Friday, August 8, 2008

Hispanic Population Bomb Continues To Detonate In Utah; Hispanic Population Now Over 306,000, A 52 Percent Jump Since 2000

A low-level "reconquista" is in progress in Utah. The U.S. Census Bureau reveals that the state's Hispanic population is now 306,500, a 52 percent increase since 2000. And the growth is not limited to the Wasatch Front. Full story published August 7th, 2008 in the Salt Lake Tribune; related story published in the Deseret News and KSL Channel 5 (309 public comments).

Hispanics now officially comprise 12 percent of the state's population, although many experts agree that the real number is higher. Hispanic growth is now outstripping non-Hispanic growth in 28 of Utah's 29 counties, Tooele County is the only excpetion. The Tribune also includes a graphic illustrating the disparity of growth. The numbers are also available on the U.S. Census Bureau's website. Here are the county-by-county numbers:

Non-Hispanic Growth/Hispanic Growth

Box Elder: 11.11 percent/23.72 percent
Tooele: 35.72 percent/26.86 percent
Davis: 18.31 percent/59.85 percent
Cache: 16.16 percent/63.31 percent
Weber: 9.24 percent/38.01 percent
Salt Lake: 7.53 percent/48.28 percent
Utah: 28.08 percent/73.36 percent
Rich: 6.18 percent/38.89 percent
Morgan: 16.21 percent/86.41 percent
Wasatch: 30.33 percent/121.42 percent
Summit: 15.29 percent/67.58 percent
Duchesne: 11.83 percent/40.35 percent
Daggett: 0.57 percent/2.13 percent
Uintah: 14.32 percent/37.25 percent
Carbon: -4.61 percent/2.67 percent
Juab: 15.61 percent/52.53 percent
Millard: -8.36 percent/56.9 percent
Sanpete: 6.42 percent/34.24 percent
Sevier: 3.58 percent/42.0 percent
Emery: -5.71 percent/22.36 percent
Grand: 4.78 percent/32.91 percent
Beaver: -1.34 percent/48.35 percent
Piute: -9.19 percent/50.0 percent
Wayne: -0.77 percent/60.0 percent
San Juan: -0.24 percent/19.26 percent
Iron: 26.37 percent/87.06 percent
Garfield: -5.24 percent/25.74 percent
Washington: 44.55 percent/111.87 percent
Kane: 6.77 percent/55.0 percent

Many Hispanics come here with the intent to become Americans. They make efforts to assimilate, and find the strong pro-family atmosphere a major attraction. For Murray medical clinic assistant Silvia Aviles and her husband, Manuel, the pro-family atmosphere made the Salt Lake Valley a better option than Los Angeles County, Calif., where they left two years ago. Ironically, it was their people who helped degrade the quality of life in L.A., yet when it became unliveable for them, they fled to Salt Lake, which leads people to question whether or not a similar influx of Hispanics to Salt Lake will replicate L.A.'s problems in Utah. There are signs of this occurring, most notably in the Rose Park and Glendale neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. But gang graffitti, much of it left by Hispanic gangbangers, is blossoming up and down the entire Wasatch Front from Provo to Syracuse.

Although many Hispanics simply want a better life and are willing to play it straight, some Hispanics, most notably some race-hustling self-appointed leaders, show no gratitude and chronically criticize the society that so generously welcomes them. Furthermore, they don't condemn Hispanic misbehavior, instead citing "racism" as an excuse. Salt Lake Hispanic activist Tony Yapias is a notorious crybaby and race-hustler. Ogden City Councilman Jesse Garcia recently whined about "Hispanic profiling" simply because he was stopped by a cop. And Manny Aguilar, a St. George Latino activist, said the influx has done little to transform what he calls "Wonderbread County." Aguilar said, "The growth of Latinos has not created any representation for us in Washington County". Anti-immigration groups have made legal immigrants feel unwelcome, he added, and are protesting a visit of the Mexican Consulate this month. The use of the term "Wonderbread Country" is an example of the endemic anti-white racism prevailing within part of the Hispanic community, yet you will hear no condemnation from the greater community. But let Chris Buttars utter a single "black baby" remark, and the witch hunt begins in full force.

