Monday, January 5, 2009

Another O.J.? Woman Tries To Break Up With Boyfriend, Pays Supreme Price; Johnny Maurice Bell Confesses To Murder Of Brittany Nichols In North Ogden

Update September 8th: Johnny Maurice Bell sentenced to 16 years in prison; updated post HERE.

It looks like we found another "O.J.", albeit too late for his victim. Twenty-one-year-old Johnny Maurice Bell (pictured at left) has confessed to the murder of his late girlfriend, Brittany Nichols, of North Ogden, Utah. It is the first murder in normally-safe North Ogden in 12 years, and the first murder in Utah for 2009. Full story published by the Ogden Standard-Examiner, the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune (HERE and HERE), KUTV Channel 2 with video, and KSL Channel 5 with video. Additional coverage by and on Stormfront.

The murder was discovered by Nichols’ father, who North Ogden Police Chief Polo Afuvai declined to identify because the family, which lives in the Layton area, is still in deep shock. Nichols' father had been unable to reach his daughter by telephone on Sunday January 4th, so at about 1 p.m. he drove to her apartment at 2421 N. 400 E. He said she had lived in the apartment with Bell for the past four months.

Because the father could not get anyone to answer the door, he let himself into the apartment. When he saw blood on the floor he ran upstairs and found his daughter in her bedroom. And she was dead. A subsequent autopsy showed that Nichols died from multiple stab wounds in her upper and lower body.

Police immediately responded, and after interviewing acquaintances, suspicion fell on Johnny Bell. Police found out that he was on a Greyhound Bus headed for San Bernardino. They stopped the bus in Cove Fort and arrested Bell. Bell allegedly told the arresting detective that he had stabbed Nichols to death in a fight that began Sunday when she told him that their four month relationship was over. Brittany Nichols is identified as Caucasian; it is unknown if racial differences specifically contributed to the breakup. There was no prior history of domestic violence reported between the two. Bell has been booked into the Weber County Jail and is being held without bail, charged with first degree criminal homicide. Bell has no prior criminal record. On Tuesday January 6th, Bell was also charged with third degree felony domestic violence in the presence of a child, in addition to murder. On Wednesday January 7th, Bell's bail was set at $500,000, with another hearing on January 13th.

KSL reports that Brittany Nichols leaves behind a toddler. The Standard-Examiner now reports that the toddler is three-year old Trinity Rose Nichols, and that she was present at the scene the whole time. Just think about it - this innocent little girl had to witness this beast snap and brutally hack her mother to death.

If found guilty, Johnny Bell deserves the death penalty, regardless of how much his sister "covered" for him on the Standard-Examiner's comments section.

According to Wikipedia, interracial romances are on the rise. Black men with white women are twice as common as white men with black women. White men have a greater tendency to choose Asian women than black women. But although interracial relationships, being heavily promoted by the mainstream media in general and the entertainment industry in particular, are becoming more commonplace, this doesn't mean they are without risk. Those who believe race doesn't matter haven't spent appreciable time in minority communities. Many blacks remain skeptical of interracial liaisons, as brought out on a post on the Black Voices blog.

Dr. David Duke also delivers his perspective on interracial relationships, and discusses the potential and actual dangers in this 46 minute Google video. Specifically, he discusses the case of Jana Shearer in Tyler, Texas, who was killed, cooked, and partially eaten by Christopher McCuin.

Christopher McCuin's criminal record would have tipped Jana Shearer off to the potential of serious trouble. But Johnny Bell had no criminal record - yet when Brittany Nichols tried to break off the relationship with him, he snapped - and carved her up.


steel68 said...

He'll be bragging about it in prison also!

People just continue to evade confronting the racial issue in murders like this. They just keep convincing themselves that Blacks are good people too. It's just more of the same denial: "He was such a good kid;he use to mow my lawn in the Summer!", "Neighbors say they never saw this coming!" or "Police say it was a "random act of violence!" and on and on.

Anonymous said...

steel68 you are one idiotic person. Im sorry that you must have not of been liked by many black people, i can see why, but johnny isnt the kind of person you think all black people are. Guess what he's human. We all make mistakes that we can NEVER take back. He didnt have a record, he was a good kid, and he was raised right. I honestly hate people like you who always put blacks out to be these horrible people. What if he was white then would you feel for him rather than the victom? I hope that God allows something to happen in your life to where you really need help and the only person there is BLACK and you feel really ashamed and ignorant about how you thought of them.

Anonymous said...

Read the color of crime by the new century foundation.
It uses dept of justice facts.
White naivete id dangerous.
My heart goes out to this young mothers family.
God help our once great nation.
This kind of crime will only increase.

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