Monday, September 22, 2008

Dan Jones Poll In Utah Shows West Jordan Senator Chris Buttars Kicking Ass, Leading Democratic Challenger John Rendell By 28 Points

Pollster Dan Jones put a BIG smile on my face today. Utah's premier pollster has been out taking Utah's political pulse once again, and he found that residents of Utah Senate District 10 are lining up solidly behind incumbent Republican Chris Buttars by a two-to-one margin. Here are the numbers, as reported by the Deseret News and KSL Channel 5:

Chris Buttars: 55 percent
John Rendell: 27 percent
Don't Know: 13 percent
Other: 5 percent

The "Other" votes are most likely for the third candidate in the race, Constitution Party candidate Steve Maxfield.

KSL also reports that Republican House Speaker Greg Curtis is involved in another nailbiter in District 49, this time against Democrat Jay Seegmiller. Curtis leads Seegmiller by only one percentage point. He's been hurt somewhat by this derogatory website. There's also a third candidate in this race, Constitution Party candidate Wayne Crawford. KSL news video embedded below:

Buttars said he's pleased with the new poll's results. "I've never had the grass-roots support that I've seen this year. It's been fantastic," said Buttars. The poll results "are exciting, but I take nothing for granted." Buttars said he's held 55 or so cottage meetings with constituents and will hold around 20 more before Election Day. "I've lived in my house for 31 years and people around here know me personally."

Quite frankly, as much as I support Buttars, even I am surprised at the magnitude of his lead at this point. John Rendell is no slug; he's a moderate blue-dog Democrat who is interested in bread-and-butter issues such as transportation, water usage, health care, and fiscal balance. He's even being assisted by one of Buttars' former primary opponents, Gary Armstrong, who ran a solid campaign and came within an eyelash of forcing Buttars into a primary contest. Some speculate Armstrong might have been able to defeat Buttars in a primary contest,

Comments appended to the KSL story partially explain Buttars' turnaround. Here is a brief but good exchange between two individuals on opposite sides of the question (unfortunately, trolls soon showed up and derailed yet another KSL discussion thread).

Charles h @ 5:26pm - Mon Sep 22nd, 2008

Both strongly supported tuition tax credits specifically and educational reform generally. Both stood up to the teachers' union.

Other than that, I don't much care for Curtis and would like to see him replaced. But I give him credit for being willing to take on the teachers' union and try to do what is right for our school children.

Buttars has a commendable record standing firm in defense of the individual right to own and carry firearms for self defense. He is not afraid to speak out in favor of traditional public morals and against the normalization of homosexual conduct.

And, I'd suggest that he represents the voters in his district well, which is probably not your district so of little concern to you anyway.

wtutalkingabout @ 5:38pm - Mon Sep 22nd, 2008

"He is not afraid to speak out in favor of traditional public morals and against the normalization of homosexual conduct."

I think that what you mean is YOUR morals. Last time that I checked it hasn't been established what the one, true way may least for those of us who choose to think and not judge others.

Unfortunately I am in his district, so it is of my concern.

Charles h @ 5:43pm - Mon Sep 22nd, 2008

If you do not understand the importance that some kind of public morals play in a civilized society then I doubt this is the time to explain them to you. But public morals are NOT any individual's morals. They are a minimum set of conduct accepted and enforced by society as a whole:

No public nudity, no public sex, no public intoxication, No adult-child sex, honesty when testify in court, cooperation with police, etc.

Part of that morality, in virtually every civilization throughout history has been a recognition of the importance of marriage between man and woman. Other relationships--even if generally accepted--were not given the same level of support, and were oft times expected to be kept discrete.

But another reason for the turnaround was the naked ferocity of the elites' attack on Chris Buttars, similar to their current attacks on Sarah Palin. The elites just pushed their luck a little too far, and drove District 10 voters to start circling the wagons around Buttars. They took the attacks personally. In addition, District 10 residents took strong exception to the local NAACP dominatrix Jeanetta Williams saying she was going to work for Buttars' defeat. The truth is, most of the mainstream White community, as well as a number of non-whites, hate and despise the NAACP, but don't say so publicly for fear of being branded "racist". And in reality, the NAACP confers no tangible benefit upon the Black community, locking them in the chains of entitlement rather than freeing them to strike out for empowerment.

You can find a list of all Utah state legislative candidates HERE. Heads up, Utah voters; to vote in this election, you must be registered by mail with the postmark stamped no later than October 3rd, or register in person at your County Clerk's office no later 15 days (Oct. 20) before the November 4th general election.

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