Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yep, Utah's District 16 Republican Senator Curt Bramble Blew It; Anna Eagar Now Working For Bramble's Democratic Opponent RaDene Hatfield

In a column published in the Salt Lake Tribune on September 9th, 2008, left-wing columnist Rebecca Walsh, in discussing vouchers, states that Steve Urquhart and Curt Bramble are cruising to re-election

"Cruising"? I guess "Brilliant" Becky doesn't get out much; like many Salt Lake liberals, she apparently looks upon Utah County as a foreign country. Brilliant Becky must not have heard about the case of pizza girl Anna Eagar, and her unpleasant confrontation with Utah Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble. This confrontation was previously documented HERE and HERE. Maybe Urquhart is doing well, but Bramble is hardly on track to "cruise" to re-election.

After initially blowing the whistle on Bramble on her personal blog post, which attracted a whopping 207 comments, Eagar temporarily got cold feet, claiming that her first instinct merely was to "vent", which is understandable. However, Curt Bramble has an opponent, and, after an initial hesitation, that opponent reacted. Democrat RaDene Hatfield (pictured above left), who is a moderate blue-dog Democrat after the manner of U.S. Congressman Jim Matheson rather than a raving Bolshevik wannabe like Rocky Anderson, responded, and according to a September 9th article in the Provo Daily Herald, has not only reached out to Eagar, but actually enlisted Eagar in her campaign. This story is also addressed by Glen Warchol on his Salt Lake Crawler blog and on the Salt Lake Tribune's Out Of Context blog.

Shortly after the incident, Hatfield dined at Nicolitalia Pizzeria, where Eagar works, and asked for her by name. The two chatted for a few minutes, and 10 days ago Hatfield got to thinking again about the 24-year-old pizza delivery woman. She decided to ask Eagar to volunteer for the campaign. A phone call later, Eagar was on board, though it's more a choice about the person than the party. And Curt Bramble himself responded. "If she chooses to participate in political process that's great," Bramble said. But he issued no apology nor expressed any regret.

Anna Eagar has now started another blog dedicated to the promotion of Hatfield's candidacy. On the blog, entitled "VoteForRadene", Eagar describes herself as a registered Independent who supports the candidate best fitting her prespective on the issues. In this post, she takes equal umbrage with both liberals who say conservatives are close-minded, and with Republicans who call Obama an "evil socialist". She has yet to make up her mind which Presidential candidate to support. But she has made up her mind to support and work for RaDene Hatfield. She believes that Hatfield is one of those sensible Democrats who wants to work with Republicans to find cooperative solutions representing both sides fairly. She finds that in talking to Hatfield, that Hatfield genuinely cares about representing her constituents and will lay aside her party's agenda to come to the best solutions possible.

Apparently Curt Bramble thinks he's going to cakewalk to victory. When I visit his official campaign website, I not only see no acknowledgement of the pizza delivery incident on his part, but there's no evidence he's even updated his blog since the last time I checked it. When you click on Issues, it still states "Coming Soon". Obviously, Bramble is taking the people of his district for granted. This can become his greatest vulnerability, and RaDene Hatfield is in position to exploit it.

And she's prepared to do so, but she needs help. Not just the customary help, but for people who tell her Curt Bramble "horror" stories to put their names behind them so she can use them. Many people tell her such stories, but remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. This is understandable, but that makes their stories hearsay and she can't use them. If RaDene Hatfield is willing to expose herself politically in an election campaign, the least others could do is to risk a bit of exposure themselves so that Hatfield can get the job done and get elected. The Bobaagard blog also makes the same plea. Bramble may be the favorite, but he's not infallible. He can be - and should be - defeated.

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