Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reverend James Manning Calls Upon Whites To Quit Walking On Eggshells Around Blacks, And Speak The Truth About Race

Now here's a black reverend who has truly earned the title. Rev. James Manning of Atlah gives a sermon in which he takes the white community to task - for sucking up to blacks.

He points out that blacks are primarily responsible for their own problems. Most of them strut around with chips on their shoulders, ready to play the slavery card, the Jim Crow card, or the race card at the drop of a hat. White have to walk on eggshells around blacks for fear of accidentally or inadevertently "offending" them. And, in Rev. Manning's opinion, this cowardice on the part of the white community merely encourages the perpetuation of that self-defeating, self-hating behavior on their part. And this same theme is echoed by Frazier Glenn Miller. In an essay entitled "Cowardice Is The White Man's Survival Strategy", Miller, the former leader of the White Patriot Party, further explains how he defines this cowardice, why it evolved, and what, in his opinion, we can do about it. While originally written in the late 1980s, much of the information still applies today.

Here's the applicable part of Manning's sermon, recorded on YouTube:

Of course, Rev. Manning is a bit too polite to address the other reason for white cowardice. Anti-racist whites continue to mercilessly harangue whites in general for "racism", and instead of just ignoring them or throwing it back in their faces, they meekly and patiently attempt to explain to the anti-racists why they're not racist. This does not work, because anti-racist whites are not genuinely concerned about racism. Instead, they use charges of racism to deflect, discourage, and quash debate. And anti-racist whites tend to be physical cowards. Whenever a racist group shows up in town to hold a rally, the racists generally behave lawfully and show their faces, while the anti-racists show up hiding their faces behind bandannas and will frequently be arrested for throwing urine and other forms of disorderly conduct.

This is why Utah District 10 Senator Chris Buttars' response to the NAACP and to the self-appointed "racial police" was so important - and why he was so savaged by the elite. Because Senator Buttars (R-West Jordan) refused to grovel like Trent Lott or George Allen. He stood tall and refused to knuckle under to political correctness. And the fact is, once you get past that initial wave of anti-racist hysteria, you're basically home free. Most of Buttars' constituents saw through it and renominated him outright at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention. They didn't renominate him because they approved of his "black baby" remark, which was in poor taste. Instead, they circled the wagons and renominated him because they decided they weren't going to allow a bunch of wine-sipping, cheese-nibbling, tree-hugging, Bambi-loving metrosexual Salt Lake City anti-racist progressive gadflies and self-appointed moral guardians to tell them who their state senator should be.

By the way, why did these anti-racist white progressives remain silent when five Polynesian thugs broke into D.J. Bell's home in South Salt Lake and mob-assaulted him and a friend? Why hasn't the assault on Bell produced any significant outrage among community leaders? And to add insult to injury, the thugs will not be charged with any crime. If Bell was black, NAACP dominatrix Jeanetta Williams would be shrieking "Racism!". Obviously it's because Bell is white, and anti-racists, in their twisted perspective, don't believe whites can ever be racial victims, because all whites supposedly have "privilege" because of their pigmentation.

It's time for us as whites to quit walking on eggshells around blacks and other minorites and break the shackles of political correctness. By doing this, we not help ourselves, but we will help the black community wean itself away from the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons who preach entitlement, and towards reverends like James Manning, who preach personal responsibility and empowerment. Just remember that while self-defense is not abusive, abuse of someone of a different race under the guise of "self-defense" is not acceptable.

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JusticeForAll said...

What have the world become, when People are thinking, speaking and believing this kind of CRAP AND NON SENSE..
Until America give Repartion Funds to the Black Nation and then crawl to the pulpits of every Church in the Nation THEN begin Mass Prayer meeting asking for forgiveness for over 400 years of SLAVERY and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY until then Blacks should not have just a chip on their shoulders but should be marching on every City Hall in every State in the U.S.A. or Maybe FUTURE GENERATION OF WHITES should be forced into THE SAME ABONIMABLE CONDITION OF SLAVERY AND DISCRIMATION for about 450 YEARS... PUT THE SHOE ON THE OTHER FOOT AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ( DO UNTIL OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU )There are no Blessing for devils who entertain Ideas like this one!!!!