Sunday, December 14, 2008

YouTube Video: Fox News' Bill Hemmer Interviews Utah's Third District Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Who Sleeps In His Office To Save Money

While visiting the NewsForMormons website, I discovered this video. Originally posted on December 1st, 2008, it shows the Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer (who formerly worked for CNN) interviewing newly-elected Utah Third District Congressman Jason Chaffetz. The subject: Chaffetz' intention to sleep in his office - on a cot. Hemmer gets a bit snarky, but it's still informative:

The cot earned Chaffetz the most notoriety in his first week. CNN, Fox, Politico, Congressional Quarterly all mentioned the fact that Chaffetz plans to sleep in his office -- on a cot purchased at Smith's -- instead of renting an apartment in the pricey Washington area.

Chaffetz has already displayed his willingness to resist pork - even if Utah would benefit from the pork. He recently expressed opposition to giving the District of Columbia a U.S. House seat, even though Utah would pick up a fourth U.S. House seat in the deal. Chaffetz believes giving D.C. a House seat would be unconstitutional, a stance earning him editorial praise from the Provo Daily Herald, the fourth largest newspaper in the state.

Think we could clone this guy 434 more times?


BenJoe said...

I think Chaffetz is a little misleading. He implies the reason he won by 20 points is because he ran a frugal campaign. Try the fact that he ran against a democrat in a district that is strong republican. Not to mention Cannon's numbers were slipping every election is 2004. Everyone knew Cannon was going to lose this year. Just watch Chaffetz, I don't think he is all he says he is.

Deseret Dawg said...

BenJoe - It is a pronouncedly "red" district; even Greg Curtis could have probably defeated Bennion Spencer. But Cannon wasn't exactly cannon fodder; everyone "knew" he was going to lose in 2006 until John Jacob threw it away. Cannon was wily, but then became arrogant.