Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Texas Congressman Ron Paul Snubs Libertarian Opportunist Bob Barr, Endorses Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin

To diehard Ron Paul supporters who want to write Paul's name in on the November 4th ballot to protest his exclusion, DON'T DO IT!!! Your champion has a different idea. Ron Paul has chosen to formally endorse Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin (pictured above left), who is on the ballot. Full story published September 24th, 2008 by the Wall Street Journal and the Pensacola (FL) News-Journal (Baldwin is from Pensacola, so this is hometown reaction). Also reported by NewsWithViews and MensNewsDaily.

Congressman Paul, who's now running for re-election to the Texas U.S. House District 14 seat, announced his decision on the Campaign for Liberty website. It's also a pointed non-endorsement of the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, who was expected to benefit from enthusiasm for Paul’s message but has riled the Texas congressman in recent weeks.

When Paul endorsed several third party candidates this month, Barr dropped out of the event at the last minute, holding his own press conference where he suggested that Paul had “dissipated” the impact of the libertarian agenda with “amorphous leadership that says ‘all of the above or any of the above.’” Barr also had offered Paul the vice-presidential spot on the Libertarian Party ticket, which a Paul spokesman “politely declined,” saying Barr had “burned a bridge.” Wikipedia account of Bob Barr's life HERE.

Without mentioning Barr by name, Paul’s statement addresses the former Georgia congressman: “The Libertarian Party Candidate admonished me for ‘remaining neutral’ in the presidential race and not stating whom I will vote for in November,” Paul writes. “I’ve thought about the unsolicited advice from the Libertarian Party candidate, and he has convinced me to reject my neutral stance in the November election. I’m supporting Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.” Baldwin has previously stated that if elected, he would appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury.

While Ron Paul's endorsement of Chuck Baldwin will not actually propel Baldwin into the White House, it will give the Baldwin campaign a major shot in the arm. He could end up with five percent of the vote - or more - on November 4th. In a nailbiter primary contest between incumbent Congressman Don Young and Republican challenger Sean Parnell in Alaska, in which Young prevailed by a mere 304 votes, Paul's eleventh-hour endorsement of Congressman Young may have pushed him over the edge.

Barr’s campaign manager Russell Verney blithely dismissed the importance of Paul’s endorsement to the Libertarian Party candidate. “Whatever he’s doing, it’s had no effect on us. Our support is growing every day,” he said. “If Ron Paul made a decision, I’m sure he made it on the merits rather than any reaction to any event. He’s now chosen to show leadership. That’s what we called him to do,” added Verney.

More information about Chuck Baldwin's campaign can be found on his official campaign website. In addition, you can visit his VoteSmart Page HERE, and his YouTube channel HERE.

Many conservatives fondly remember Bob Barr as one of the managers of the U.S. House's successful impeachment of Bill Clinton. They believe Barr is still the same stand-up patriot today. Unfortunately, Bob Barr has changed - and not for the better. In 2002, he was gerry-mandered out of his Georgia U.S. House seat, losing a subsequent election bid. Barr took it badly and began looking for a new political home. And in 2008, he found one, inserting himself into the Libertarian Party and hijacking their Presidential nomination.

Nevertheless, many conservatives and others were intrigued by the prospect of a marquee player hoisting the libertarian banner. The White Reference blog chronicles the efforts of James Buchanan to extend the olive branch to Barr. Buchanan posted the essay in support of Barr on the WhiteCivilRights website. After highlighting the deficiencies of Hillary, Obama, and McCain, explaining how all three were detrimental to the American White community, Buchanan had this to say about Bob Barr:

White conservatives and White Nationalists now have an unpleasant choice: They can vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, an honest, decent man, who has consistently stood for conservative principles even though he stands no real chance of winning. A vote for Bob Barr would at least send a message to the Republican Party that conservatives and Whites won’t sit still as they are stuck with a liberal presidential candidate like McCain. Supporting Bob Barr might even pave the way for a Third Party to replace the increasingly repugnant Republican Party.

Not a single word about "white supremacism". But how did the Barr campaign react? His campaign manager contemptuously extended a backhand. reported that Barr campaign manager Russ Verney issued this statement:

”The Barr campaign is not going to be a vehicle for every fringe and hate group to promote itself. We do not want and will not accept the support of haters. Tell the haters I said don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out! Anyone with love in their heart for our country and for every resident of our country regardless of race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation is welcome with open arms.”

But while Bob Barr might contemptuously reject so-called "white supremacist" support, he had no problem accepting "white supremacist" money - $65,000 of it to be exact - to defend Chester Doles. And all he got Doles was a better plea deal; Doles still served time. More background on Chester Doles' case HERE.

The bottom line - Bob Barr has evolved into a superannuated political whore who will climb into bed with anyone when it suits his purpose, and just as quickly boot them out when it doesn't. In contrast, Chuck Baldwin is a principled man devoted to the vision of a classic, traditional America where government is limited to those functions which people cannot do for themselves efficiently and effectively, and will transform America from a corpulent global empire back into a constitutional republic. Ron Paul has made the right choice, and we should follow his example on November 4th, 2008.


Eric Dondero said...

Paul helps Don Young over the top in Alaska, and you call that a "good thing"?

Sheesh! If that's what Paul supporters have come too, they might as well change their names to Socialists.

Deseret Dawg said...

Eric - Don Young is much LESS socialist than Ethan Berkowitz.