Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Socialists And Anti-Racists Play The "Jesus" Card To Sucker The American People Into Swallowing Their Satanically-Inspired Agendas

In an essay entitled "Socialists Now Preaching Jesus", St. George Spectrum blogger ThreePeaksSteve exposes the tendency for those on the political left to cherry-pick and distort the teachings of Jesus Christ, not to glorify the Lord in any way, but to cynically promote their political agenda. They transform the Savior of mankind into just another political weapon, and in a sense, crucify Him afresh. To this analysis, I've added anti-racists, since they tend to use similar tactics.

Here's the most pertinent part of his post:

Recently it has become fashionable for socialists to play the "What would Jesus do?" card in their attempt to convince people that were Jesus here, He would be on their side of large taxation, spendthrift, and wealth redistribution. They throw out quotes from the Bible like "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" believing that to be a testimony of Jesus teaching that men should pay taxes, and platitudes of "Jesus said we should care for the sick, poor, elderly, and less fortunate." They say "Jesus said to give up riches as He told the rich man to forsake all." My favorite ones they throw out there is "You cannot serve God and mammon", and "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" like they care anything for serving God, or seeking for His kingdom. They attempt to convince those who believe in God, what they do not believe in themselves.

Those who do believe in Jesus recognize these arguments for what they are, half-statements of half-truths. You see, Jesus was not a socialist. He did preach in favor of taking care of the poor, the sick, and all those in need both temporally and spiritually, however, the difference between the Jesus that socialists preach about, and the Jesus that true believers know is that the real Jesus taught that men should care for the poor, the sick, and the needy of their own free will where the Socialist believes that man should not be left to decide for himself, but that the government is the best decider of who is needy, how needy they are, and how much each man should be forced to give the government to provide for that end.

But what is the actual truth. Let's examine some of the most common of Jesus' teachings misrepresented by socialists, as well as anti-racists:

(1). Parable of the Sower: Men reap what they sow, and that not all sown seeds will grow alike, nor should we expect the same outcome in all things. A hard lesson for the Socialist who believes that to be unfair. Anti-racists also use this to promote the idea that every public entity should "look like America", regardless of the merit of the processes necessary to accomplish this goal. Anything that is too "White" is automatically presumed to be "racist", and if there is no visible "racism", anti-racists will claim "latent racism" or "historical racism" (of course, they never bother to tell Whites how they can overcome that "racism").

(2). Parable of the Talents: Jesus teaches that the man who takes risk, and shows enterprise, and produces is superior that man that simply does nothing at all, unlike the Socialist who believes that even the lazy should share equally in the success of the producer. Anti-racists also use this tactic through their promotion of affirmative action to produce precise "racial proportionality; this is an example of how they want diversity to trump competency.

(3). Parable of the Ten Virgins: Jesus taught that those who were prepared would be the ones to able to participate in the opportunities that arise, and that those who took not the time to prepare would be left out. A hard and cold lesson to a Socialist, but a sound and heeded warning to the capitalist. Anti-racists also use this to promote their agenda; if a non-White finds himself left out, it's automatically presumed to be as a result of "racism".

(4). Love your neighbor: This means charity, not socialism. ThreePeakSteve has yet to find the place where Jesus teaches that we should set up governments, and have them force the rich to take care of the poor. It is true that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, but that is theirs to decide, and no one else's. But contrary to popular propaganda, not all rich men are evil. Many rich men, such as the late Utah enterpreneur and philanthropist Larry Miller, sought riches to advance the Kingdom of God, and help improve the lives of their fellow men, both in the things they create, indirectly in giving vast sums of money to charitable foundations, and some even giving money directly to people they find that are in need. They didn't need a government program to tell them how to do this. They didn't need government to decide for them how much, or whom they should help. Charity is not a government program, nor is it the forced redistribution of wealth. It is not the enslaving, and paralyzing prison of government welfare. Charity is love.

Jesus' teachings are all about men voluntarily choosing to live a higher form of personal responsibility to themselves and others. It is about agency and accountability. It is about feeling, deep down in your soul, love toward the plight of your fellow man. In contrast, socialism does not foster love between those who have much, and those who have little, but kills it instead. It exchanges the good feelings of voluntary compassion with the bitterness and resentment of forced redistribution.

Anti-racism has the same effect. It exchanges the good feelings of voluntary contrition and reconciliation with the bitterness and resentment of forced diversity. It encourages hyphenated Americanism, promoting individual heritage ahead of common American nationality. It has encouraged the white nationalist community to mount a larger-scale defensive counter-response; traffic on Stormfront is exponentially greater now than before the election of President Obama. Those who express legitimate concerns about the consequences of forced diversity are labeled "racists" and are told to sit down, shut up, and pay up. And it's no longer merely actual "racists" targeted by the antis; now nativists, patriots, and even mainstream conservatives are likewise demonized. Look at the recent witch-hunt against Senator Chris Buttars for further proof.

Of course, this should be no surprise; the majority of anti-racists are socialists. One can now see how socialism is actually the Satanic counterfeit of free enterprise.

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Paul said...

It must feel reassuring to point out that Jesus argues for free will in performing "socialist" activities and that by freely choosing not to perform such activities you are being Christ like. But there is one critical point. If the people in any democracy choose those who would help the sick and the needy, they have essentially exercised their free will. It is not enough to say the people are suckered into voting for these folks -- by voting, individuals are responsible for the consequences of their voting.

I truly believe that Jesus would have us help our neighbors. If we do so by voting for people who enact that sort of policy -- we may be doing something Christ like, collectively through democracy.

I doubt that money that is legitimately used to help others, regardless of the reason, is a satanic plot.