Sunday, October 12, 2008

European Americans United (EAU) Announces Their Endorsement Of Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin For President

One of America's foremost advocacy groups for Americans of European ancestry has announced their choice for President of the United States. European Americans United (EAU) has formally endorsed Chuck Baldwin.

Here's the text of the short announcement, posted on their Western Voices World News website:

European Americans United (EAU), America's foremost European-American political advocacy organization, has officially announced its endorsement of Chuck Baldwin for President of the United States.

Throughout the primaries, EAU had endorsed Ron Paul for his strong positions on immigration, the Federal Reserve, and the United States Constitution. Ron Paul left that race in order to defend his Congressional seat when John McCain received the Republican Party's nomination.

Of the remaining candidates, EAU believes that Chuck Baldwin maintains the best positions on immigration, foreign policy, the Constitution and monetary policy. EAU believes that every American of diverse European ancestry should vote for Chuck Baldwin.

The endorsement does not imply that EAU agrees with every part of Chuck Baldwin's platform, nor does it mean that Chuck Baldwin agrees with every part of the EAU platform. It simply means that EAU not only agrees with enough about Chuck Baldwin to find his candidacy attractive, but sufficiently attractive to award a formal endorsement. Chuck Baldwin is unlikely to react publicly to the endorsement.

What is European Americans United? In their own words, here's what they are:

We are your friends, neighbors and coworkers. We are persons of European ancestry from every walk of life: scientists, mechanics, farmers, lawyers, engineers and full-time parents.

While we come from every class and creed, we are united in our pursuit of European American interests including freedom, genetic continuity, social justice, economic nationalism and environmental protection.

In pursuit of these goals, we seek to educate those of our people who are not aware of important issues facing us, and help to organize effective activism for those of our people who wish to take a hand in positive change.

(There have been rumors based upon allegedly official statements that EAU is affiliated with, or a continuation of, certain other European-American advocacy groups. These statements are unfounded as European Americans United is a completely new, completely different approach, organized under entirely different principles.)

And also in their own words, here's what they are NOT:

EAU is not a "continuation" of any previous organization, and was formed explicitly to chart a new path for pro European-American advocacy in America. EAU is NOT a "national socialist," "fascist," "white supremacist," "racist" or "hate" group. The Anti-Defamation League has slandered and defamed EAU by describing us as a continuation of some other group. This is vicious lie which we categorically and vehemently deny.

Like the NAACP and similar ethnic advocacy organizations, EAU speaks out for the ethnic interests of a particular demographic. Our methods and aims are legal and peaceful.

Also like other ethnic advocacy organizations, while some of our members may have belonged to other organizations in the past, members have joined EAU because they have seen the deficiency of other groups claiming to speak for white people and have come to reject the extremism, hatred and irrelevant obsessions of such organizations. It is our belied that some of these organizations are purposely built-up and publicized by special interests in an effort to make legitimate pro-European-American advocacy seem marginal and hateful.

The Anti-Defamation League has falsely accused EAU of being a continuation of the old National Vanguard organization once headed by its now-discredited ex-director, Kevin Alfred Strom. National Vanguard disbanded and disincorporated in March 2007 after Strom was indicted (and subsequently convicted) for possession of child porn. EAU has NO connection with the former National Vanguard organization.

Personally, I question EAU comparing themselves to the NAACP; that seems like a step backward. Unlike Jeanetta Williams of the Salt Lake NAACP, EAU doesn't target politicians they don't like with witch hunts a la Chris Buttars. But conceptually, EAU is on point; if Blacks can have their organizations, and Latinos their organizations, then Whites likewise are entitled to similar organizations; those who think otherwise seek the political and economic disenfranchisement of Whites under the guise of "diversity" and "multiculturalism".

European Americans United maintains a School of Western Culture page containing online versions of a host of reading material pertinent to Western culture. Parents who homeschool their children may find this of interest if they prefer to provide their kids a more Eurocentric education.

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