Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NSM Delivers Pro-White "Racist" Flyers Wrapped Around Copies Of The Daily Utah Chronicle Distributed In Salt Lake City's Sugar House Neighborhood

Update March 11th 8:27 P.M. MDT: We now have confirmation; the flyers are from the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Title of post also changed to reflect this development.

Update March 12th: Daily Utah Chronicle response posted HERE.

Update March 16th: NSM publicly acknowledges flyer distribution; updated post HERE.

Flyers described by KTVX Channel 4 as "anti-Semitic" and "racist" were distributed to residents of the Sugar House neighborhood in Salt Lake City sometime on Wednesday March 11th, 2009.

Residents awoke on Wednesday morning to find the flyers in their driveways, attached to copies of the University of Utah's student newspaper, the Daily Utah Chronicle. The flyers reportedly were critical of Blacks, Jews, and interracial couples. Since the Chronicle is not generally delivered off-campus, police speculate someone likely took a stack of newspapers from the university, attached the flyers, and distributed them. KTVX news video just now made available via Podblanc:

KTVX has now identified the organization as the National Socialist Movement. Originally, I used the accompanying photo with the story, which provided just enough information for me to compare it with flyer libraries maintained by several official white civil rights advocacy groups. After finding no match in either the Nationalist Coalition flyer library or the National Alliance flyer library, I did find a possible match in the National Socialist Movement (NSM) library. Compare the flags and the word count in the sentence beneath, and it appears to match. And this proved to be right; the other flyer described in the news story can be found HERE.

The fact that the NSM was the source of the flyers does not necessarily imply that actual members of the NSM were responsible or that the NSM commissioned the distribution. The flyers can be easily downloaded and printed by any member of the public. But the NSM now has an official unit in Utah (contact info HERE), and continue to expand nationally, having just started a new unit in the San Francisco Bay Area. The NSM has also adjusted its tactics in recent months, having shelved the traditional SA uniforms in favor of black BDU-type fatigues for their rallies, and their Springfield (MO) unit participates in the local Adopt-A-Highway program.

Activists would be wise to be cautious about wrapping flyers around mainstream newspapers and distributing them that way in the future. Some newspapers take umbrage with that technique; in one case, the Rhinoceros Times actually sued an organization for using their papers in that manner. Some newspapers consider it "theft of services".


Anonymous said...

NSM88 has targeted SLC, Mesa Ariz and other cities with the propensity to racism. Several racist crimes in Utah have gone uninvestigated with no results such as several incidents of "KKK" and "Jew Go Home" and other racist epithet spay painted in the minority neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, in Provo, minorities are ticketed at a rate 8 times more than caucasians. I have personally saw a UHP give a minority a ticket based on a radar reading taken from a previous auto and two minorities slamed against a police car for jogging around Pioneer Park whereas I've seen many caucasians jogging with no police harrasing them. I was their rehab counselor and had to explain the reason for jogging to the police before the polce would release them.
Remember, Utah's major religion is racist based; no retraction in the scriptures nor from any LDS church presidency. Allowing minorities to "Hold the Priesthood" is inadequate, the presidency provides shallow leadership and DO NOT ADDRESS attitudes, converting myths and fears of Afro-Americans.
Additionally,the racism was taught in Geanology 263 by "Brother" Bloxham in 1985. Utah Hate-Crime Law Section 76-3-203.3 doesn't define racism.

George said...

I think Anonymous has told us more about his hatred of Mormons than he has about so-called hate crimes in Utah! LOL