, 2009, 19-year-old Blake Strebel of South Jordan and 18-year-old Derek Jasper of South Ogden were heading home from a church basketball game in a Mitsubishi Lancer at the intersection of 28th Street and Washington Blvd when a Cadillac driven by Mark Mora, with his cousin Andrew Gomez as a passenger, ran the red light and T-boned the Lancer. The two had been spotted by neighbors trying to burglarize a home on Ogden's east bench, and police tracked them down and gave chase, following established pursuit procedures.

The force of the impact wrapped the Lancer around the traffic pole, while the Cadillac's front end was smashed in. Mora was knocked unconscious in the crash, but Gomez attempted to run from officers before being captured. A probable-cause statement filed with the criminal charges said that after being apprehended, Gomez fought with the officers and clawed at one of them. He was placed into handcuffs after a struggle. Original KSL news video triggering 656 comment embedded below:

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On Friday April 24th, UHP disclosed that investigators were planning to meet with prosecutors in the Weber County Attorney's Office soon to discuss charges against the driver, Mark Mora, who remains confined in the Weber Valley Detention Center. They're looking at pursuing two counts of auto homicide, felony DUI, felony fleeing, driver's license, insurance, and a stop-light violation. As for the 21-year-old Gomez, he was charged in 2nd District Court on Friday with assault against a police officer, a class A misdemeanor, and interfering with an arrest, a class B misdemeanor. Shortly after he was booked into the Weber County Jail on Thursday, jail records indicated he posted $4,351 bail for the misdemeanor offenses and was released. Ogden police say Gomez is a gang member with a lengthy criminal history. Court records show Gomez has numerous traffic and animal violations and only one past criminal charge of unlawful possession of alcohol by a minor.

But Gomez is already trying to whitewash his behavior and his past record. He says the tattoos on his neck are of the names of his 8-month-old daughter and his mother. "I like tattoos, but there are no gang affiliation tattoos on me," he said. He also says he's being wrongfully accused of burglary and has an alibi: he was in court dealing with a violation for having a dog running loose.

And the parents of both are also trying to whitewash the behavior of their sons. Gomez's mother says he's not a bad guy. And Stacey Mora said about Mark, "He's a good kid. He doesn't get into trouble,". Stacey Mora attempted to further buttress her case by showing documents she says prove her son is not a criminal. She says there are two debt collection cases and a seat belt violation against him. However, the Salt Lake Tribune reveals that Mora's juvenile court records show he's been charged with two felonies and nine misdemeanors since 2005, including exhibiting a dangerous weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon at school, assault causing a bodily injury and riot resulting in injury. KSL news video showing Ms. Mora whitewashing her son embedded below:

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Both the Gomezes and the Moras expressed sympathy for the two victims, but they also attempted to shift the blame onto police for initiating the chase. In response, police said that Mora made the decision to run from them rather than cooperate, and so he bears the responsibility.

Derek Jasper and Blake Strebel had bright futures. They were students and roommates at Weber State University. The 18-year-old Jasper was expecting an LDS mission call — the letter was supposed to arrive in the mail next week. The 19-year-old Stebel also looked forward to a mission, but first was working towards his associate degree so he could pursue his lifelong dream of a career in law enforcement when he returned from his future mission.


Officer Dan said...

Dude, you're a racist hick.

Not only do you not condemn the writng of "kill all mexicans" on the traffic light (you brush it off as "oh nobody should be writing on a traffic light" not "what a horrible thing for any Christian to say!) but you also choose to title your post "diversity watch."

Your fear of the brown people leaves you blinded, and the stupidity required to be such a xenophobic simple minded bumpkin blinds you to one simple fact.

In the past ten years, there have been 23 high speed chases in Utah that led to a crash, injury, or death of an innocent bystander.

Of those 23, 20 were caused by a caucasian.

Put the fear away. We're all God's children, and as a law enforcement officer, I find it disgusting when a tragic accident or a deplorable crime becomes the motivation for some moron's anti-Latino screed.

Deseret Dawg said...

You obviously read only what you wanted to read. I distinctly condemned ALL the grafitti written on the traffic light pole.

You've been so brainwashed with diversity propaganda that you are incapable of actually reading what is written. Perhaps you are actually projecting your own fears upon me. That's a common tactic for anti-racist extremists.

I have no fear of brown people. But you apparently have a fear of the truth.

steel68 said...

Public stooge Dan!

Obviously your the typical obedient and well-trained, semi-literate, mental midget with a uniform and a gun whose namebadge probably reads "JUST YOUR TYPICAL MEATHEAD";comes onto this blog with an adolescently charged tirade to state nothing of substance such as- "We're all God's children!" Boy! I've never heard that feeble egalitarian tripe before!

"In the past ten years, there have been 23 'high-speed'(quotes mine) chases in Utah that led to a crash, injury, or death of an innocent bystander... Of those 23, 20 were by a (C)caucasian(parenthesis mine)."

Way to provide a link private Dan! Could you also provide similar stats for the cities of Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore, Miami, D.C., San Diego...Demographics anyone? You get the idea Sgt. "I'm not a hater" Dan! After all, your one of God's children! LOL!