Monday, October 27, 2008

As Expected, Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Democrat Bennion Spencer Over Republican Jason Chaffetz In Utah's Third Congressional District Race

Just 12 hours after my previous post on the Salt Lake Tribune's political endorsements in Utah's two other U.S. House races, the Tribune finally committed themselves on the Third District race. And to absolutely no one's surprise, their nod goes to Democrat Bennion Spencer over Republican Jason Chaffetz and Constitution Party candidate Jim Noorlander.

And there's not even a pretense of respect for Chaffetz' candidacy shown by the Tribune, who portray him as an impetuous, emotional, xenophobic, right-wing ideologue. Of course, I have another name for Jason Chaffetz; I call him a "patriot", because he puts America and Utah first.

Bennion Spencer, a right-of-center Democrat and erstwhile Republican, sees the urgency for national reform of the nation's broken economic, financial, immigration and foreign policies. But for him, solving the energy crisis is paramount. He recognizes the threat to the planet from the burning of fossil fuels that is warming the planet. Read the complete editorial column HERE.

What the Tribune likes about Spencer:

- Wants the federal government to expedite the development of an array of alternative sources of energy while continuing to drill for domestic oil and gas.
- Rejects nuclear power as too expensive and requiring too much water.
- Opposes opening up ANWR for exploration and responsible development.
- Backed the $700 billion federal bailout plan for failing financial institutions, but with the proviso that no money go to corporate executives.
- Supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants willing to pay a fine.

What the Tribune doesn't like about Spencer: He wants the mining of oil shale to be part of that carbon bridge to clean energy.

What the Tribune likes even less about Chaffetz:

- Favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
- Opposed the $700 billion bailout, believing that Wall Street must mend itself.
- Incarcerate illegal immigrants while they await deportation, using "tent cities" if necessary.
- Opposes any path to citizenship for illegals that does not lead back outside the United States.

The Tribune's bottom line: While they see Jason Chaffetz only as a "self-righteous zealot", they view Bennion Spencer as a "collaborative problem-solver". However, the Tribune fails to grasp that whenever one confronts evil, a collaborative approach usually doesn't provide a lasting solution to the problem. We lost the World Trade Center in 2001 in part because Bill Clinton chose to compromise and collaborate with the evil of Islamofascism (a distortion of true Islam).

Fortunately, the views of the Third District differ significantly from the expressed views of the Tribune. A September Dan Jones poll showed Jason Chaffetz with a 42-point lead over Bennion Spencer, although according to Utah Amicus, a later poll conducted by Anthony Brown and Associates showed Chaffetz with only a nine-point lead, but with over 30 percent undecided. Utah Amicus was also an official Utah blog of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but the editor seems to try to control his partisanship. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between, and Jason Chaffetz will win by 15-20 points on election day.


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Just fyi - the utah Amicus "poll" was not done by a valid polling company. Check the names against Chris Cannon staffers . . . . there is a reason not one single news agency picked up that story. There is no story. I agree with you that the more you stick to your convictions, the more you get attacked.