Monday, September 29, 2008

YouTube Video: A Video Tour Of The Wasatch Earthquake Fault In Utah, Produced By The Utah Geological Survey

KTVX Channel 4 has posted a useful link to a YouTube video produced by the Utah Geological Survey. It is basically a 10-minute video tour of the Wasatch Front, showing where the Wasatch Earthquake Fault is located in reference to various neighborhoods. While the entire fault runs in 10 separate segments from Southern Idaho to Northern Arizona, the video focuses on that portion between Ogden and Provo.

The bulk of the fault lies along the base of the Wasatch Mountains on the east side of the various valleys. However, some secondary faults cut through the east side of Salt Lake City and down to Holladay. Note that while the Wasatch Fault is the primary fault in the area, is NOT the only fault. Others are described in the additional links posted below.

The link to this video will also be posted on my sidebar indefinitely. This is a superb resource, particularly for those new to the area or considering a move to the area.

Other useful posts on Utah earthquake potential:

- April 8th, 2008: FEMA Projects A 6.0 Quake On West Valley Fault Could Inflict $2.5 Billion Damage In Salt Lake City-Ogden Metro Area

- May 6th, 2008: Provo Daily Herald Warns Of The Effects Of A 7.5 Earthquake In Utah Valley; Jordanelle And Deer Creek Dams Could Give Way, Inundate Provo

- May 13th, 2006: A 7.0 Earthquake Scenario for Salt Lake City (from the Alaska Pride blog)

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