Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Utah State University Homos Had Their "Common Ground Initiative" In The Steam Room Tabled By The Cops; Tom Peterson Cited For Lewd Behavior

Update March 4th: Tom Peterson makes initial court appearance March 3rd, pleads not guilty. Updated post HERE.

When Chris Buttars was captured on video connecting homosexuality to "pig sex", Utah gays threw a hissy fit and dumped all over him, claiming that such behavior was atypical, and that they're really no different than straights.

But how many straights engage in sex in a public bathhouse? Usually none. Two gay men attempted to stage their own "common ground initiative" in a public steam room at Utah State University (USU) earlier this week. University police officials confirmed on Thursday February 26th, 2009 that they have issued a misdemeanor citation to a USU professor who is accused of being involved in a lewd incident on campus. The professor has since been identified by KSL Channel 5 as Tom Peterson (pictured above left), a Professor of Agricultural System Technology and Education. Original media story published February 27th by the Logan Herald-Journal; an updated February 28th story is available HERE.

USU Police Capt. Steve Milne said the investigation began on Tuesday February 24th when an individual reported to school staff that he had witnessed a lewd act take place in the steam room of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) building on 700 North. A USU employee then contacted police, who arrived and began looking into the incident. They identified one professor, subsequently revealed as , and are still trying to identify the other individual, an adult believed to be 25 years old. Police believe the activity was consensual.

Milne said the suspects each presented a university identification card to use the facility and that detectives have shown witnesses photographs of possible suspects. Milne also said detectives are trying to identify who was in the steam room Tuesday night by reviewing the identify cards used to enter the building that evening.

According to Kevin Kobe, director of USU’s campus recreation, this is the first lewd incident reported to HPER staff. But Kobe said he heard rumors during fall 2008 that sexual activities were occurring in the steam room. That impression is supported by the existence of a number of ads on’s “Men Seeking Men” section that mention meeting in the steam room. On Wednesday, The Herald Journal found seven such ads posted since January 26th. Kobe stressed that a new policy was instituted at HPER in response to the rumors. The facility now has a night manager who walks through the building.

This incident has already being discussed on the RateMyProfessors website. Peterson is also listed HERE as having earned $149,391 in 2008.

Commentary: Disgusting, itz! You would think the way homosexuality is accepted today that the two individuals could have had the decency to go get a room somewhere, or flip a coin to determine whose residence to use. Kudos to the people who reported them, and to the cops for taking it seriously.


Anonymous said...

If the USU starts firing tenure track professors and does not fire Tom Peterson, then this is a shame. Mr Peterson has already been busted and asked to step down as the Caine School of Arts Director two years ago for using CSA funds for personal gains. TP has got to go. Thats $150k back to HASS.

Anonymous said...

seriously! in a time of budget cuts and many fine faculty jobs being threatened, it seems obvious that Mr. Peterson should be first to go.

Elizabeth said...
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Anonymous said...

please note this is not typical behavior for homosexuals. if homosexuality were more accepted in society, maybe these two men wouldn't have had to meet somewhere publicly to fulfill their urges. i am in no way condoning their behavior, just presenting a different side to a very misunderstood issue.

Anonymous said...

the real tragedy is that an extra-marital affair took place...the second tragedy is that it was a professor on campus has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Even though many of you state that no "straight" people would ever do this, believe it or not there have been numerous occasions where two straight, married people have met publicly and engaged in lewd acts.

Anonymous said...

Ya straight people should be able to do this and FAGS should not this is disgusting I am glad Homos are not excepted.

Anonymous said...

You really can't compare this to heterosexual behavior since few if any steamrooms are coed. If they were, I'm sure that heterosexual activity would far outweigh homosexual activity.

Anonymous said...

Tom Petersen is a real person.

He is someone's
and friend

This is what happens when people judge out of ignorance.

It can happen in your family too!

The Voice of the Desert is not compassionate or kind.

Go ahead and see if you can ruin some more lives.

Anonymous said...

Yes but as a"He is someone's son, father, brother, uncle, husband, and friend"
I sure think he's let them all down on this one, and himself as well. Even if this was an 'experiment' for him there are just certain common sense things to do. If he wasn't happy with his marital life he should have gotten a divorce, not publicly humiliated himself and his family in such a disregarded way.

For his children and wife and family there is not much but shame to see from this, it is not heroic. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is just a bit much don't you think?

He should indeed be let go as well, agreeing with all the budget cuts etc. If it is proven in court that he is guilty the kind of image it will bring will not be a good one for USU. To have a professor who has publicly done such a thing and even at his own workplace where students should feel safe.

I don't know his past, and I make stupid choices too but things of this nature are just out right bad any way you look at it. Also, even if he was caught with his own wife in the steam room, it still is the wrong place and should also face some punishment from the law for it as well.It is just not the kind of behavior that should be executed from someone that should hold respect for his workplace, and in return hold the respect of students and staff. Which this cannot bring.

Nelson F. said...

Tom, I'm sorry you are going through this. I know you as a person and I know you are a good man. We all make mistakes, some times bigger than other times, but life does go on. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Your friend,