Friday, August 1, 2008

Polynesians Vs. Gays In South Salt Lake; The David James "D.J." Bell Case Exposes A Dilemma Of Diversity

Update September 25th, 2009: D.J. Bell found NOT GUILTY of child kidnapping after less than three hours deliberations. Updated post HERE

"Diversity vs. diversity"

Diversity works well for the elite in the United States, so long as there is a devil they can blame its failure on. Under diversity, a series of protected classes are created, but one class is left out in order to justify that so-called "protection". After all, the diversity lobby must identify just who it is that these "protected" classes need to be protected from.

And the unprotected class is straight, white males. The diversity lobby justifies this by presuming, as an article of faith, that all straight white males are inherently "privileged" simply by virtue of who they are, regardless of an abundance of objective or empirical evidence to the contrary. Thus has been born the bogus doctrine of "white privilege" to provide a pseudo-intellectual foundation for this reverse discrimination.

Which works great - until a conflict arises between two of the protected classes. Then the diversity lobby begins to tie itself into knots, not knowing what to do next.

Such a conflict seems to have broken out in South Salt Lake, Utah. The Salt Lake City Weekly addresses it in depth this week. The conflict is between a Polynesian family and a gay white male living next door. This story was previously addressed by the Deseret News on July 11th, KSL Channel 5 on July 10th and July 15th, KUTV Channel 2 on July 10th, and the Deseret News again on August 1st.

Here's the short version of what happened between them on July 3-4, 2008. The Polynesian family was holding a loud after-hours party at their house. Somehow, two of their kids ended up at the home of David James Bell, who is a locally-famous drag queen known as "D.J.", and a housemate next door. The Polynesian family somehow got the idea that Bell kidnapped the kids. They visited Bell's home and took them back by force. Bell was severely injured and his home trashed by the Polynesians. The ferocity of the Polynesian attack leads the local gay community to believe that the Polynesians attacked Bell and his partner because they are gay and because they feel gays are child molesters. To add insult to injury, Bell, even though assaulted, has been charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of burglary and held on $100,000 bond, while the Polynesians who attacked him have not been charged.

What differs is the perspectives - and the perceptions. According to the Weekly, here's the Polynesian perspective:

Lulu Latu, the mother of the allegedly kidnapped 2-year-old, says her family was enjoying a traditional late-night July 3rd party. The children stayed inside while the adults partied in the front driveway. Bell, a neighbor to whom she had waved but never met, wandered over and “hung out” with the adults.

Around 6 A.M. Latu says she went inside to check on the children, and found two of them missing. Something another child said led her to believe the children were at Bell’s home. She entered through Bell’s kitchen and followed the sound of crying to an upstairs bedroom where she found the two children standing in the doorway with Bell.

Latu says there is no way the children could have got there without an adult taking them. The interior doors at her home were locked, she says, and the children couldn’t have come out the front without being noticed by partygoers. “My children don’t wander from the house,” she says.

Returning home with the children, Latu says, “I was frantic, yelling, screaming.” She told partygoers the neighbor had taken the children, “and everyone just went crazy.”

The problem here is that Latu assumed that because her daughters have not previously wandered from the house, that they could not do so in the future. She failed to consider the possibility that as her daughters grow, they could become more inquisitive, even though they are still quite young, four and two years old respectively. Or perhaps they left the home to seek refuge from the loud party. Then she blows off the conduct of her fellow Polynesians by saying they "just went crazy". This should be no surprise, since alcohol undoubtedly was involved. However, there also could be some local hypersensitivity resultant from a similar crime against a seven-year-old Burmese girl, Hser Nay Moo, back in April 2008, where she had gone missing but was found dead in a neighbor's apartment in the same complex. This crime also happened in South Salt Lake.

In contrast, here's the story told by Bell's housemate, again from the Weekly:

Chris Swan, a housemate of Bell’s, has gathered stories from five people who were at Bell’s home that morning. He says they heard a knock on the door and Bell answering, saying something like, “It’s OK; I’ll go find your mommy.”

The next thing they heard is the mother from next door in the house screaming,” Swan says. As she left with the children, he says, the mother threatened the household: “You just wait until my family hears … You better lock your doors and windows.”

Five to 10 minutes later, about five men broke into Bell’s house from three sides, according to Swan and Bell’s attorney. A hand punched through a front window, reaching around to unlock the door. The back door was kicked off its hinges.

Swan says Bell’s partner, a large man, went to the front room to face attackers, but was hit from behind with a television. He ended up with a concussion and staples closing gashes in his head and arm. A broken eye socket required later surgery.

