Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Supporters Of Chris Buttars Finally Come Out Of The Closet, Courageously Defend Him On The Deseret News Blog

One of the frustrations of the Chris Buttars campaign is that supporters of District 10's incumbent state senator, initially stunned and intimidated by the vicious character attacks directed against him by the elite, have been reluctant to publicly express their support for him. This created the illusion that Buttars was unpopular, and might be vulnerable.

But with the dramatic revelation in the latest Dan Jones poll that Chris Buttars is leading Democratic challenger John Rendell by a two-to-one margin (the five percent who chose Other can be presumed to support the third candidate in the race, Steve Maxfield of the Constitution Party), Buttars' supporters have become emboldened and are now standing tall for the man who has been one of the foremost legislative defenders of those traditional American cultural values which catapulted this nation to unprecedented power and prosperity.

And there is a metaphysical connection between morality and prosperity; those who've read the Book of Mormon know that whenever the Nephites "kept the commandments, they prospered in the land". Perhaps our misfiring economy and our eroding international respect and prestige are metaphysically linked not only to our increasing failure to "keep those commandments", but also to our growing penchant to ridicule and oppress those who do.

As of this post, 50 comments have been appended to the Deseret News story about the Dan Jones poll. Of those discussing Buttars, over half are in support of him. Here's a small sampling:

Come on 12:37 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
Most of Senator Buttars constituents realize that the media smear wasn't about racism. It was about the fact that he wouldn't bow down to the homosexual agenda, which is to get the public to believe that something immoral is moral and a constitutional right. The media smear against Senator Buttars might have worked in San Francisco, but it won't work here.

John 6:29 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
Sen. Buttars has been a target for all the liberals because he is a solid conservative on the issues. The biased media cannot print his name without adding an out of contect remark that they repeat trying to tar him as a racist.

Buttars is a good, decent, honorable man, and a good legislator.

Curtis, on the other hand is an arrogant RINO, and even a Democrat would be no worse. Bye, bye Greggie.

Bear Laker 7:04 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
Most of you don't know Buttars personally. You know him only from what the press tells you. You are the uninformed. Until you are informed don't judge me by your prejudice.

Go Chris 8:02 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
Let's get him back in there so he can finally clean up the legislative ethics rules. You need a lot of time in the legislature to get things done. It's not easy and not something left to fringe Democrats. Go Chris! Show us the light.

Buttars Fan 8:57 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
I am a registered Republican in District 10 who listens to NPR (National Public Radio) and voted Democrat last election for the House seat. I like to think I vote for the individual above the party.

I have voted twice for Senator Buttars and have already decided I will vote for him again in this election for several reasons: 1) He is a strong advocate for personal gun rights; 2) He defends marriage between a man and a woman, which I believe is the fundamental unit of society; 3) He is a school choice proponent, which is important to me, since I have a special-needs child who does not thrive in the public schools (by the way, I also have three other children who are doing great in public schools); 4) He has voted for raises for police and teachers (and, frankly, who deserves it more?); and 5) He sponsored DORA, a fantastic program.

Ironically, the thing that I admire most about Senator Buttars is the same thing that inspires such rabid hatred in other people: He doesn't bow to special interest groups and doesn't cater to the vocal minority.

Voter, District 10 9:59 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
Some interesting facts about Senator Buttars: As a young couple, he and his wife sponsored several Native American students, who lived in the Buttars home for free while they attended school. (Doesn't sound like a bigot to me!)

Also, after his unfortunate comment on the Senate floor, Senator Buttars accepted an invitation to stand before the largest African American Christian congregation in Utah (about 500 individuals). He brought his wife and some of his children and grandchildren (no media) and explained his horror at the way his words were misinterpreted.

I have a friend in the congregation, who used to make fun of Senator Buttars because he disagreed with the Senator's position on marriage. However, when the pastor asked the congregation to vote on whether they felt they could forgive Senator Buttars, even my friend raised his hand. He said he was impressed with the Senator's courage and honesty.

I don't for a minute believe the spin put on Senator Buttar's comments by the media. It seems to me that if this congregation could accept his comment as an unfortunate choice of words and move on, so should we.

To the Buttars Bashers 10:00 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
To all you Buttars Bashers out there. It is so sad to hear you make the uneducated, hateful comments you make. The press is famous for taking a few words out of the middle of a sentence and twisting it, then make you believe the person said something different than was intended. You are all a bunch of mindless sheep who fall in line behind what ever a National Inquirer type of reporter wants to print to get his readership up.

Why don't you learn a little about the guy -- outside of the misinformation the media reports -- before you spew forth your hate? The residents of his district can see beyond the hate speech, which is why he is being re-elected. In fact, they are rallying around him to vote against the way the media is treating him. If the media wants him out, they should quit wrongfully attacking him -- they'd get farther.

AJ 10:43 a.m. Sept. 23, 2008
I wish Chris Buttars could have 10 more terms just to tick of the liberal nut jobs.

Note the last two comments. They imply that some people have literally been driven back into Buttars camp because of the vicious smear attacks launched against Buttars and the people of his district by the elite. People have had enough and are now fighting fire with fire. They will no longer respond to charges of "racism" or "bigotry"; in fact, they no longer care about such charges because they realize that such charges are not genuine, but are levied merely to sidetrack and even pre-empt debate.

As for Greg Curtis, he's not been the target of a similar organized smear campaign. In fact, it appears that his troubles are largely of his own making, driven by a failure to communicate adequately and succinctly with his constituents. Consequently, I take no strong interest in the District 49 race, except to remind voters that Curtis packs a powerful seniority punch, and trading him in on Jay Seegmuller will cost them the benefits of that seniority (the Constitution Party is running Wayne Crawford in this race). But they still have a state senator who they can fall back upon.


Anonymous said...

That Utahn's support a racist homophobe as a "leader" is something we should be proud of?

The comments that you post from D News are shameful, and break a few commandments themselves.


Barratt said...

You Are THE MAN.
I totally agree with you. This WONDERFUL Nation we live in is being torn apart from the inside by LIBERALS in Society and Government. I fear we are in for a LONG HARD war against EVIL.
We are ready for this War with men like BUTTARS at the helm.

Barratt said...

You Are THE MAN.
I totally agree with you. This WONDERFUL Nation we live in is being torn apart from the inside by LIBERALS in Society and Government. I fear we are in for a LONG HARD war against EVIL.
We are ready for this War with men like BUTTARS at the helm.