Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drive-By Shootings In Ogden And Salt Lake's Glendale Neighborhood Mar The Christmas Holiday Along Utah's Wasatch Front

The Christmas holiday along the Wasatch Front was marred by a couple of drive-by shootings. Fortunately, no one was hurt, although there was some minor property damage and a highly pissed-off victim in Salt Lake's Glendale neighborhood.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, in the first incident, which took place in Ogden on Christmas Eve, three suspected gangbangers decided to shoot up an occupied car near the 500 block of 8th Street. The car had two men, one woman, and three children under the age of 10 inside, and the punks fired eight shots using two 9mm handguns. Only one penetrated the target vehicle, injuring no one, and another slug lodged in an adjacent house.

However, just 60 feet away was an Ogden police cruiser with two cops. The cops saw the whole incident and gave chase. While fleeing, the suspects tossed two guns out the window before ditching the car and attempting to flee on foot, but they were arrested. Joseph Angelo Vigil, 20, Vanessa Vigil, 18, and Nicole Delgato, 18, were booked into the Weber County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder. Joseph Vigil is also being held for violating his probation on an earlier robbery conviction.

The second drive-by shooting took place in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City around 1 A.M. on Christmas morning. According to KSL Channel 5 and KTVX Channel 4, a dark blue late '90s model Cadillac with tinted windows drove by the home near 400 South and 900 West, and one of the occupants fired as many as 12 shots into the home. No one was hurt, but homeowner Julian Trujillo is pissed. Here's KTVX's news video:

And Trujillo sounded off on camera. "I have one thing to say to the people who shot at us. You guys who did this are chicken shit. Instead of facing me like men, you drive by and shoot at my family. There are children in there. You could have hurt these children". And later he said, "If police don't take care of this, I will. That's just the way it is".

He's right. Gangbangers are chicken-shit cowards who hide behind guns, bandannas, and numbers. They don't need understanding; they need to be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.

The problem is spreading outside the urban areas. The Ogden Standard-Examiner reports that gang activity has recently surfaced in the small town of Garland (population 2,000), just north of Tremonton. Gangbangers believe the small towns are more vulnerable because of lesser law enforcement resources and a more trusting population.

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