Sunday, February 22, 2009

Utah Senators Bob Bennett And Orrin Hatch Co-Sponsoring S.388, Which Could Triple The Number Of H-2B Foreign Workers And Steal Jobs From Americans

Numbers USA reports that even though the latest data reveal that 1.6 million American young adults (18-29) with only a high school degree are having trouble finding jobs, Sens. Mikulski and Specter have introduced a bill which could double or triple the visas for less-educated foreign workers over the next three years to compete against those unemployed young Americans. The bill is designated S.388, and 23 Senators have already co-sponsored the bill.

Among the co-sponsors are Utah's very own Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch. Immigration "report cards" on Utah's Congressional delegation available HERE.

What would S.388 do? It would explode a cap of 66,000 H-2B work visas per year, by allowing any foreign worker who has used an H-2B visa to take a job from an American in the last three years to be brought back in over the next three years without counting against the 66,000 cap. Potentially, the number of H-2B visa workers could multiply two, three or four times. More information about the existing H-2B program HERE.

Sens. Mikulski and Specter attempt to justify the bill by arguing that H-2B visas are necessary to fill peak labor needs for amusement parks, ski resorts and other hospitality and entertainment functions. They believe young Americans would have no interest in working in resort/vacation locations since the full-time jobs tend to last only 3-6 months. But although that may be true for some of the 2.4 million young Americans looking for work, only one out of eight of them would have to be interested to take care of all the needs of providing recreation primarily to American's affluent citizens.

But a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows a lot of young adults who might love to have the jobs that Mikulski and Specter are insisting on giving to imported foreign workers. They include:

-- 1.6 million young adults with only a high school diploma are unemployed, looking for work but unable to find any kind of job.
-- 291,000 more are looking for a full-time job and have had to settle for part-time hours.
-- Another 477,000 teens (16-17) are officially unemployed, actively seeking a job.

Yet Mikulski and Specter can't imagine that somewhere between 66,000 and 300,000 jobs primarily in vacation and resort locations can be filled from among those 2.4 million Americans. One problem is that most Senators are rich and primarily hang around with other rich people. They can't imagine their own kids making beds, waiting tables, running a cash register or checking passes at ski lifts.

But during a time when unemployment continues to climb, and is expected hit nearly 9 percent by the end of 2009, it is not only unthinkable, but could even be considered borderline treasonous to be increasing the number of foreign workers allowed to come to the United States.

We already know that Orrin Hatch is basically clueless and is "retired on active duty". But I thought Bob Bennett had a bit more sense. Here's how you can talk some sense into these gentleman:

-- Click HERE for contact information on Senator Hatch.

-- Click HERE for contact information on Senator Bennett.

If you're from another state, click HERE to identify and contact your Senator.

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