Monday, November 24, 2008

Utah Still A Job Magnet: Logan, Salt Lake And Provo Make CNN/Careerbuilder's 2008 List Of 25 Best Cities To Find A Job

Don't want to migrate to one of America's humongous multicultural cesspools to find a job? Good news. If you have needed skills and are willing to do some homework in advance, you can move to a smaller town and have both gainful employment AND a good quality of life.

On November 24th, 2008, CNN reported on a new list of 25 best cities to find a job, compiled by Careerbuilder, whose own report can be found HERE, including hot links to their job listings in the cities. Their report is based upon information presented in a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released November 21st. All of these cities have one common denominator - they have populations less than 200,000. And none suffer from the disruptive effects of multiculturalism which adds so much stress to the lives of so many people.

Three Utah cities make the list. Logan is number seven, Salt Lake number 21, and Provo number 22. All three not only have unemployment rates three percent or less, but two of them reported job growth as well. Please note that the official "unemployment rate" is based only upon those officially "looking for work"; the real unemployment rate can be twice as high.

And the report shows the trend extends beyond the Wasatch Front to the rest of the Intermountain West. Two Idaho cities, Idaho Falls (#3) and Pocatello (#24), make the list. Two Montana cities, Great Falls and Missoula, also make the list, although Missoula's low unemployment rate is offset by job shrinkage during the past year. Casper, Wyoming rounds out the list of Western cities; the Intermountain West seems least affected by the economic slump.

Surprisingly, three Iowa cities make the list, as do two Lousiana cities. The renewed push for energy exploration, to include access to offshore oil platforms, may explain the Louisiana entries.

However, the largest variety of jobs can be found in the larger cities. Consequently, of the cities on the list, you are more likely to find the job of your choice in Salt Lake or Des Moines, since they are the two largest cities on the list. But if you must pick one of the two, I suggest Salt Lake, because you also have both Logan and Provo within a one-hour drive of the city, offering the greatest variety of job prospects. And the quality of life thrughout the entire Wasatch Front is good to excellent; only Glendale, Rose Park, and Downtown Ogden are considered marginal communities. And Glendale residents are showing signs of trying to turn their community around, despite the Salt Lake municipal government's traditional bias in favor of the east side.

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steel68 said...

There's no greater honor than making the CNN/Careerbuilders 2008 List!Let us just hope these Top 25 Cities don't look like Detroit in as little as 4-years.Let us hope that more and more infected,white lemmings realize they are under attack and that they are no longer in Kansas Toto.Let us look into their eyes and study every quarter.What do we see?

The glance of the flock.
Unfit for War!
Grown hollow.
Lesser spirits subsumed under
financial dictatorship.
The Octopus!
Those who follow.

The mystery of the resurrection
of the Earth.
The Latin "tellus",meaning
earth and the Greek verb "tello,"-
Autochthony and Auseinandersetzung!

Nazism was just the Greeks
once more!
Who,or what were the Greeks?
A riddle for the dumbfounded!

Let us allow ourselves
to think "Greek"
once again!
To enter the source of
all new beginnings and upheavals!
Shall we?

"Yet almost this river seems
To travel backwards and
I think it must come from
The East.
Much could
Be said about this"-Holderlin