Tuesday, December 2, 2008

West Jordan Senator Chris Buttars Wants The Utah State Legislature To Declare War On Those Who Wage The "War Against Christmas"

Freshly armed with a renewed four-year mandate from his constituents in Senate District 10, West Jordan's state senator Chris Buttars is wasting little time in paying back his constituents for their support on November 4th. And he's chosen the culture arena to wage the first battle of his new term.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Sen. Chris Buttars is fighting back against the "war on Christmas" by sponsoring a non-binding resolution encouraging retailers to embrace Christmas in their promotions rather than the generic term "happy holidays". Buttars explained, "It would encourage the use of 'Merry Christmas'. I'm sick of the Christmas wars -- we're a Christian nation and ought to use the word". Buttars also stated that several fellow lawmakers, who he wouldn't yet name, support his effort.

But although Chris Buttars is highly regarded by new Senate President Mike Waddoups, who designated Buttars the chair of both the Health & Human Services and the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committees, those lawmakers willing to speak out publicly on Buttars' proposal were hesitant to weigh in on a measure they had not seen. "I think Christmas is a wonderful holiday," said District 16 Senator Curt Bramble (R-Provo). "Am I supporting the legislative action? I'll have to read it first". While Bramble shares Buttars belief that America is grounded in Christian beliefs, he maintains that thinking must involve overt tolerance of other faiths. Bramble isn't so much offended by the term 'Happy Holidays', but is offended if we are embarassed to say 'Merry Christmas'.

Representing the House was District 26 Rep. David Litvack, a Jewish Democrat who represents part of Salt Lake City. He has no objection to people wishing him a Merry Christmas. But he wonders if constituents really want their representatives spending time on such matters. "There are many more pressing issues that we've been elected to address," Litvack said. "We're a nation of many faiths and we as leaders should be finding ways to build common ground and respect, not entrenching one side over another."

Advertising and merchant spokesmen are flabbergasted at Buttars' proposal. Dave Newbold, president of Richter7 Advertising and Public Relations, thinks the measure crosses the line, saying, "We may be primarily Christian but that doesn't mean that you force your language or beliefs on anybody. We live in a multicultural area and it's right and proper to be sensitive to the various cultures." And Jim Olsen, president of the Utah Retail Merchants Association, claims implementing such a resolution would be challenging. "A number of our members are national in nature and their ads, signage and promotions are done at a national level," Olsen said. "Any time we have states encouraging us to deviate from those national programs, it begins to cause problems."

And finally, a local civil rights lawyer chimed in. Brian Barnard claims the resolution could violate First Amendment rights depending on the motivation behind it. On the surface, he believes it doesn't violate the so-called "separation of church and state". But Barnard said that if Buttars bases the resolution on America being a Christian nation, that moves the measure over the line. Like many other secular humanists, Barnard falsely claims the Founding Fathers weren't Christians. You can see the religious affilations of the Founders for yourself HERE.

Once again, the phrase "separation of church and state" appears NOWHERE in the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment merely proclaims religious neutrality on the part of government.

Since this post was first published, KSL Channel 5, WorldNetDaily, and the Deseret News have picked up the story. Glen Warchol has also posted about it on the Salt Lake Crawler blog. But Buttars really hit the big time when Keith Olbermann highlighted him on his Dec. 2 program, video link HERE. Now embedded below:

Analysis: The primary value of Chris Buttars' proposed legislation is symbolic. It will show that we are no longer fighting militant secularization with one hand tied behind our backs. And Chris Buttars is the right man to run this play - he's proven that he's not afraid of criticism, and can succeed despite it.

The so-called "war against Christmas" has been waged by a wide variety of groups. But none have been more prominent than the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL's role was previously documented in a December 2007 post.


steel68 said...

A pat on the back for Buttars being proactive,however,this country is only a Christian nation when looked at demographically.Culturally,its Christian face has been severely mauled by what Antonio Gramsci called "the march through the institutions".Communism with a different face!

The outward shell may appear Christian,but the inner core has been torn asunder,especially since the late '80's when "political correctness" entered the public domains consciousness with an accelerated purpose.It now rears its ugly head everywhere and Christian/European values are being subverted at every opportunity.

The war against Christianity by Jewish machinations since the Enlightenment has been patient and pronounced.Through a Jewish-Protestant alliance,the Catholic Church has been reduced to a ghost of itself.One only has to look at the monumental concessions during Vatican II and the Nostra Aetete!

Litvack's response is typical Jewspeak nonsense!


Shelby Page said...

