Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YouTube Video: Twenty-One Suspected Illegal Aliens Caught After Police Chase Of 15-Passenger Van Ends In Rollover In Phoenix, Arizona

On October 13th, 2008, a rather spectacular crash of a 15-pasenger van occurred in Phoenix, Arizona. The van was being chased by police because it was suspected to be carrying too many people. Suspected illegal aliens poured out of the van after it rolled near the corner of 27th and Southern Avenues. Stories published by KTVK Channel 3 in Phoenix, the Arizona Republic, and ALIPAC.

It started at about 6:45 a.m., when a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer pulled up alongside the van on westbound Interstate 10 near Elliot Road. The officer noticed that there seemed to be more people inside than the van could safely carry. The officer initially started following the van in the hope that it would lead officers to a drop house. After getting off the freeway, the driver of the van refused to stop, plowing though barricades and over medians. DPS said the van even tried to ram one of its cruisers.

Once the van entered a school zone, DPS suspended the chase at that point. Nevertheless, the van continued erratically, and just before 7:30 a.m., ran a stop sign, and then slammed into another car and rolled over. As soon as the van rolled, nearly two dozen people, suspected illegal immigrants, bailed out and ran through the neighborhood. Here's the YouTube video showing the accident (hat tip to the Vanguard News Network Forum for posting the video):


The originator of the video claims 28 illegals were counted; I counted at least 24. Some obviously escaped altogether.

Although the suspects scattered to the four winds, police ultimately tracked down and arrested 21 people into custody. They believe that's all the people who were in the van when it crashed. Several were taken to the hospital for treatment then released. No major injuries were reported. Investigators are holding the driver of the van and one occupant on potential charges of human smuggling and other criminal violations. The other 19 will likely be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Fifteen-passenger vans tend to be more vulnerable to rollovers when mishandled because of their high center of gravity, as documented HERE.


steel68 said...

It's too bad that the helicopter filming the rollover wasn't an AH-64 Apache with a fully loaded Chain Gun and mounted Hellfire and Hydra rockets and a pilot who has developed quite the destructive attitude toward the inferior invaders and their managers.

Deseret Dawg said...

I'm surprised so many of them were capable of running away in the first place. Those vans may be high centered, but they must be constructed quite solid.

I suspect your proposed solution would drastically cut down on illegal immigration in one fell swoop. But we have too many sob sisters who want to play the "compassion" card.

Hasenpfeffer said...
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