Attackers caught Bell outside on the carport, Kraft says. They sliced his throat with shards of glass and tried to cut off a toe, before pulling him by his long hair and bashing his head on the concrete. Bell has lost hearing in his right ear.

The next morning, “there was blood everywhere,” Swan says.

Yet who has been arrested and charged? Only D.J. Bell, on two counts of child kidnapping and one count of burglary. Meanwhile, the Polynesians who invaded Bells' home and brutally attacked him and his housemate, going far beyond what would be necessary, are charged with nothing.

And a number of people, particularly those in the gay community, want to know why. At Bell's recent hearing at 3rd District Court, numerous gays showed up in support of Bell, sporting rainbow ribbons. Those who know Bell personally find it difficult to believe Bell could be a kidnapper. For the past seven years Bell, performing under the stage name “Lola,” has worked with several organizations raising money for causes from cancer to rape victims.

Bell’s friends worry that old prejudices about gays may be getting in the way of justice. “If the mother had gone to that house and found D.J. with his wife, this would not have happened,” says Roger Kraft, Bell’s attorney. “But they jumped to the conclusion [that], since he’s gay, he must also be a child molester.” [Ed. Note: Note that no one seems to be asking whether or not the Polynesians may be biased against Bell because he is white. Only an anti-gay bias is being assumed. Part and parcel of official diversity "theology" is that non-whites can never be racist, and whites can never be the victims of racism.]

Police and the family of the allegedly kidnapped children deny antigay bias. Police spokesman Gary Keller points out the South Salt Lake Police Department has a longstanding relationship with the Utah Pride Center. He says officers investigated the beatings and forwarded information to the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office. Prosecutors are reviewing possible assault charges against at least two people.

But at the hearing, Kraft told the judge he had never been more certain of a client’s innocence, calling police work that led to Bell’s arrest “a very, very narrow, one-sided investigation.” It simply doesn’t make sense, he says, that a kidnapper would snatch children from a home filled with partying adults, then take the children next door to a home where four other adults were present. “This was a hate crime,” he says.

Nevertheless, because of the possibility that Bell may well turn out to be an actual child kidnapper, the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah have avoided officially getting involved. No mention of this case exists on either of their websites.

Commentary: The real problem is not that Bell has been charged; his role does need to be investigated, although it seems unlikely that he would kidnap two girls in the presence of multiple witnesses.

The problem is that the Polynesian family got liquored up, chimped out and went way over the top. To have visited Bell's home and used reasonable force to recover the kids would have been fine. But for five thugs to break windows, force their way into Bell's home, and administer a brutal beating is excessive - this crosses the line into vigilante justice. The perps must be held accountable. The fact that Bell is gay does not justify such an orgy of gratuitous violence against him. And why does the media not explore the prospect of anti-white bigotry as well as anti-gay bigotry?

Some commenters to the Weekly story express the belief that the five who broke into Bell's house were members of the Tongan Crips. This has not been verified, but the family is known to be Polynesian, at least.

This is what happens when diversity becomes an end unto itself rather than a means to greater unity. And this is diversity's fatal flaw - everything else must work right in order for diversity to work. Think back to the Biblical incident at the Tower of Babel - when the languages got confounded, the people broke up into linguistic groups and scattered. And what happens when the interests of two "protected" groups collide? How do we choose who's right?

Diversity is unnatural.


Anonymous said...

B.S its not about him being gay its about him taking the kids not one of the victims family or friends have a problem with him being gay it was because he took their child, niece, nephew, cousin !!!!!!!!!! We all have friends and family who are gay and we love them very much David James bell is just trying to make it out to be something its not it wasn't a hate crime against gays but a kidnapper !!!!!! And Bells so called eyewitness's were sleeping the only one awake was his partner !!!! I know this because i was yelling at them after everything happened that day and THEY ALL SAID we were sleeping we don't know what happened !!!!!!!!!! Huh now all of a sudden they were awake OK sure that's just them trying to lie for their friend !!!!!! I'm so tired of people trying to make my very VERY close friends look bad because they were doing what any parent would do PROTECT their children !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The children were protected when their mother found them and took them back. The kids were not harmed.

Assulting this guy 10min later is the premeditated criminal actions of a lynch mob. They should all be prosecuted.

Deseret Dawg said...

Anonymous #1 - appreciate your input. However, if five guys bust into a guy's house and beat the hell out of him without asking questions, it's a bit extreme. They should have simply recovered the two girls, used any necessary defensive force, left the premises, and called the cops to resolve the rest.

