Friday, August 22, 2008

Utah District 10 Senator Chris Buttars (West Jordan) Launches Campaign Website, Reaffirms Commitment To Traditional Cultural Values

The re-election campaign of embattled Utah State Senator Chris Buttars (R-West Jordan) is in full swing. Buttars, who survived a savage witch-hunt and was renominated outright at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention after his unparliamentary "black baby" remark on the floor of the Utah State Senate back in February 2008, is back on the hustings once again. He's now launched his official campaign website, as follows:

You can also visit Chris Buttars' VoteSmart page HERE, where you can find out about his voting record and his interest group ratings. His official State Senate website is HERE. The Utah Taxpayers Association rated Buttars a respectable 78.6 percent.

For the sake of fair disclosure, Buttars has two opponents. His most prominent opponent is Democrat John Rendell, whose campaign website can be viewed HERE. But Rendell is not one of those loony gay-loving, tree-hugging metrosexual Salt Lake Democrats; instead, he appears to be a responsible "blue dog" Democrat cut from the same cloth as Jim Matheson. This is why one of Buttars' former Republican opponents, Gary Armstrong, has signed on with the Rendell campaign. This makes Rendell a real threat to defeat Buttars in November.

And this is where Buttars' second opponent, Constitution Party candidate Steve Maxwell, comes into play. While Maxwell will not admit publicly that he can't win, undoubtedly he privately realizes this. Consequently, while campaigning to win publicly, Maxwell would be smart to examine Rendell's platform closely and privately "hijack" whatever of Rendell's issues he can in good conscience in order to siphon votes away from Rendell and propel Buttars to victory in November.

From the Issues page of his campaign website, we get a picture of what Chris Buttars offers to District 10 this time around:

• Push the Development of the South West Valley Transportation System: We must push to complete the Mountain View Corridor and the East-West Connector rather than allow a south west valley toll road. [Ed. Note: Senator Buttars reflects the sentiment of a number of west side communities who've passed resolutions in opposition to tolling the Mountain View Corridor.]

• Press for Equalization in all aspects of the Jordan School District Split: Though several issues in the Jordan District split are yet to be resolved, our West side district has benefited greatly from Senator Buttars’ strong stand. Senator Buttars secured our right to retain all the proceeds of the outstanding 200 million dollar bond, thus greatly benefiting our West side school district. Despite these victories, there are yet several major battles ahead to achieve total equity. We need Senator Buttars in office to fight these battles.

• Fight to Lower (or at least cap) Property Tax: Windfall gains in property tax due to increased evaluation [re-valuation, maybe?] must be stopped. Senator Buttars proposes a new formula be put in place that ties property tax evaluation increase to an income-based formula. Without Senator Buttars this proposal may die costing those who can least afford it thousands of dollars, or worse, their homes. [Ed. Note: Windfall property tax increases have become the rule rather than the exception in Utah. Increases of up to 200 percent have been enacted.]

• Stop Legislation that Allows Government to increase Control of Our Personal Lives: Senator Buttars will continue to fight against efforts such as the recent push in Utah to eliminate, by legislation, the tax deduction for a family with more than two children. We need leaders like Senator Buttars to stand against those that talk about other destructive legislation such as following California's recent ruling that home schooling is illegal unless there is a certified teacher in the home.

• Defend Traditional Values: Despite the recent venom directed at him for defending traditional values, Senator Buttars will never abandon the framework of spiritual and moral values upon which our government was founded. Senator Buttars will continue to stand against the very aggressive special interest groups whose mission is to eliminate all traditional and moral values from government.

And it's this latter plank which has made Chris Buttars a lightning rod for the multiculturalists who want to impose the lowest common cultural denominator upon society. Yet social conservatives everywhere, even as far away as Alaska, have been inspired by Senator Buttars' vigorous and uncompromising defense of those traditional American cultural values which helped catapult this nation to unprecedented power and prosperity.

And this is the main reason why the re-election of Chris Buttars is so essential. With so many other Republicans compromising on gay marriage, gay rights, and hate crime legislation targeting those who politically disagree with forced multiculturalism, Chris Buttars stands out as a stalwart of liberty and tradition, and is a welcome departure from the moral relativism infesting our society.

To help Chris Buttars get re-elected, click HERE. You can send campaign contributions to Buttars at the following address:

Chris Buttars for Senate
9241 South Lisa Ave.
West Jordan, Utah 84088

Please make checks/money orders payable to Chris Buttars for Senate.


Hasenpfeffer said...

"But Rendell is not one of those loony gay-loving, tree-hugging metrosexual Salt Lake Democrats..." Wow. "Gay-loving?" Nothing like a little hate speech to get your point across, huh? It always shocks me to hear that sort of hatred come out of adults.

Deseret Dawg said...

Boy, Hasenpfeffer, you didn't waste time jumping on this one. The proverbial "ink" barely had time to dry on this post.

Actually, the real hate comes from the "gay-lovers" who call us breeders and homophobes regardless of what we straights do or say. So people like Chris Buttars and I decided to stop catering to you and to be our natural selves.

Of course, you conveniently ignore the fact that I have posted here in defense of D.J. Bell, who got mob-assaulted by a bunch of thugs in South Salt Lake. And those same thugs will face NO felony charges. If you're so concerned about gays, what have YOU done or said in defense of Bell?

Deseret Dawg said...

Read what I posted about D.J. Bell HERE.

Anonymous said...

hey dudes: the liberal apparat (channel 4 tv and salt lake tribune) will soon launch another attempted media lynching of chris buttars.

it is concerted and organized media disinfo op.

expose the disinfo op and it becomes obvious to the otherwise zombie like tv watchers.