Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overloaded Toyota Van Packed With 12 Illegal Mexican And Guatemalan Aliens Crashes In Salina Canyon, Utah; Only Two Killed, Seat Belts Not Used

A Toyota van carrying 12 illegal immigrants crashed and rolled in Salina Canyon, killing two people. No one in the van was wearing a seat belt. Media stories from the Salt Lake Tribune and KSL Channel 5.

At approximately 4 A.M. on March 24th, 2009, the van was heading eastbound on Interstate 70 in Sevier County when the driver dozed off and drifted off the road. Upon driving over a rumble strip, he abruptly woke up, overcorrected, hit a guard rail and rolled. Four occupants were ejected and thrown down a 50 foot embankment; two males died at the scene. Four people were transported to the Sevier Valley Hospital where they were treated for minor injuries and then released to the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who took the others into custody as well. All the passengers have been determined to be illegal immigrants; some from Guatemala, and others from Mexico. ICE suspects a human smuggling operation. KSL news video embedded below:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

There have been other such instances in Utah. In November 2007, a minivan carrying ilegal aliens rolled on Interstate 15 in Iron County in November 2007, killing a 16-year-old Brenda Veronica Martinez. The driver of the van fell asleep at the wheel. After the vehicle flipped, six to eight other passengers in the vehicle scattered in several directions, leaving authorities to believe its occupants were undocumented.

In April 2007, Guatemala native Rigoberto Salas-Lopez received a federal charge of transporting illegal aliens resulting in death after the SUV he was driving in southeastern Utah rolled and killed eight people. Salas-Lopez told ICE investigators that a man in Phoenix gave him $1,000 plus $500 in gas money to drive three Mexican and 11 Guatemalan immigrants from Arizona to St. Louis.

Five people also died in August 2007 after a Suburban carrying 11 people, mostly undocumented immigrants, flipped off Interstate 70, about 15 miles east of Green River.

In October 2005, two people died when a northbound Dodge Caravan loaded with 16 undocumented immigrants overturned on U.S. Highway 191 south of Moab.

Public reaction is very unsympathetic towards the illegals. Nearly 90 percent of the comments posted to the KSL story are critical of the illegals; a few even think they deserved it, and one or two wish that all 12 had been snuffed. This shows the degree of compassion fatigue and resentment Utahns feel towards illegals, and a national plutocracy which values them. Those few who express sympathy towards the illegals are getting severely "trolled".

While I don't actually rejoice at their fate, it doesn't bother me a bit. When you break the law and get burned as a result, it's called poetic justice. Good report by the Salt Lake Tribune, by the way. Appreciate the extra research time they devoted to developing the story.


steel68 said...

Dawg said...

"While I don't rejoice at their fate, it doesn't bother me a bit"

Hmmmm! Why not rejoice at their fate? Why not be in touch with the feelings of delight that arise in seeing "ones enemies" suffer and fail? Not to be crushed under the weight of "ones conscience" when confronted with "evil thoughts" and "evil deeds." A 21st Century Achilles!

Ask the "underground man"! Ask Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky! Traverse his psychological depths every which way until one peels off the outer layer of his "onion-skin" and reach that "inner core". That inner core is the mighty Russian in his confrontation with Evil and Consciense vis-a-vis the disturbed and hypnotic Raskolnikov.


"To restore a good conscience to the evil man-has this been my unconscious endeavor? I mean, to the evil man in so far as he is the strong man?(Dostoevsky's judgement on the criminals in prison should be cited here.)-Nietzsche

Deseret Dawg said...

It's kind of hard to actually rejoice at someone's misfortune, unless they actually hurt someone's person or property.

Illegal immigration is a crime, but it is more of a status offense. Now if the FBI agent launching a hate crime investigation over the NSM flyer distribution in Sugar House were to get in an accident, I would rejoice, because that FBI agent is actually trying to oppress somebody.