Thursday, October 16, 2008

David Anthony Burgess Arrested In Salt Lake City For Raping Two Female Job Applicants At His Reiki Massage Parlor

Update January 21st: Burgess ordered to stand trial. See updated post HERE.

A manager at a non-traditional Salt Lake massage therapy business has been arrested after police say he raped two women applying for jobs. David Anthony Burgess, 27, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of two counts of first-degree felony rape and a felony warrant for exploitation of prostitution. The prostitution case relates to an earlier investigation of services Burgess allegedly offered at a different massage business. Stories published by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, KTVX Channel 4, KUTV Channel 2, and KSL Channel 5.

Update: On October 20th, Burgess appeared at Third District Court, where he was informed of the charges and had legal counsel appointed for him. His next court appearance is October 30th.

The two women, aged 18 and 19 respectively, reported being raped by Burgess during two separate job interviews within a week of one another during September. One victim said she answered a job advertisement on Craig's List, and the other said she was solicited by e-mail on MySpace.

Attorney Perry Bsharah, who rents office space in the suite next door to The Reiki Specialist, said he would often see young women go in and out of the Reiki Specialist office, but he never saw anyone who appeared to be a client. He says that other tenants in the building believed it was just a front for prostitution.

However, KSL has now updated their prior story with additional information. The business owner, Trevon Jackson, says this is all a big misunderstanding. The profiles of each therapist which detail physical descriptions are just a way to bring in customers. "I am fully legit. I abide by all the rules. As you can see, it's clean. It's not messy. There's nothing shady going on here," Jackson said.

Jackson is aware that Burgess was once "mixed up in something". But he understands it was taken care of, and asserts that Burgess was coming into work every day. Jackson further states the police are mixed up, explaining that he and Burgess were operating separate businesses out of the same office.

The Salt Lake Police Department's Special Victims Unit along with vice officers arrested Burgess on Wednesday October 15th, 2008. He worked at The Reiki Specialist, located at 231 East 400 South. The business promotes itself as giving massages with "relaxation techniques" using candles, music and flowing water that "provide your body with free flowing energy to enhance a positive energy balance", according to the company's website.

A Reiki massage is an Asian technique that focuses on the laying of hands on certain points of the body rather than a traditional rubbing massage. Because of that, it does not require a state license. The website indicates that all of the Reiki specialists are women. Several times the website mentions that all of the Reiki specialists are "beautiful." The website also offers a "sensual Reiki."

Police suspect there may be other victims primarily because of Burgess' outstanding warrant. If anyone has information on Burgess or believes they are a victim, they can call police at 799-3678 (Detective Artis) or 799-3420 (Sgt. Kent).

Commentary: No mention on whether physical coercion was used to accomplish these rapes. However, rape can occur by emotional or even racial coercion. Perhaps Burgess got the women to give it up by suggesting that refusal to do so would be considered "racist". This possibility was suggested by a commenter to the KSL story:

Another one of those Katrina Refugee's
by Northern Aggression @ 3:13pm - Thu Oct 16th, 2008
when the women resisted he probably claimed racism. This world is too liberal and feminized to deal with savages like this

Northern Aggression!
by Starman322 @ 3:18pm - Thu Oct 16th, 2008
You do have a problem with race! It makes no difference what his race is; he should be punished if he did this.

by Northern Aggression @ 3:23pm - Thu Oct 16th, 2008
Of course they should be punished regardless of race but just like breeds of dogs some are more prone to violence. Look at the
FBI's own statistics.

There is truth in the point brought out by Northern Aggression. Fear of being considered "racist" causes many whites and others to make risky decisions. For example, the mortgage crisis may have been triggered in part by making home loans to financially-unqualified blacks and Latinos thanks to pressure generated by the now-infamous Community Reinvestment Act, which was another undeserved entitlement tossed predominantly at blacks and Latinos to counter charges of racial "redlining".

But more likely is the possibility that economic coercion was used. In other words, Burgess told the girls "give it up if you want the job". His past track record indicates this is a real possibility.

Or there's an outside chance that Burgess simply asked the girls to demonstrate their massage capabilities on him legally, but then when he decided not to hire them, they cried "rape". But this seems like the least likely possibility.

We'll leave it to the justice system to sort it out.


Voice of Utah said...

Hard to figure this one out. I'm not sure I would assume that race had anything to do with it, but I guess we'll get more info through the court.

Deseret Dawg said...

True. I'm thinking economic coercion is the better bet. However, KSL has since updated the story, and the owner of the business is backing up Burgess' story. I will update my post accordingly.

Ozia said...

