Saturday, November 1, 2008

Uh, Oh! Utah District 10 Senate Race Tightens Up, West Jordan's Chris Buttars Now Leading John Rendell By Only Two Points

Utah's premier pollster Dan Jones has been out testing the waters once again, and, amongst his numerous findings, has discovered that the race for Utah's Senate District 10 has tightened up considerably. Incumbent Republican Chris Buttars now clings to only a two-point lead over Democratic challenger John Rendell. Full stories published by the Deseret News and KSL Channel 5. The media sources also address a host of other races and decisions affecting the Salt Lake Valley, including the House District 49 race, which is shaping up to be a real slobberknocker with Greg Curtis leading challenger Jay Seegmiller by only 45-44.

Here's the full tale of the tape from a graphic accompanying the Deseret News story. Dan Jones polled 319 voters in the district:

Chris Buttars (R): 42 percent
John Rendell (D): 40 percent
Steve Maxfield (Con): 5 percent
Other: 1 percent
Don't Know: 10 percent
Refuse: 2 percent

Two of the candidates responded to the Deseret News candidate survey. John Rendell's response HERE, Steve Maxfield's response HERE. This is a race where the third party candidate may change the outcome. Steve Maxfield represents the Constitution Party. If he wasn't in the race, most of his voters would probably go to Buttars.

The results are significantly closer than a previous Dan Jones poll taken in September, which showed Buttars leading 55-27. However, both Buttars and Rendell admitted they thought the earlier poll was skewed too much in favor of Buttars; ironically, Eagle Forum Utah also shares this assessment, believing the previous poll numbers were artificially elevated to instill a false sense of confidence in Buttars' supporters. Buttars has treated this as a close race all the way through. Rendell not only is a quality candidate, but he's had the help of former Buttars Republican opponent Gary Armstrong, who came within an eyelash of forcing Buttars into a primary contest at the Salt Lake County Republican convention in May.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Buttars has been getting some quality help of his own. Eagle Forum Utah is waging an all-out campaign on Buttars' behalf, to include door-to-door literature drops and serial e-mailing. Eagle Forum Utah considers Buttars one of the foremost defenders of those traditional American cultural values which catapulted America to unprecedented power and prosperity.

Buttars is winning the money wars. He has received $34,701 since August 27th, including $11,000 from one individual, and $10,000 from the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Rendell raised $17,519 during the period. Buttars has outspent Rendell by a two-to-one margin, putting $104,000 into his race.

Additional Deseret News stories about the election can be found HERE (Salt Lake County offices), and HERE (county bonds).

Commentary: The real question here isn't whether Chris Buttars or John Rendell is the better candidate. Both have their respective strengths and liabilities, sufficiently addressed in previous posts. Rendell's primary liability would be that he is a rookie and would need time to get up to speed.

Instead, the real issue is who is more qualified to elect District 10's senator; the NAACP and a bunch of elitists, or the voters of District 10. Sending Chris Buttars back to the state senate will send a powerful message to the elite that their advice and counsel is not considered binding in District 10.

And finally, during a cultural era in which anything goes and our kids are being terminally sexualized by a predatory media, we need at least one person who will stand up and oppose it. Buttars is a proven advocate for cultural decency.

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