Monday, March 16, 2009

National Socialist Movement Officially Confirms Local Members Distributed Neo-Nazi Flyers In Salt Lake City; FBI Hate Crime Investigation Continues

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) has officially confirmed that members of their Utah State Unit, based in the Salt Lake City metro area, were responsible for the distribution of two of their flyers in the Sugar House area on March 11th, 2009. In addition, the NSM spokesman suggested that interracial couples in the neighborhood who feel targeted may instead be suffering from a "guilty conscience" over their relationships.

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While the NSM has yet to publish anything about the distro on their website, a spokesman identified as Capt. Charles Wilson, who heads up the NSM's Public Relations Department, discussed the incident with KUTV Channel 2. Wilson states that the flyers, which can be viewed HERE and HERE, do not promote hate, but instead promote separatism. But one local resident, who lives next to an interracial couple, vociferously disagreed. KUTV news video embedded below:

When asked if the flyers were intended to motivate the interracial couples in the immediate area to move, Wilson stated, “I don’t think they (flier distributors) see a mixed couple and actually tried targeting them. For them (people in an interracial relationship) to feel singled out or whatever it’s probably their own guilty consciences”. Wilson further explained that local NSM members most likely decided to distribute the flyers on the spur of the moment, opportunistically.

According to Wilson, the NSM is gaining anywhere from 13-18 new members every week, but would not reveal how many members are in Utah. The organization is clearly growing and even has an international reach, with units in Canada, Australia, Europe, and South Africa. The four-day delay in official NSM reaction to this story is uncharacteristic and may be attributable to their preoccupation with preparations for their upcoming 35th birthday commemoration to be held in St. Louis on April 17-18.

In a related story, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that the FBI is continuing to investigate the flyer distribution as a possible hate crime. FBI spokesman Juan Becerra said agents are trying to determine whether the flyers were intended to target and threaten particular households -- a necessary element for a hate crime. But Becerra would not specifically discuss whether any of the recipients are Jewish or are interracial couples.

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steel68 said...

Once again, so-called "White supremicist gangs/organizations" are blown way out of proportion. The only place in the US you will have definitive and efficacious unity of Whites is in certain prisons around the US. Go ask Chief Chris Burbank how many problems his Gang Taskforce is having with White gangs!

This is in fact THE problem! No organization.Too many dumb Whites! Too many meatheads! Too many brainwashed Christians watching "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars and forming media manufactured opinions constantly!

Too many Liberals! Too many of the dull-brained dark races amongst us now! Too many duplicates and doubles of mediocrity behind the wheel of their cars, going nowhere every morning weary commute. Too many souls looking to be "saved"!

Not too long back, President Michael Young of the University of Utah mentioned that one of his main priorities was to increase minority enrollment. Great! Another brainwashed Nordic coward making crucial decisions!Where have the world historical shapers gone? Where are the men of firm and fixed fortitude and will? I see nothing but an abundance of emotionally crippled failures!

"Overcome for me these masters of the present, O my brothers...these petty people : they are the Overman's greatest danger"-Nietzsche