Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Racist Group FACE Movement Protests Lohra Miller's Decision To Try 16-Year-Old Gangbanger Murderer Ricky Angilau As Adult In Salt Lake City

Citizens associated with an racially-oriented group known as FACE Movement protested at the Matheson Courthouse in downtown Salt Lake City on March 18th, 2009 against the decision by Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller to prosecute the 16-year accused gangbanger murderer Ricky Angilau as an adult. Media stories by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KSL Channel 5 (429 public comments)

Angilau has been charged with murder in connection with the January 21st slaying of his Kearns High School peer Estaban Saidi, who was shot in the torso during a fist fight two blocks from the school. He has been charged with first-degree murder; obstructing justice, a second-degree felony; carrying a dangerous concealed weapon, a second-degree felony; and possessing a firearm at school, a class A misdemeanor. If convicted, he could face 15 year to life. KSL news video embedded below:

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And why is FACE Movement protesting? "We are bringing awareness to the repercussions of the Utah juvenile certification process to try children as adults," protestor Isaac Giron, 24, said on the court's steps. "We feel as though the certification process for young adults of color is not equal to those of their Caucasian counterparts", citing studies that show 82 percent of teen offenders who are minorities are charged as adults. [Ed. Note: There's the implicit anti-White bigotry. First, they assume a racial disparity in the so-called "certification process" against "people of color". Second, they attempt to dehumanize Whites by not including them in the category "people of color", although White is a color just like all other colors. In addition, the reason for the 82 percent figure is because young gangbangers are DISPROPORTIONATELY minorities.]

Largely Latino and Pacific Islander-based, the community organization Face Movement formed shortly after Saidi's death to challenge racial stereotypes and encourage preventative youth programs over reactionary law enforcement efforts. [Ed. Note: Another example of implicit anti-White bigotry. It's obvious Whites aren't welcome in this organization. But this is a lesser issue, since non-Whites aren't welcomed in some pro-White racial advocacy groups. But Face Movement ought not to pretend they're inclusive; be open about the exclusion, like the National Socialist Movement, for example.]

Although Saidi's family didn't attend the small protest, they've apparently been emotionally manipulated, and are now sympathetic toward the serious charges Angilau faces. Saidi's parents and younger siblings recently met with several members of the group in their home. "Esteban's father began telling us stories," Asaeli Matelau wrote about the somber meeting on the group's website, FaceTheStruggle. "He told us about his prayers, he told us about his struggles, and he told us some more about Estaban."

Saidi's stepfather, Jehu Rojas, handwrote the following statement for Andrea Givon to read at the rally.

"We Esteban's family are very sad and hurt by the death of Esteban. We want to tell the whole community of Utah that we have no hate or resentment toward Ricky Angilau's family and that we wish nothing bad for him or his family. We have left the law to do its job, like the Bible says, 'the laws were put in place by God' (Romans 13:1). We do want to say, if Ricky were allowed to finish his studies in a juvenile prison and to then be sent to finish his sentence in adult prison, for us there would be no problem. We wish the best of luck for him before the law."

Rojas suggested that instead of trying Angilau as an adult, the young man be allowed to complete his high school studies in juvenile detainment. Then, when he turns 18, he could be sent to finish his sentence in adult prison.

While many in the group played the race card, holding signs saying more minorities have been tried as adults than non-minorities, Asaeli blamed Augilau's adult charge on the political motives of Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller. But Miller has previously said that since Angilau did an adult crime, he should do adult time. In addition, Alicia Cook, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office, explained, "The reason Ricky Angilau was charged in adult court is because that was the only venue where we could charge him. We don't change the law, we enforce the law". In 2003, the Utah Legislature decided that anyone 16 or older should automatically be tried in adult court. Children under the age of 16 go through a juvenile court certification process before they may be tried as adults.

Angilau's second cousin, Lupe Ofahengaue, criticized law enforcement for being late in their increasing efforts to cut gangs down. But during an anti-gang meeting at Kearns High School days after the shooting, Sheriff Jim Winder said he couldn't lock up enough individuals to keep the community safe. "The real solution to the problem is that we must take control of our individual circumstances," Winder said. "Parents must pay attention to their children." A community meeting was held in Kearns on February 2nd, and participants seemed interested in working together to solve the problem. Here's a YouTube video of a February 1st KSL report for more background on the earlier evolution of the case:

Angilau is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail on $1 million cash-only bail. His next court date is set for April 6th. The Tribune states that Angilau was an aspiring Eagle Scout, an active member of the LDS Church, and a potential starting running back for his Kearns High School football team. While it's unlikely that Angilau will be stripped of his Church membership at this time, if he's convicted, he will undoubtedly be excommunicated at that point. LDS Church doctrine holds that murderers cannot inherit "eternal life", which, in LDS parlance, means they cannot achieve celestial glory in the next world. However, they can achieve telestial glory, and I could not rule out terrestrial glory. Fortunately, the final decision is in God's hands, because it would be too complicated for me.

No progress will be made in rooting out gang activity in non-White communities until we see a general trend towards community members taking individual and group responsibility for their actions. It is too easy for them to play the race card in order to escape and evade personal responsibility.

The moral equalization of Ricky Anguilau and Esteban Saidi is equally despicable. FACE Movement is acting like Angilau is also a victim. WRONG!!! There is only one victim; Esteban Saidi, whose life was undeservedly taken by Angilau. Angilau is not a victim; he is a perp, and he deserves to be tried as an adult to send an object lesson to this community that either they take affirmative steps to nip this crap in the bud, or we will solve the aftermath OUR way, and without their permission.


88 said...

Compare this to how the Whites in Utah demonstrate AGAINST Pro-White organizations or on All White Jury trials of WNs.

Remember when John Bangerter had an NSM style rally at the Federal Courthouse downtown? Ron Yengich and Whites from U of U and all sorts of colored types frothing at the mouth and screaming hate at the brothers and sisters while the SLPD GANG SQUAD and FBI were busy photographing all the NS.

All WHITE JURIES in SLC convicted JPF on virtually NO EVIDENCE and also with witnesses for the prosecution OPENLY perjuring themselves.

Then the AWJ convicted SW on BS evidence.

Whites in UT are ill, they welcome, PUBLICLY AT LEAST, their own demise.

They love the OTHER but HATE their brothers.

Deseret Dawg said...

Don't forget how an "all-white" jury convicted Shaun Walker, Travis Massey, and Eric Egbert as well. What a miscarriage of justice.

I had forgotten about Ron Yengich's previous "activism". Thanks for the reminder; I will remember him.

Anonymous said...

They are both equaly quilty I knew Ricky i went to school with him all my life up to high school, I'm seriously shocked at what he did, and yes it was very wrong what he did but charging him with murder and doing 15 to life in prison is UNJUSTICE LIKE, Ricky is good person who commited a horrible action, yes let there be consequenses but don't take this boy's life away, people say that Esteban was not even in a gang WRONG he was, I went to school with him to and he never went to class and I saw that one kid say he wanted to get his grades if sleeping in class and going twice max is trying then yeah he did try alot maybe if Esteban didn't hang out with "friends" that he had he wouldn't have been there unfortunately he was. But Ricky should not be tried as in adult especially charge him with more, like the gun on school on grounds there is no evidence that he had the gun at the time in school, only in the crime scene and that was off school grounds, who ever is writing this your are very ignorant, and talk just because you have a mouth, there should be justice for the both of them. You know alot of the schools in kearns area are honestly responsible for this the kids that are involved in gangs always wear the color they represent and teachers and faculty members don't see it, when it's clearly obvious that kid claims some short of gang.