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ALIPAC Issues Advisory About The Anti-Defamation League And The Southern Poverty Law Center Over The Defamatory Missouri MIAC Documents

In 2006, ALIPAC, which is one of the leading organizations fighting against illegal immigration in the United States, became embroiled in a petty dispute with the now-defunct National Vanguard organization over its use of ALIPAC materials and links on a North Carolina website operated by the National Vanguard. William Gheen, who heads up ALIPAC, issued an official disclaimer disavowing any sympathies with National Vanguard or any other part of the White Nationalist community. And as you can see on this ALIPAC discussion thread, Mr. Gheen got extremely sanctimonious about it, even implying that National Vanguard was a false flag for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Fast forward to 2009. Now Mr. Gheen and ALIPAC are issuing an official advisory against that very selfsame SPLC, as well as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The latest flap is over the Missouri MIAC Documents Scandal, in which it was revealed the Missouri law enforcement officials were accepting ADL/SPLC input about so-called "extremists" and using their slanted guidance to implement watch procedures. The SPLC and the ADL have gone far beyond monitoring actual "racist" organizations and are actually suggesting that Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin and their followers might be potential "domestic terrorists". The scandal has provoked a split within Missouri's Executive Branch, with Lt Gov. Kinder criticizing Governor Nixon's public support of the report. The MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) report has been screen-captured and posted on Stormfront.

The SPLC has yet to post any official reaction to ALIPAC's advisory.

Ironically, the White Nationalist community has been warning Americans about the ADL and the SPLC for years. Now ALIPAC, the same group which so sanctimoniously condemned National Vanguard three years ago, is echoing the VERY SAME warnings about these groups. This doesn't mean ALIPAC has become White Nationalist; they clearly believe illegal immigration poses a threat to ALL Americans, which is true. But it means that ALIPAC has finally wised up to the ADL and the SPLC.

And so Voice Of Deseret republishes ALIPAC's advisory in full, as they've asked all sympathizers to do:

Missouri MIAC Documents Scandal Leads to Advisory on SPLC & ADL
Posted on Thursday, March 26 @ 14:39:00 CDT
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
WilliamG at, (866) 703-0864

March 26, 2009

ALIPAC is issuing a national advisory to all local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies and officers, along with all DHS Fusion Centers, a warning against any reliance upon faulty and politicized research issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti Defamation League (ADL).

A national scandal emerged in Missouri, after their MIAC Fusion Center issued an eight page document which made many false claims. The documents attempted to politicize police and cast suspicion on millions of Americans. The 'Missouri Documents', as they came to be called, listed over 32 characteristics police should watch for as signs or links to domestic terrorists, which could threaten police officers, court officials, and infrastructure targets.

Police were instructed to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community. The 'Missouri Documents' also said potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!

The Southern Poverty Law Center was cited as a research source for the 'Missouri Documents'. Furthermore, the attempt of these documents to cast suspicion of violent and life threatening behavior on millions of Americans who are concerned about these issues is consistent with the regularly released political materials of both the SPLC and ADL.

Since the SPLC was listed as a source in the MIAC Missouri Documents, ALIPAC sent a letter of inquiry to the Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on March 20, 2009 asking for more specific sourcing information.

"When many of us read these Missouri Documents we felt that the false connections, pseudo research, and political attacks found in these documents could have been penned by the SPLC and ADL," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We were shocked to see credible law enforcement agencies disseminating the same kind of over the top political propaganda distributed by these groups."

Colonel James F. Keathley, Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol issued a letter of response to ALIPAC and other sources on March 25-26, which states that the Missouri militia documents are being withdrawn, more oversight will be applied to future releases, the Missouri Documents do not meet the high quality standards expected from the MIAC, and that "certain subsets of Missourians will not be singled out inappropriately in these reports for particular associations".

FOX Radio Network is reporting that Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R-MO) has asked that Missouri Public Safety Director John Britt be placed on administrative leave. The report also says Kinder has issued a public apology to Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin.

ALIPAC would like to advise all media sources, law enforcement officers and agencies, that the ADL and SPLC are political organizations, with stated political goals and agendas which are contrary to the candidates, political parties, and millions of Americans besmirched by the MIAC documents.

While both the ADL and SPLC actively market themselves and seek roles as advisers to law enforcement and the media, both groups regularly engage in political tactics like those observed in the now withdrawn Missouri Documents. Materials from one or both organizations contributed to this scandal.

"In the past, these groups have served a helpful role in America by providing information about racist and potentially violent groups like the KKK and Neo Nazis," said William Gheen. "Unfortunately, their mission has drifted into political efforts to paint almost any American or group who opposes their broader political agendas as being associated with racist or potentially violent groups just like what we saw in these scandalous MIAC documents in Missouri."

ALIPAC hopes that future scandals can be avoided by issuing this advisory and promoting awareness of the faulty information distributed to police and media in America by the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center to prevent future scandals of this nature.


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Of course, Mr. Gheen continues to swipe at White Nationalism, taking the broad brush approach that all White Nationalists are equally "neo-Nazi" and "Klan". Perhaps he should take the time to educate himself further about White Nationalism, from which he would discover that some organizations, like the Nationalist Coalition, the League of American Patriots, and European Americans United, wish no harm to be inflicted upon non-Whites, engage in constructive and legal activism, and eschew inflammatory rhetoric and symbology. With at least 12 million known illegals in the United States, Mr. Gheen should be less picky about his allies and more willing to at least tacitly accept support where he can find it.

By doing this, he would be following the inclusive example of Utah State Senator Chris Buttars (R-West Jordan), constantly under siege for his valiant defense of traditional cultural values. While Senator Buttars has NEVER espoused White Nationalist sympathies, he's never witch-hunted his supporters to see if they meet politically-correct litmus tests. He merely accepts the support as proferred and drives on. We need more of that attitude in waging political warfare, whether it be for cultural reform or immigration reform.

Nonetheless, Voice Of Deseret acknowledges and respects the efforts of ALIPAC to fight illegal immigration and restore control over our borders, and is glad to give them a push, notwithstanding their weaknesses and imperfections. Besides, we all have weaknesses and imperfections; they are embedded within mortality itself. ALIPAC is worthy of support by all who are concerned about our nation's borders and demographic integrity.

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