Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Utah Reiki Massage Parlor Proves Dirty; Four Workers At Reiki Body Masters In Murray Arrested And Charged With Prostitution-Related Offenses

They say Reiki massage is "sensuous" massage. Apparently, it often becomes just a bit too "sensuous. On Wednesday February 18th, 2009, the Deseret News reported that charges were filed against four people who worked at a massage parlor that was offering services that ended in sex acts. The four were arrested last week after an investigation of Reiki Body Masters, located in a private residence at 772 W. Spanish Oak Way (6130 South) in Murray, Utah.

Here's the rogues' gallery and the charges:

-- Cheryl Lin Peterson, 61; money laundering, exploiting prostitution, doing business without a license, forged writing, unlawful massage therapy and prostitution. [Ed. Note: A 61-year-old charged with prostitution? Hmmm...her customers must have had an Oedipus complex...or they may have been snockered.]

-- Kenneth C. Barneycastle, 56; money laundering, exploiting prostitution and doing business without a license.

-- Jennifer Anna Boley, 29; money laundering, unlawful massage therapy and prostitution.

-- Emily Joy Leix, 29, unlawful massage therapy and prostitution.

Unlawful massage therapy is defined HERE (not that you couldn't have figured it out).

According to court documents, the business was actually located at Peterson and Barneycastle's private residence. Police discovered that, during massage visits, employees offered and attempted to perform sex acts on customers. Police found that Peterson and Barneycastle hired women to work there, and that the women paid part of the money they received from clients back to the business. Leix and Boley were two of the women who worked at the parlor.

Police did not disclose how many times they visited the establishment to ensure an adequate case was constructed. A Reiki massage is an Asian technique that focuses on the laying of hands on certain points of the body rather than a traditional rubbing massage.

Unbelievable. These people open up a cathouse in a private neighborhood, call it a "Reiki" massage parlor, then make the women kick back part of their pay. Basically pimping and whoring, by any other name. All that was missing was the pink Cadillac.

This is the second such incident in the Salt Lake Valley in the past four months. In October 2008, Salt Lake cops shut down The Reiki Specialist in downtown Salt Lake and busted the manager for rape. The manager is accused of forcing two prospective job applicants to have sex with him as part of their job interviews.


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control said...

I am a Reiki practitioner. Your article about people "posing" as Reiki practitioners, ( please note the word "posing"), who were actually participating in prostitution and money laundering, is unprofessional, insulting, offensive, and frankly, embarrassing for you. Whether you see it or not, your comment that Reiki is known as "a sensual massage" planely illustrates your complete ignorance of the spirit of Reiki.(Please note; "They", are not considered a reliable "source" upon which a responsible writer relies to justify the slander of a group of healers, present in such vast numbers,they reside and practice in more than half of the worlds nations. Furthermore, Reiki is NOT a form of massage, as the hands do not move once placed gently, and with great respect for a recipients personal boundaries and sensibilities, on specific "centers", (chakras), You should not be so cavalier and flippant with remarks about a discipline you clearly know nothing about. You disrespected and dishonored true Reiki practitioners by implying that Reiki is anything less than a loving, compassionate, healing discipline more than two thousand years old,(there are a growing number of biblical scholars and historians who believe it is possible the healing technique referred to in the bible as "laying on of hands" may have been Reiki techniques utilized by Jesus Christ), as he had been taught by enlightened masters in several countries throughout the world during "the sixteen lost years of Christ" a period in which he traveled much of the world in search of those who could help him to achieve the enlightenment he sought. It is unfortunate that greed and runaway consumerism identified a market, as yet untapped, and coined the term, "New age", as something only just discovered, rather than what it has been traditionally,for many thousands of years, been referred to as "Metaphysics", (the science of the human spirit). There are so many greedy irresponsible people cashing in on the hunger of tens of millions of sincere and honorable seekers of truth the world over, that I can only recommend one book that will give you a true account of what Reiki is and how it was rediscovered by Dr.Usui, a Christian monk in Japan. He believed, as many now do, that it is a healing technique that was practiced by Christ. I have had many experiences during my healing sessions that would astound and confound those who, it would seem as do you, believe to be a "New Age" gimmick. The book to which I refer is "The Hawayo Takata Story". I urge you to read it before insulting Reiki practitioners in the future. Sincerely: John Underwood. Ogden Utah.

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