Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After 188 Prior Police Visits, Cops Finally Take Down Gang House At 3170 Kiesel Avenue In Ogden, Utah

On Friday September 26th, 2008, 49 officers from the Weber/Morgan Narcotics Strike Force served a search warrant on a suspected gang house in Ogden, detaining 39 people and charging 15 of them. Full stories published by the Ogden Standard-Examiner, the Deseret News, and KSL Channel 5.

The warrant was served on 46-year-old Marie Caroline Green, identified as a resident of the home located at 3170 Kiesel Avenue in Ogden. Officers found methamphetamine, prescription drug pills, a firearm, and alcohol being served to minors, said Weber/Morgan Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett. Police found 18 juveniles and 21 adults at the home. Several of the occupants attempted to physically resist, but were quickly subdued.

Marie Caroline Green herself was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and supplying alcohol to minors. Of the remaining adults, one was arrested for a third-degree felony warrant and a class B misdemeanor warrant; one was arrested for providing false information to police and for public intoxication; one was charged with illegal consumption and resisting arrest; and five adults, all under age 21, were arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol.

Six juveniles were cited for illegal consumption of alcohol and released to their parents. All other remaining juveniles were also released to their parents. Additional charges may be preferred after further investigation.

Agencies represented in the Weber/Morgan Strike Force included Ogden Metro SWAT, Ogden Metro Gang Unit, Utah Highway Patrol, South Ogden Police Department, Weber County Sheriff's Office and Ogden Police Department. The first two agencies listed were cited as being particularly helpful. A comment posted to the KSL story adds considerable more insight:

The gang house
copper730 @ 3:13pm - Tue Sep 30th, 2008

I have first hand knowledge about this address and know that his house is a big time Ogden Trece (13) gang house. The actual owner of this property is an old lady who lets her grandsons, whom happen to be ogden 13 gang members, hang at her house. There is a recording studio in the basement where a rap group, with very strong ogden 13 ties, records its music. Ogden trece does have gang bangers who are hispanic, but there are a lot of them that are black, white and asian. This gang is the biggest in ogden and is "home grown". The hispanic gang members are thrid and fourth generation "ogdenites" they are not illegal aliens. Most of the illegals belong to the 18th st south side gangs.

This house has been shot up so many times and I have seen the problems first hand in this neighborhood. The problem is this is just one house, the whole neighborhood has several different gang "safe houses" in it. This bust was a big deal and the officers who have taken the time and effort to make complete investigations should be commended. RAMDI05 is correct. Do a complete investigation and make it fool proof so the charges stick. Now it's just up to the county attorney's to follow through. I have seen several good cases go before them and they have refused to prosecute.

The bottom line: It appears the whole neighborhood is gang-infested.

But the real journalism in this report may have come from KSL, which also reported that police had made 188 prior visits to the home and that there had been several drive-by shootings in the neighborhood. Obviously, this is not the neighborhood where Ogden Mayor Matthew "Boss" Godfrey lives, otherwise the house would have been rolled up long before now, possibly after no more than 10 visits.

"Boss" Godfrey has been a person of interest on Voice of Deseret on one prior occasion. Back in March 2008, I took issue with him wanting to use taxpayer funds to subsidize the Mount Ogden Golf Course, which had lost money each year for 24 consecutive years, in order to keep it operating when there are seven other golf courses within driving distance of Ogden.

However, the real expert on - and critic of - "Boss" Godfrey is the Weber County Forum. Click HERE for an index of all 1,270 of their previous posts on Godfrey. Most are uncomplimentary. Obviously, Godfrey's nickname reflects his perceived leadership style; he's apparently nicknamed after the "Boss Godfrey" of Cool Hand Luke. This means that, much like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Troopergate, "Boss" Godfrey also has a difficult time identifying and respecting the boundary between the legitimate public interest and his selfish private interests, to say the least.

Perhaps "Boss" Godfrey would like to visit the neighborhood of 3170 Kiesel Avenue and explain to the residents why it took 189 police visits to roll up a gang house. Can you imagine the fear and anger in the minds of the people while this was going on? Nawww, I won't hold my breath waiting for him to hold himself accountable. Ogden obviously suffers from bad governance.

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Anonymous said...

You have no right to compare Sara Paylin with the mayor. she was not convicted and she has withstood much unwarranted criticism from people like you about her and her family. she is a hard working, dedicated mother and governor. Why don't you compare the mayor with real criminals, not a woman who has done much for her state and country. You should be ashamed.