Friday, December 26, 2008

Corporate Stupidity: Bally's Closes Utah Gyms On December 10th, But Lauren Richards Gets A Renewal Notice Instead Of A Refund Two Weeks Later

The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing in half of America's corporations. Corporate stupidity and insensitivity are at an all time high. No wonder America's Big Three automakers are on the ropes - and quite frankly, they deserve to die. NO BAILOUT! They make want they want rather than what we need.

On December 10th, 2008, Bally's Total Fitness closed its two Utah gyms in Midvale and Sugar House, citing lack of sufficient profitability. The company's debts are twice its assets; they've filed for Chapter 11 protection once again. The closure was almost without any prior notice. Some clients were given just hours notice to remove their personal effects stored at the facilities.

One of their former clients is a Utah lady named Lauren Richards. Because her membership wasn't to expire until February 2009, she's been fighting for a refund of the unexpired portion. No soap.

However, according to Paul Rolly's latest Salt Lake Tribune column, Richards received a membership renewal invitation from Bally's two weeks later, inviting her to "renew today to continue to take advantage of the latest brand-name equipment and an amazing variety of the best group exercise classes. Remember, the longer you renew your membership, the more you can save!"

Really? A membership renewal? She's in Utah, for heaven's sake. How is she supposed to take advantage of it - fly to Denver where the nearest Bally's gym is now located? How utterly stupid and incompetent can these corporations get?

And it's not just national corporations. The same Rolly column also chronicled the experience of a woman who recently visited the just-opened Iggy's Sports Grill in Centerville, Utah. She did not bring an I.D. with her, so when she ordered a cocktail, she was refused service because she could not produce an I.D. to prove her age.

The lady is 60 years old. How can a 60-year-old woman possibly look underage???

Corporations are so stupid and gutless. An MBA should be held in lower esteem than a child molester.


steel68 said...

Hasn't everything almost been reduced to this kind of indifferent inauthenticity? The worship of the all-consuming "Golden Calf"-PROFIT!TECHNOLOGY! Are there even any higher ideals remaining in this Kingdom of Cowardice?

When comes the originary spark of the Guiding Light?

"Most men
represent pieces and fragments of man:one has to add them up for a complete man to appear.Whole ages,whole peoples are in this sense somewhat fragmentary;it is perhaps part of the economy of human evolution that man should evolve piece by piece.But that should not make for one moment that the real issue is the production of the synthetic man;that lower men, the tremendous majority, are merely preludes and rehersals out of whose medley the whole man appears here and there, the milestone man who indicates how far humanity has advanced so far"-Nietzsche

"From millions of men, one man must step foward"-Hitler

Deseret Dawg said...

Corporations sacrificed authenticity and humanity in the name of profitability, and now they are in danger of losing what they sacrificed so much for.

One blogger distinguished between "shareholders" and "stakeholders". He predicted that companies will begin to shift from the narrow focus of "shareholders" to the wider focus of "stakeholders", defining "stakeholders" as everyone associated with a particular company, to include management, labor, shareholders, and customers. The idea is to include all, then balance the competing interests. No more robber-baron "turbo-capitalism".

Intriguing concept.