Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voice Of Deseret's Hero Of The Month: St. George Resident Bill Vint Jr. Finds Bag With $450 Cash, Returns It To Cedar City Pizza Restaurant Manager

Let's take a brief time out from political and cultural warfare to recognize a Utahn who I've decided should be Voice Of Deseret's first Hero Of The Month for October 2008. On November 1st, 2008, the St. George Spectrum reports on the case of Bill Vint Jr., who, when presented with temptation, resisted it and DID THE RIGHT THING!

Additional media coverage provided by the Deseret News and KSL Channel 5 (included primarily because of the public comments appended to each story).

Biking home from a morning meeting on Friday October 31st, Vint found a bank bag with $450 cash sitting in the road. He almost ignored it, but decided it looked too much like a money bag. Inside, Vint found just under $450 in cash and checks, a lost daily deposit from a pizza place. The money was to be deposited to the State Bank of Southern Utah.

Vint, who builds pools for a living, said 2008 has been an especially difficult year business-wise. Although he helped build 30 pools during each of the last two years, he's only built five in 2008. So, for a split second, he did think about keeping it. But his instincts quickly took over, and he chose to do the right thing - return the money.

"My mom always told me, if it doesn't belong to you don't touch it," Vint said.

Finding a receipt inside the bag, Vint called Chris Dunning, manager of 5 Buck Pizza in Cedar City, to report that he had found the money, and met up with Dunning's wife to give the money back. Dunning was extremely gratified, and explained that the bag was caught up in a sweatshirt when he started leaving his home in St. George, and as he headed out the bag must have fallen out into the street. He said he hadn't even realized the money was missing when he got the call from Vint. 5 Buck Pizza is a Utah-based chain, with additional outlets in Idaho and Nevada.

No word as to whether or not Dunning offered Vint a reward, and quite frankly, none should be expected. Virtue should be its own reward.

No, Bill Vint Jr. didn't throw himself on a grenade in Iraq, nor was he some crippled kid who climbed Kings Peak all by himself. Such people get ample recognition elsewhere. Instead, he is just an ordinary Utahn who, when confronted with sore temptation, did the right thing and resisted it. We don't provide such people with enough recognition any more. And so, Voice Of Deseret proclaims Bill Vint Jr. its first "Hero Of The Month".

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