Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eric Holder Throws Down Gauntlet On Race, And Craig Bodeker Responds With His Documentary "A Conversation About Race", Discussed On Voice Of Reason

Since his election to the Presidency, Barack Obama has pushed for a genuine national dialogue about race. This was most recently echoed by his Attorney General, Eric Holder in his February 18th speech decrying "cowardice in race". Even columnist Leonard "Cry Me A River" Pitts has taken up the call as well, and in his February 22nd, 2009 column, he even criticizes blacks for inhibiting frank discussion through their own hypersensitivity about race.

In response to this concern, or perhaps more accurately in anticipation of Eric Holder's challenge, Craig Bodeker has produced a documentary entitled "A Conversation About Race". According to the review posted by Denver Post blogger Ross Kaminsky on November 24th, 2008, Bodeker discusses issues of race with local Denver residents who believe they see or face racism in their everyday lives. However, unlike others who produce documentaries on race, Bodeker proceeds from a pro-White perspective. His premise is that “Racism is used as a tool of intimidation, like a hammer, against Caucasian whites”. He shows how so many people who say they believe racism is around them all the time actually can’t come up with any examples of it, or even with a good definition. Bodeker says he isn’t aware of “another issue that is more artificial, manufactured, or manipulated than this whole construct called ‘racism’”.

Not only does Bodeker make the additional point that not only is there a massive disconnect between true racism and the so-called racism that so many people claim to see in their daily lives, but he also shows how our society deliberately promotes the idea that apparently only white people are capable of being racist.

According to the Vanguard News Network Forum, the most recent discussion about this documentary took place on the Voice Of Reason network. Peter Schaenk interviewed Bodeker on February 18th; the interview can be accessed HERE, and a high-quality version can be downloaded HERE. However, Bodeker offers even more information, to include clips, trailers, and purchasing information for the DVD on his own dedicated website. The four YouTube videos cross-posted below are excerpts:

Other favorable reviews were posted on Dr. David Duke's website and on Stormfront. Other reviews are posted HERE.

While moving beyond race may be a desirable goal, it will be extremely difficult so long as misconceptions about race persist. Two separate and distinct standards of evaluation and judgment on race have emerged and persisted in 21st century America; a lower standard for non-Whites, and a higher, harsher standard for Whites. Documentaries of this nature will expose this dichotomy, and permit us to address it.

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