I worked for tj for a few months and lived with him. I have a video on my youtube of me doing a walkthrough in the apartment to prove it and various non descriptive pictures from work. I worked closely and new everything i needed to know and didn't ask about other things. I have TONS of information about all of tjs plans and what was going on underneath the service, as i was a roommate and essentially a assistant manager for the company.
I spent a lot of time with David, he creeped me out.
if any one ever goes over this post again, feel free to message my email @ for more info, i have TONS.

Anonymous said...

The Truth: both of theese female false accusers were prostitutes and addicted to drugs. both of theese women were sent to Mr. Burgess by a rival massage business because of jealousy of Mr. Burgesse's success & at the time Mr. Burgess was hiring, both of theese women were adults and had it in their mind from the start to have sex with Mr. Burgess and falsly call rape.
people are set up everyday and the truth is Mr. Burgess NEVER had a criminal record until He came to SLC Utah and was accused of theese false allegations.

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts: All of this Information that you are about to read is 100% True and factual and can be seen in the court public records for yourself: The first false accuser was a well known prostitute in the Salt Lake City area & in California area as well, when she came to Mr. Burgesses place of Business she was talking about the different sexual adventure's and drugs she dealt with and so fourth being a prostitute to impress Mr. Burgess but He did not care too much how good her sexual services were, He was more concerned can she meet and greet customers with respect, answer the phone properly and learn Reiki therapy correctly, she undressed and talked more with Mr. Burgess, the trainining continued and she started again talking sexually, In the court room she said after the sex was done she began telling funny stories and continued to lay there naked for sometime enjoying a conversation with Mr. Burgess, she said she has to go to a customers house to perform her duties and she would call Mr. Burgess later then gave Him a hug and handshake, she then left and got high on cocaine, then continued to drive to the customers home while high on cocaine to do her sexual service with a customer across town then after the services wer finished she then called a friend and cooked up a false story of rape that led Mr. Burgess to be falsely accused, Mr. Burgess spent 10 months in jail for theese false allegations and only after being tired of falsely being in jail plead guilty to a misdemeanor & He was immediately released that same evening.

Anonymous said...

The second False accuser: The Facts: This woman came to Mr. Burgess's office and talked about the job and they both related to each other that they were both okay with nudity and being adults and different types of massaging and pleasure. her and Mr. Burgess both undressed and then both began to rub each other while standing up then the woman laid down on the massage table and Mr. Burgess massaged her, then after He was done with the massage they both laid on the table and one thing led to another after the sexual time they had together on she got down from the table and massaged Mr. Burgess for about 30 minutes then when she was finished they talked together for sometime then began to get dressed and then they went to see some friends & asslociates of Mr. Burgess (1 Male, 3 females) and they all met the woman and sinced nothing out of the unusual and all was well with the woman, An hour later the woman got ready to leave as Mr. Burgess walked her out then they spoke briefly and hugged each other then she left. seven (7) days later she told a story to a friend who then created a false horror story of false allegations that led to the arrest of Mr. Burgess on assumptions of theeese false allegations. In the courtroom in front of the Judge, proscecutor and Mr. burgesses's attorney,the false accuser while being asked did you ever tell Mr. Burgess to stop while having sex the false accuser said NO I did not tell Him to stop, Did Mr. Burgess ever tell you to stop while you were having sex with Him No He did not tell Me to stop, well sweetheart that is consensual sex said the attorney, the woman told the truth to the judge after the sex she gave Mr. Burgess a massage and hung out with his friends. Then suddenly out of nowhere while being questioned further by Mr. Burgesse's attorney the woman yelled loudly "ALL I WANTED WAS MONEY!!" she yelled this several times and then admitted to being addicted to several over the counter medicines and using different drugs and having scitzofrenia (multiple personalities) Mr. Burgess was a gentlemen to theese women and to this day He know's He was set up by another Business and by people that wanted to see Him fail, even after the woman admitted to consensual sex with Mr. Burgess He still did not get the charges dropped however the prosecution wanted Him to plead Guilty to something seeing that they falsely accused Him of this charge, After being behing bars for 10 long months Mr. Burgess pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was immediately released the same evening. There is no Justice in the justice system and Men are being exploited by lying women that put false allegations on innocent Men everyday and until the system acknowledge's that they have a problem with so many false allegations going on day by day America will just be a country full of innocent people in jail's and prisons, Its time for a change.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous... INTERESTING STORY. There is always two sides to every story, I was trying to follow up more on this because 1) I live in Utah & 2) I plan on getting the certification to become a Reiki Specialist. This is all interesting to me.. I looked up the business's website, but it is no longer available. Does Mr. Jackson still have a salon open?