I also find it difficult to believe that D.J. Bell would kidnap two little girls in the presence of witnesses. Furthermore, there's no record of Bell ever abusing or behaving improperly with kids. Of course, there is always a first time, and the justice system will require him to account for his behavior.

Deseret Dawg said...

Anonymous #2 - if what you say proves to be verified, that they attacked him 10 minutes AFTER the children were recovered, then they deserve to be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

If they did in fact break into the house AFTER the children were recovered safely, then the five "thugs" should be prosecuted. This isn't a fantasy world were we take justice into our own hands. This seems to be a hate crime (doesn't mean it is), and I hope investigators get to the bottom of this whole mess of things.

Dustin D said...

As a friend of D.J.'s and someone who is aware of the facts, I'll tell you this...

The mother did in fact get the children, only to have her family return 10-15 minutes later to start their melee.

Another fact, the neighbors were hostile to D.J. and Dan long before the incident, D.J. was excited at the prospect of turning the tide and becoming friends with the neighbors during the party.

To anonymous #1, I am going to lay this out flat for you...

Don't tell me that you are "tired" of defending your friends, they are bad people who have sooner than admitting their fault in losing their children have decided to accuse an innocent person of something terrible.

Even your own story has another of your camp's famous lies, as you indicate that my friends claim they were sleeping. Initial witness statements from the few people questioned at D.J./Dan's house indicate that they were told to hide at the start of the melee. Adding to that, who could sleep through what your friends did to my friends?

I'm even having trouble understanding how it is that a nephew of the mother SAW the kids knock on D.J./Dan's door, and the attack still happened. The witness statement of the nephew says EXACTLY THAT!!!

As far as your claim that "you all have friends, family that are gay", you can kiss my a*s. All of you were shouting anti-gay statements even when the police were there. At the courthouse (when your supposedly very concerned family FINALLY showed the second time around) you all shout anti-gay sentiment.

What your friends were doing was not protecting children, they wanted to commit a hate crime. Not to mention the fact that they wanted to get away with reverse-racism here in Utah, as you all commonly do.

I can't wait to see you all in court trying to line up your already false statements with you most recent concocted lie (for those of you who have been reading the numerous news reports, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about)

JusticeFortheChildren said...

Druk, sober, white, brown, green or orange...if I found my children in a neighbor's apartment, I would go ballistic too!

FIRST: Statements from the polynesian party-goers claim that Bell was invited over to partake in the pre-4th of July party, but left an hour or so later. So if two polynesian kids show up at your door step, one would assume that they belong to the polynesian family next door. Why would you take them into your home at the wee hours of the morning, up to your room and ask them questions. Why not (upon finding them lost and barefoot) wander around the neighborhood in search of their parents or call 911.

Second: The father of one of the kidnapped children has TWO step-siblings who are gay. A gay brother, and a gay sister. To claim this was a HATE crime is simply ludicrous.

THIRD: I don't know how awful the SLC police department is or sloppy with their work, but there is no way a person is going to be held on crimes they did not commit WITHOUT evidence. Bell said he took the kids without permission, and that is why he is being held on kidnapping charges. Scratches were find on the arms and faces of these two children (1 boy & 1 girl) and they told the police that the white men threw them over the fence. Kids just don't make detailed comments like that.

To all the BELL supporters, I hope you sleep well at night knowing you're supporting a potential pedophile on the basis that "I know him, he wouldn't do something like that." Alot of rapists/serial killers lead double lives. He doesn't have a record, because maybe he never lived next to a polynesian family that actually gave a damn as to what happens to their children!!

Anonymous said...


I am concerned that you are okay with people breaking into someones house and beating the shit out of them. This isn't Batman, where we take justice into our own hands. The kids were not even in the house at all, and from the pictures of DJ, it DOES look like someone did in fact try to slit his throat.

As for Dan, they guy wasn't even invovled in anything and yet they beat the shit out of him, even causing damge to his eye socket. How the FUCK is that okay? It is obvious this is a hate crime. If you support how they handled this, then you are a stupid son of a bitch, along with all the other morons who think it is okay to take justice into your own hands. We have police and courts for this type of thing.

Anonymous said...