Oh my sweet bleeding Hell. You honestly believe this law would promote religious harmony in the HOLIDAY season? There are an unbelievable amount of holes in your, & Senator Buttars' arguments.
First, America is not, nor has it ever been a Christian nation. Many of the founding fathers & most prominent figures of America were atheist, agnostic, & Deist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Presidential_religious_affiliations#Deism_and_the_founding_fathers) To say America was founded to be strictly Christian is a fairytale of the last 100 years.
Also, this law would surely face legal challenges upon its passage. It is blatantly unconstitutional: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...". Mandating a Christian blessing goes above & beyond 'respecting' one religion over another.
And lastly, let me use the other commenter thus far, steel68, as an example. This poster uses glaring anti-Semitic, extremist rhetoric. This is only further proof that this law is one of bigotry & intolerance. Although originally conceived with the idea of harmony in mind, it has attracted the attention & approval of hatemongers.
Let me assure you, my beef is not with Christianity, being a Christian myself, or with the phrase 'Merry Christmas'. I simply feel that if a consumer is offended by a business wishing them anything but a merry Christmas, they have the right to not shop there. However, it is not the government's place to impose upon private citizens ANY religious bias. If you truly wish for religious amity during the Christmas season, I would recommend advocating peace on the personal level rather than supporting one man's attempt to change the minds of an entire state. Please wish everyone around you a merry Christmas, & graciously accept any happy Hanukkahs, Kwanzaas, Solstices, New Years, & Holidays you may receive, as these are sent only in the spirit of love.

steel68 said...

Shelby Page said...

"And lastly,let me use the other commenter thus far,steel68,as an example.This poster uses glaring anti-Semitic,extremist rhetoric"

Now Shelby,don't trip over your own ineptitude and mediocrity when you ATTEMPT to be insightful and intelligible.It's c-o-m-m-e-n-t-a-t-o-r,...not commenter!I just checked the U's 2009 Spring Semester schedule;there's still some room left in the Intro to English Grammar class.

Also Shelby,where did you acquire or learn terms and phrases like:anti-Semitic,extremist rhetoric,bigotry,intolerance, and hatemonger?Boy!I've never seen those Marxian agitprop terms before.You are are original!Turn off the TV Shelby every now and then and you might learn something!

Honestly Shelby,you are amazing!Your creative genius and towering insight have left me awestruck!Are there any essays or books you've written that you could provide me with a link to?Maybe I'm wrong Shelby;maybe your just a brain-washed coward who's afraid to step out and up into the daylight!Say it ain't so Shelby!

"Ever since Lenin wrote "What is to be Done?" and countless left-wing totalitarians have enriched it,the infiltration and capture of established institutions has been the standard approach employed to subvert,to destroy and to reinvent a State along Communist lines"-Frank Ellis

Heather said...

WOW!! Steel68... let's recommend WAITING to post replies after someone has challenged your opinions. Let your emotions rest.

Your comment demonstrates nothing except anger and mis-guided hatred. You miss the entire concept of dialogue and really discredit your first post, which was at least thought provoking. While I may not have agreed, I at least considered your point of view.

If people started to use logic and well thought out ideas when discussing topic rather than just low personal attacks driven by emotion, maybe more progress could be made in society.

steel68 said...

Heather said...

"Your comment demonstrates nothing but anger and mis-guided hatred"

Your an easy target Heather!All you do is reinforce my points above!Your analysis of my points is not derived from strong critical thinking and/or years of reading,delving and filtering the subject matter,but is typical reactive,psychoanalytic,Freudian garbage-condemned to my analytical incineration!Destruction by Fire!

I do get emotional and fired-up about the matter!I see what is coming and it isn't pretty!At times,I get enraged!Why?Because the last remnants of White/European Civilization are rapidly being dissolved and destroyed.These remnants are being eroded by sick,deceived,brain-washed and average individuals like yourself-Heather!-whose masters are the Giant Jewish Trust!

If my attacks against you or a Shelby cause you to look into yourself more thoroughly,than please do.That is Progress!If I chose to use "good manners","propriety", or "logic" as a staple of my methods,rather than War,than virtually nothing would be accomplished.I am,as Curt Maynard titled one of his blogs-A POLITICALLY CORRECT APOSTATE!

Heather!Do you even come close to comprehending the Terror that befell France from 1789-1794 or Russia from 1914-1989?I highly doubt it!I'm talking about REAL TERROR Heather that is about to descend upon the United States.Not some abstact interpretation of historical events vis-a-vis cheap professors,anchormen,and books.A desperate Terror hoping for escape and renewal.Look at your children,or grandchildren Heather-if you have them;that is what is at stake!I hear Stephen King is coming out with a new novel-it's called "2009"!

We are now at the doorstep of a monumental economic contraction and catastrophe which is beginning to build momentum and accelerate us towards a violent social conflagration!All the Spock-like reliance on Logic will be impotent and swept away under the mounting international-revolutionary forces of the mighty Jewish financial dictatorship with blood on its minds!

Those energies of "social progressiveness" you refer to Heather have now set the stage for your own decline and doom whose greatest applause will be that of a silent,cosmic Shadow!And you will be clueless!

Did I wait long enough for my reply Heather?You know!so that my Reason could take over and become sovereign?

"We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community.We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws.These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the goyim,and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who oppose us by deed or word"-Protocol #5

Heather said...

Oh. I see. You are one of those.

Shelby... said...

Would like to thank Heather, & would kindly ask Steel68 to type spaces after his periods & question marks.