Earlier in this decade, Hispanic growth was fueled much more by immigration. However, as sterner immigration enforcement takes hold, the bulk of the growth is now triggered by reproduction among resident Hispanics. In Salt Lake County, for instance, the report shows about a third of the babies are now Hispanics. To sum it up, Hispanics are outbreeding the rest of us. And this will result in what University of Utah demographer Pam Perlich refers to as a demographic shift. "We've got a generational shift going on here, and it's a matter of the next 10 to 15 years when those kids reach the labor market and voting age that they will gain power in the system," said Perlich. And the political shift may be even more pronounced than the numbers suggest, she said, because children are vote-eligible citizens even if some of their parents are not.

One painful truth remains that Hispanics tend to do the work white people shy away from. But why do whites shy away from it? First, it doesn't pay enough to support whites; Hispanics compensate for low wages by doubling and tripling up in apartments and turning single-family homes into boarding houses. But their presence in the labor market restricts wage growth or even drives down wages. Second, how many white people want to work in an environment where most of their co-workers don't speak English fluently?

But most disturbing is the deteriorating work ethic amongst whites. This deficiency originates during childhood. Many white parents with resident teenagers will hire Hispanics to do domestic scut work at subsistence wages instead of requiring their teenagers to do it. This prevents teenagers from acquiring a proper work ethic early in life and promotes contemptuous attitudes towards manual and blue-collar workers. Only a minority of parents expect teenagers to actually contribute towards the maintenance of the home; parents like Cindey Dodenbier who get it right are in the minority.

Unfortunately, the emphasis is not on "Americanizing" these Hispanics, but in accomodating them. There are demands for us to attract "culturally competent" teachers, medical-care providers and others to "help" the rapidly diversifying youths to succeed - and support the aging Anglo population in retirement. But there's little offsetting demand made for the Hispanics to also become "culturally competent". And this costs Utahns. According to Deputy State Education Superintendent Larry Shumway, about a tenth of Utah's 550,000 students have limited English proficiency. And the state legislature found it necessary to allot $3 million to launch family English-learning centers in districts that apply for them and qualify based on need. The legislation also grants $2 million a year to the program. That's on top of $4.3 million that the state spends annually for nonnative English needs in classrooms. Is there any evidence the people who participate give as much back to the greater society?

If we are encouraging Hispanics to immigrate to the U.S. just because we're too lazy to do our own scut work and breed our own kids to become taxpayers, then this is not only immoral, but is planting a demographic bomb in society that could easily explode if the carefully balanced and choregraphed multiculturalism ever breaks down, particularly as a result of an economic meltdown and a possible ensuing infrastructural collapse. Our society is inordinately dependent upon a power grid - what will happen to society's stability if the lights go off and stay off for an extended period? If you have unassimilated dissimilar populations in the midst, there will be little to hold them together. This is the Achilles heel of diversity and multiculturalism - no shared sense of identity. Diverse groups which hold together do so not because of diversity, but because of an alternative system of shared values. The LDS Church is an example of this phenomenom. But not just anyone can or will be LDS. What's the substitute?

The success of Third Congressional District Republican candidate Jason Chaffetz shows that Utahns have reached their limits of tolerance for "reconquista".


steel68 said...

It's going to take more than the newly crowned Jason Chaffetz to set in place a spring-coiled blowback to this Jewish led invasion.Southern California is some of the most pristine real estate in the world and it was taken from right under our nose.This wonderful Wasatch range is next.Getting tired of it yet?

Deseret Dawg said...

Correct, but Jason Chaffetz is at least a starting point. It's quite possible that Chaffetz also shares even more "controversial" views on the issue, but is deliberately keeping mum to keep himself electable.

When I view the comments to various related stories on KSL, I see a lot of people who have wised up but aren't quite sure where to turn next.

Great Scott! said...

...and groups like La Raza and MALDEF aren't even coy about their goals anymore. Their intent is to displace us from our homeland. La Raza's student organization has the motto, "For 'The Race' everything, outside the race, nothing." The time to act is now before they gain a greater foothold.

Anonymous said...

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