Monday, November 3, 2008

Why Californians Must Vote Yes On Proposition 8: Hayward Teacher Tara Miller "Encouraged" Kindergarten Class To Sign GLSEN Pro-Gay Pledge Cards

Update: Read my next post about Courage Campaign's defamatory anti-Mormon ad HERE.

Californians are now finding out another reason why they should vote Yes on Proposition 8, which would insert constitutional language defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman. It's not just about protecting marriage, but also about protecting kids from targeted homosexual recruitment.

Opponent of Prop 8 claim that if it fails, kids will neither be indoctrinated with pro-gay propaganda nor forced to celebrate homosexuality. But the facts clearly fly in the face of that assumption. On November 1st, 2008 the Fox News Channel reported that Tara Miller, a teacher at Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Sciences located at 1570 Ward Street in Hayward, CA passed out pledge cards produced by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to her class of kindergartners and "encouraged" them to sign them, proclaiming themselves to be "allies" of gays. This activity was associated with GLSEN's "National Ally Week", observed from October 13-17 in 2008.

Discussion of story on Power Line Forums and Stormfront.

The cards (a sample shown above) asked signers to be "an ally" and to pledge to "not use anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) language or slurs; intervene, when I feel I can, in situations where others are using anti-LGBT language or harassing other students and actively support safer schools efforts."

In the wake of the subsequent firestorm of protest, the school has acknowledged that the exercise was not appropriate for kindergartners. The pledge cards were actually intended only for middle school and high school students. Val Joyner, a school district spokeswoman, told in an e-mail that when deciding what to teach on this subject matter, educators "gather materials from community agencies and other education groups" and that "the materials have grade level indicators which help determine what is age-appropriate."

But many people are furious nonetheless. Parent Adela Voelker said she was furious when she found her child's signature on one of the cards. She said she contacted a non-profit legal defense organization, Pacific Justice Institute, which specializes in defending parental rights.

In addition, local school board member Jeff Cook wants some type of action should be taken. "We have a general rule that all instruction should be age appropriate, and this clearly was not," said Cook, who has served on the school board for five years and is currently running for re-election to a four-year term.

And a spokeswoman for Protect Marriage California was also outraged. "How do you teach a 5-year-old to sign a pledge card for lesbian, gay and transgender issues without explaining what transgender and bisexual is?" asked Sonja Eddings Brown.

Asked if the district planned to take action against Miller, Joyner said she would have to look into the incident. On Thursday October 30th, she told that she did not have an answer for the question and that she would no longer be doing any media interviews. There have been no changes in this status.

According to Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, not only were parents not notified in advance of what was going to take place in the classroom, but he also said that teaching students as young as pre-school about gay, lesbian and transgender issues is common in California.

Dacus would not comment specifically on whether children who signed the pledge could be held responsible if the school determined that they were not honoring it. He said they are minors and there are certain degrees of limited liability, but from a psychological and emotional perspective, it's a whole different ballgame. "[There is] tremendous peer pressure put on children to accept a pro-homosexual philosophy and attitude," Dacus said.

And this incident follows closely on the heels of another controversy which broke out in San Francisco when a lesbian teacher decided to invite her first-grade class to witness her "gay marriage" to another lesbian on October 10th. At least in this case, parents were notified in advance and afforded the opportunity to opt their kids out, which some did. However, there was no reason for the teacher to interrupt her normal curriculum and disrupt the students' day in order to do this. Would a guy driving a train for BART be allowed to break off in the middle of the work day just to get married? Of course not. What the teacher could have done was to get married on her own time, and invite the class then if she wanted to. The fact that she did it during class time indicates she was more interested in making a political statement - and using kids as pawns - rather than actually tying the knot.

This is the other reason why Californians must vote Yes on 8 - not merely to protect the traditional definition of marriage, but to stop the gay rights lobby's relentless proselytization of our youth. The latest Field poll indicates victory is within our reach; 49 percent oppose Prop 8, but 44 percent favor it. In September, the gap was 14 percent. We can win! God bless the LDS Church, those of other denominations and faiths, and even the unchurched, who have united behind this praiseworthy cause. As long as enough of us stand up for decency, America will be spared catastrophic national judgment. But when we, as a nation, turn our backs upon decency, then America will experience catastrophic judgment.


steel68 said...

This issue will eventually migrate to Utah in a pre-planned confrontation with the LDS Church.It already has!

Through a long,protracted and patient campaign of funding,public pressure vis-a-vis advertisers/organizers,the media with their various "editorials and hit pieces", and the relentless over-saturation of the passive people's timorous minds with the idea of "gay rights",the Church will at some point have to make a final decision whether to undergo further Judaification(as it was with the issue of Blacks),or,step out into the open light of Reason and Sanity and take a NON-NEGOTIABLE and firm position on the matter that is no longer a matter of debate.Case closed!Period!Where are the leaders within our local communities or the church who possess the firm and fixed fortitude not to fawn themselves continually before the Octopus?

" sow discord in all parties,to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us,and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair"-Protocol #5

Deseret Dawg said...

This is why I'm taking a hard line on this issue - to stiffen the resolve of the Church and its believing members. As far as I'm concerned, those LDS members who cannot reconcile themselves to the Church's activities in this regard can pack their kit and leave. We don't need to compromise. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Church in ACTIVE OPPOSITION to the New World Order.

Sometimes you need to thin the herd to strengthen it.

prop8discussion said...

thank you so much for your post. i've been discussing this on my blog all month.

the thing i've learned is that our society needs to make our children a priority.

children have a right to a mom and a dad. marriage is the ultimate expression of equality our society can offer: it takes on man and one woman.

one could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a gay union as a marginalization of women.

when it comes to parenting i don't think any society should purposefully marginalize a parent.

that's why i'm voting yes on prop 8

there is a cool discussion here:

Anonymous said...

Why was this matter even a proposition? I thought the separation of church and state would allow the church to decide religious matter for themselves? If the church is an independent institution separate from the government. If it wanted to allow gay marriage then they would; if the churches do not approve, then they should not allow them to take place. The government should have no place in deciding for us and imposing their morals and values on others.
Also, with the comment about the gay propaganda, I do believe that it was inappropriate to present that material to children; however, as Christian aren't we suppose to love and accept one another regardless of our sins?