Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ogden, Utah City Councilman Jesse Garcia Stopped By Cops, Now Bitching About Racial Profiling Because He's A Latino

Ogden City Councilman Jesse Garcia was recently the target of a traffic stop. The cop pulled him over, then when he spoke to Garcia, said something about a flickering tail light, then bid him a good day and went on his way. No ticket, minor inconvenience.

Now Garcia's bitching about possible racial profiling of Latinos. He suddenly claims he's received a number of e-mails from other Latinos who likewise claim "racial profiling". He wants law enforcement agencies to do a "self-audit". All for his "peace of mind". And all at taxpayer expense, of course. Story on KSL Channel 5.

And for the first time, KSL Channel 5 permits bloggers to embed their videos. So here it is:

A bonus - clean and efficient embed code, only two lines long. In contrast, the embed codes for KTVX and KUTV videos are longer than the Thirteenth Article of Faith.

The Utah Highway Patrol said they have no intention of doing any audit. A brief Internet search reveals no past history of race-hustling by Jesse Garcia, who represents Ward 1, so this may be a fluke. But we have to call it when we see it, or it will spread. One Tony Yapias is enough.


Anonymous said...

Give up on being such a racist pig. Your fat white skin is showing and your snorts are getting louder. Too bad you are getting nowhere with your old, white, balding, balmy antics. Just accept that brown people have rights too especially those who were born in this country, state, and town that you live in. Stop crying and find a way to adjust to reality. You are probably mormon and republican too - a bible in one hand and a nazi task list in the other.

Anonymous said...

wow... anonymous, i feel so bad for you. First of all let me just say that I am a latina, and am also "mormon" ... I may be argentine and therefore go unnoticed as a Latina.. My brother is the more "brown" type and gets stopped by the cops just as much as i do. I live in California. And frankly, am happy that they do stop us... mind you that i got stopped quite a few times throughout each yr... its not because im "white" or because my brother is "brown" ...its simply bc cops are doign their job... and honestly, la Raza es una mierd* total!!!!! You are in the USA, have USA pride! not mexican pride. That is ridiculous... The USA is now your home...Get clean, stop tagging walls and stop doing drugs. And get an education while you are at it.