Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Utah Driveway Paving Scam - American Fork Couple Tom And LaVon Laursen Out $16,000; No Record Of "Boswell Asphalt & Paving" Found On Internet

On September 1st, 2008, KTVX Channel 4 reports that more Utah residents have been victimized by driveway paving scams. An American Fork couple is out $16,000 for the work done in their driveway, and they say didn't even ask for most of it.

Tom and LaVon Laursen have lived in their home for fifty years. It's all they have, along with a meager savings; a savings that just took a big hit. When asked how they thought the driveway paving would cost, Tom Laursen responded, "I figured about $2,000". The end result was very similar to Bill's situation in Provo from KTVX's report last week. The Laursen's new driveway has already cracked and chipping away, and a the Laursen's are also left with a fat bill from Boswell's Asphalt & Paving staring them in the face.

After Tom's children saw KTVX's story last week, they called KTVX and Provo police. "The bottom just dropped out of everything. $16,0000, 16 thousand...My God, my taxes are coming on up and our insurance is due, that's more than we got,” said Tom Laursen.

The stories are the same. The workers just happen to be in the area and they just happen to have "leftover materials", they can get started right away, they never give a quote up front, and then there is the intimidation factor. Tom says the guy acted like he wasn't going to leave until he got his money. Tom's wife LaVon described the encounter even more chillingly, “Volatile. You could just tell he was one of these kind that would blow up any minute at the least little thing.” And once they had the check in hand, they cashed it within the hour.

KTVX tried to contact Boswell Asphalt & Paving, which according to their business card is based out of Warsaw, Indiana, but their voice mail was not accepting new messages. Their business card lists a local number, but again a full voice mail, and we couldn't find a local address.

If you feel you have been a victim of a similar situation, call Provo Police at 801-852-7220.

It's possible the business card received by KTVX is a fake. A Google search revealed only one paving company in Warsaw, Lewis Joles. A BBB search revealed no such company based in Warsaw. However, a close match I could find in Indiana was Boswell Asphalt & Seal, with an address listed at 12417 Butterbrook Lane in Fort Wayne (46818-8510). According to their BBB record, they are not BBB-certified, they respond to no communication efforts, and BBB believes them to be defunct.



Anonymous said...

why did you figure 2,000$if you didnt know nothing about it!you made a liar out of yourself

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Anonymous said...

This is pure ignorance on the home owners part, if they would have just said hey, how much is this going to cost? insted of just a a "figure" in there head they woulden't be in the spot their in now

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We should all be careful of the paving companies we hire. It's hard to find reliable ones these days.

Anonymous said...

I think Boswells suck.

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