Supports of David James Bell: Please visit us at Email us at to subscribe to our email list. We are also on

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if DJ Bell is pedophile or not. The crime of child kidnapping doesn't require a sexual motive. If someone transports or detains a child under 14 without the parents' permission, it's child kidnappping. Even if you buy Bell's story that the children were out wandering around (which is only 1 of 5 conflicting stories that he gave the police), he didn't have permission to take them into his home, much less up to the doorway of his bedroom. The D.A. doesn't have to prove that he hurt the kids in any way or that he had a sexual motive. The lack of parental permission to take the kids is clear. All of the hate crime crap & pedophilia comments are irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

This blogger is sounding a little desperate in his/her attempt to label this incident as a hate crime. Bottom line is, your buddy Bell invited (forcibly or not) into the his home without consent from the parents.

Common sense tells me that if two children (obviously polynesian) show up at your front door, knowing that there is a polynesian family next door, you take them there and see if their parents are available..if not, call 911 and report the children missing.

You say it doesn't make sense for someone to kidnap a child from a home knowing the possibilities of getting caught is high...sorry to break the news to you but it doesn't make sense for a grown adult to kidnap, sexually assault, and kill an innocent child but it happens everyday in america!

So save the B.S. for the naive and save your desperate attempt to turn this incident into a "tongan crip" assault. This is not about gay vs. tongan it's about pedophiles vs. children!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that they didn't beat him because he is gay. They were a sleep and I know that that family would say or do anything to save his sorry ass. I know that they don't approve of his life style either. I know that he would have hurt those kids also, if he had more time alone with them. This is not a hate crime at all. He just wants every one to think that it is, because he knows he is in the wrong and wants every one to belive his dumb ass. His story all ways changes, which is nothing new with him. I know him and his family personally. His actions do not suprise me one bit. He needs to be put in prison for the rest of his life for what he has done. I am also very glad that the kids are ok. I am sorry that his boy friend got beat up. I am not sorry that he got his ass beat.

Anonymous said...

You know I really don't know the extent of all that went on that night. But I would like to say that the most important thing and the furthest thing on everyone's mind is that the children are okay. I mean I am just honestly happy those children were found safe and alive. Every day things like this and worse take place all over the world and some children never make it home. So for what it's worth regardless of what the outcome is. Isn't it nice to at least know the children are okay???

Anonymous said...

Someone's story can't change 5 times when they haven't given it to anyone but their attorney. Don't worry. You'll get it soon enough. And to whoever this anonymous person is that says they know Bell and his family... well this is one of his siblings and you shouldn't tell lies. If you really knew him and our family, you wouldn't spout such drivel. Not only do we not care about his "lifestyle", but we love his partner as much as we do any of our other siblings. Get your facts straight before lying publicly. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that man did to those children...that's for the courts to decide. But why weren't the men who assaulted the two men charged? Why is it ok to go over there after the children were taken home safe, break in their home and assault them so severely? Why was that ok? I don't know what I would have done if it were my child that I found over there....but I DO know that I would be on the phone to the police faster than you could say "kidnapped". There is no way would I allow any of my friends to go over there to "get even" or whatever the reason was. They should have been charged.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that the story given by the family about what happened has been given only to cover-up the fact that they tried to kill him.

safyreking said...

This is insane.

Those that are in support of the lynching need to get their heads checked.

You want to know how idiotic this is? I'll tell you.

For one a mother's or her family's neglect or irresponsibility to look after the children by no means indicates that Bell was a threat nor a pedophile.

This is pretty fucking easy people. Bell is a high profile figure in the immediate community. How the hell does such a person enter the house filled with people and then *LEAVE WITH 2 CHILDREN WITH NO ONE NOTICING.*

You could argue that people who are under the influence tend to not pay attention to things and be a bit 'lax' if you would giving such an intruder the opportunity to execute such a heinous crime. At what state of inebriation would the occupants of the Latu's have to be that they would not notice 2 small children leaving with such a presumably high profile (read: familiar) figure? And if they did, considering the amount of angst they displayed in this scenario, why in the hell did no one stop him/them from leaving the house? Just to walk off with someone's kids in the middle of a property surrounded by the immediate family of the kids in question is not only ballsy but extremely stupid and not very likely. Plus a person in his position has to be aware of the inherent danger his lifestyle could garnish. I'm sorry but there's no story that could possibly make any sense in defense of the Latu's testimony.


If there's any charges to be press it should be child endangerment, five counts of aggravated assault and defamation of character.

There's nothing in the Latu's story that makes sense and it sounds like 5 men, the local police and her 2 neighbors all got caught up in one woman's inability to look after her children. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I wish those polys would have came into my house trying to be big and bad. I would have laid them all out with .40 cal bullets. laughing as the coroner took them to the morgue. Fuck any one who thinks they can take the law into their own hands. Pure animals is all these polys were, living up to their negative stereotype. Good one, you gorillas. Go back to your shitty island.