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"Attorney For The Damned" And Patriot Pundit Edgar Steele Weighs Launching A Constitution Party Candidacy For Governor Of Idaho In 2010

Since Idaho is Utah's northern neighbor, events taking place in Idaho are, or should be of interest to those in Northern Utah at the very least. And here's a prospective event that could be of great interest, particularly to those who take a constructionist constitutional worldview. Longtime patriot pundit Edgar Steele (pictured at left), who bills himself as "Attorney for the Damned", has announced that he is contemplating a run for Governor of Idaho in 2010. And he is seriously considering running under the banner of the Constitution Party.

Steele initially surfaced this idea in his Nickel Rant column dated April 1st, 2009. He spells out his concerns and puts forth his justification. Then in his April 15th Nickel Rant column, he proposed doing it under the banner of the Constitution Party. But what's of greatest interest is what he would do as Governor. On his first day in office, "Governor" Steele says he would do the following:

-- Declare that Federal rights end where Idaho's rights begin - at the state border. Idaho's borders immediately would be sealed to Federal agents of every stripe, who could not enter without permission and a valid Constitutional purpose.

-- Press the legislature to declare Idaho a state in which Federal gun laws would not be honored.

-- Press the legislature to pronounce that Feds and families don't mix, prohibiting all Federal interference with kids, religion and free speech.

-- Lead the charge to take back our schools by, first, rejecting all Federal funding of education in the state. That would allow us to dispense with all the Federally-mandated staffing, reporting, indoctrinating and the like, with the result that we actually would have more money to spend on the basic education of our children.

-- Proclaim equal rights for all and special rights for none. No exceptions. Affirmative action, quotas, set-asides and Idaho's "hate-crime" laws all must go.

-- Implement budget cuts to match the privation already being suffered by the general population would be the order of the day.

-- Administratively declare (and seek similar legislative declarations) that the Federal government balance its budget, abolish the Federal Reserve System and the IRS, close the borders (and deport all illegals, including anchor babies) and return all troops from their postings overseas.

On April 1st, Edgar Steele appealed to readers of his columns and listeners of his radio programs to e-mail him their input as to whether he should run for Governor. And Steele reports two weeks later than he was literally inundated with e-mails, over 1,000 at last count, not only asking him to run, but even offering to move to Idaho merely to help him campaign. Many others said they would move to Idaho if he was elected. The hunger for a return to a simpler, fairer, financially responsible, and more constitutionally-oriented society where liberty once again will no longer be shackled by the unnatural bonds of forced equality is truly deep-seated, as we just saw in the outpouring of national support for the April 15th Tea Party rallies.

Because this effort is still in the exploratory stage, Steele has yet to enumerate any specific deficiencies on the part of incumbent Republican Governor Butch Otter. But although unknown to the greater public, Steele is not exactly untried. Watch the video embedded below where he squares off against the sensationalist MSNBC host Donny Deutsch and skilfully and professionally deflects the contrived fire of this vainglorious grandstander:

Podblanc video url HERE. Video itself embedded below:

And of course, this leads to how he became known as the "Attorney for the Damned", for his penchant for pleading cases that test the limits of constitutional law on behalf of politically-incorrect clients. When the White Nationalist pop duo of Prussian Blue first burst upon the pop music scene several years ago, many in the predominant culture took issue with them and began smearing them and their mother, April Gaede. Sean Hannity, of Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes, partnered up with Jeffrey Gardere, a Black psychologist who, based strictly upon what he saw in the ABC Primetime program on Prussian Blue, stated that the girls' mother should be charged with child abuse and the children taken from her because of their racialist philosophy. As a result, the girls began to receive threats - some quite bloodcurdling and inappropriate for replication here.

As a result, April Gaede decided that enough was enough and asked Steele to serve as the family's spokesperson and, needs be, as their attorney for any necessary litigation connected to the media circus that had developed. He quickly accepted and jumped into the fray. The Gaede family subsequently moved from Bakersfield, California to Kalispell, Montana where their privacy is, for the most part, respected.

You can read Edgar Steele's personal biography HERE, and his Wikipedia entry HERE. His essays have been featured by the nationally-distributed American Free Press. He authored the book "Defensive Racism". So it's clear he knows how to express himself. If you think he should go ahead and run for Governor, e-mail him at the following address:

Steele AT NickelRant DOT com (deliberately written this way to prevent spambots from using my blog to spam his e-mail account)

Edgar Steele also has a radio program on Voice Of Reason. His two website addresses are listed below:

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