Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The November 5th Movement: If Barack Obama Gets Elected, And You're A Patriot, Lower Your American Flag To Half-Staff On November 5th

Are you an American patriot? Are you distressed about the possibility of Barack Obama becoming President of the United States?

Here's an opportunity to show your concern - and your contempt - if Obama gets elected. We're calling this the November 5th Movement. On November 5th, lower your American flag to half-staff and leave it that way all day. This can be the first step towards a peaceful revolution to restore constitutional government in the United States.

Update: It looks like I'm not the only one considering it. Northeastshooters.com is also discussing it, and they have a good idea. If you don't have a flag, you could join in by getting a flag sticker for your vehicle and attaching it upside down. There's also a discussion thread on Phxnews.com.

I do not consider Barack Obama to be an American patriot. I don't believe his first loyalty is to the United States. Instead, I believe his primary loyalty is to the New World Order. He'll throw open our borders and allow all the world's flotsam and jetsam to inundate us. He'll tax the rich to death. He'll impose forced diversity and multiculturalism on all of us. If you're White, male, and Christian, you'll become an outcast in your own country. Barack Obama is NOT worthy of respect.

Make it happen. If Barack is elected, lower your flag to half-staff on November 5th.


Andy said...

You are not a patriot. Normally, I would never allege that. But you've just alleged it against a man who is enough of a patriot to spend his life working to serve the nation. You might not like Obama's politics, that's fine, but you were probably one of the people saying, "You have to support George Bush, he's our President!" While I often disagreed with George Bush, I would never suggest the outlandish, uneducated, and farcical ideas about a president of the USA as you have just suggested about Obama.
Is this your last resort? There's no hope left for the country? Are you conceding defeat of your party now? I will be voting for Obama, because I love this country, and I know Obama does too. Obama and I? We're patriots who love our flag, our anthem, our constitution, and our nation's values and freedoms. You, on the other hand, follow divisive, hate-filled politics. That is not what our founding fathers had in mind, my friend.

Deseret Dawg said...

Who said anything about George Bush? Did you NOT notice the Chuck Baldwin video in the upper right hand corner of this blog?

If we hate, it's because YOU taught us to hate with your relentless Bush-bashing. You didn't merely criticize Bush, you made up rubbish like "Bush lied, babies died" and stuff like that. And anyone who disagreed with you was racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. You were the ones who decided all of us on the right were the enemy; now you expect us to play by your rules? Not! That's why we traded in Chris Cannon for Jason Chaffetz; Cannon was too nice.

Any chance of accomodation is over with. We on the right no longer seek accomodation. I despise what this country has become, and it's time for revolution.

David said...

This is really sad for two reasons. First, despite the many current problems in this country I am confident that the nation will survive and Obama presidency, and despite any disagreements I might have with Obama, I believe that he does love his country honestly. Second, If McCain were to win on the 4th the flag would have just as much reason to be lowered as it would with Obama. Despite differences in policy (which are tiny compared to their differences in rhetoric), both of them represent the establish system of government of the people, by the parties, for the established powers. Neither of them will budge one inch towards government of the people, by the people, and for the people (except that Obama may make good on his desire to increase transparency in government).

Deseret Dawg said...

David - you make an interesting point, which is why I'm supporting Chuck Baldwin. McCain is no day at the beach, but at least he served in the military, and knows what it's like to put himself in harms way. Too bad the Repubs were too stupid to pick Romney. I could have supported a Romney-Palin ticket.

BTW, Chicago now has over 450 murders this year. Doesn't say much for Obama's "community organizing" skills, does it?

Anonymous said...

White supremacists are already outcasts in their own country, you dickweed.

Deseret Dawg said...

Anon 7:45 P.M. - I doubt you know anything about "white supremacy" except for the drivel pumped out by the ADL/SPLC, which they do solely to sucker more people into donating to them. LOL!

steel68 said...


Sometimes these meatball comments aren't even worth addressing.The gap between your understanding and morons like Andy are too vast to even attempt to bridge.How does one even begin to take on, "I will be voting for Obama because I love this country,and I know Obama does too."Andy is the guy you see at the Obama speeches in the background with the glazed look in his eyes,clapping like a trained seal at every inconsequential phrase that the mulatto spews forth for his Zionist masters.Talk about out of touch!Andy probably is clueless about Mr. Hussein Obama's real history.I would hate to wake him from his deep sleep.And what is sad is Mr. Andy is probably white and he represents the majority of the lemmings surrounding us on all sides,thinking they are in touch,when in reality,they are just another occupant of Plato's Cave.

Sorry Andy!As Orwell wrote in "Animal Farm","All animals are equal,but some are more equal than other".




Andy said...

Really, Steel? Referencing Aristotle and Orwell makes you sound like you are actually educated. Calling a person who has an informed political opinion a "moron" does not. Nor does referencing Obama as a mulatto. That makes it sound like you spend a lot of time on Stormfront. As for the birth certificate thing, you are very far behind the times as far as the rumor machine goes. The birth certificate has been proven without a doubt to be authentic and original. The fact that your position has to rely on trying to cast such dubious ideas through methods of conjecture and fear speaks to the solidity of your political base. You can disagree on political issues. You can disagree with Obama's stances. You can't call him anti-American. You can't call him a pal to terrorists. Those allegations don't even have a shadow of truth about them. That approach has hurt the Republican base more than anything, because it exposes the foolishness and fear that drives the party today.
Obama is a greater patriot than you will ever be, judging by your approach to these issues.
But America is great, America is strong, and will survive your hate and blindness. Unfortunately, America does suffer for it.
By the way, I am a reluctant supporter of Obama. I don't agree with him on a lot of issues. I wish John Edwards was the democratic candidate. I think McCain is almost a better candidate, but in the end, I have chosen Obama. I have never stomped for Obama, but I will vote for him based on the issues, and I will argue against your hate and falsehoods.

steel68 said...

Andy said...

"Really Steel?"-It was all downhill from there!

"Referencing Aristotle and Orwell make you sound like your actually educated"-It's PLATO and Orwell Andrew!

"The birth certificate has been proven without a doubt to be authentic and original"-Great reference of sources to back up this statement!

"But America is great.America is strong"And you Andrew are insignificant and weak!I see you behind your words.

"...in the end I have chosen Obama"No Andrew!Your choice has been made for you.Beware lest a phantom slay you!

"That makes it sound like you spend a lot of time on Stormfront"-I do not frequent Stormfront at all.Most of my time Andrew is spent avoiding those who dwell in mediocrity.One can't help but trip over some on occasion as I have with you Andrew on Dawg's fine blog.I mostly keep company with Giants Andrew.It is good company to have.It guarantees strength!




Anonymous said...

I am not a big Obama fan, but your post is insulting, incredibly ignorant, and an excellent example of what is wrong with the United States today.