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Dr. David Duke Issues Post-Mortem On Russia-Georgia Conflict; Pro-Russian, But Exposes The Israeli Connection

Dr. David Duke, a long time political activist who served a two-year term in the Louisiana House of Representatives, an author of two critically-acclaimed books entitled "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism" (an earlier version of the latter book is available for free viewing and downloading HERE), and who has spent several years in Russia, has issued his own "post-mortem" on the conflict between Russia and Georgia.

In his analysis of the conflict, he is more sympathetic towards Russia than Georgia. However, by virtue of his longtime residency in Russia, Dr. Duke is far more expert on Russian thinking than most Americans, so his opinions are considerably more informed. This means his bias towards Russia is an informed bias, and serves as a useful portal to Russian thinking. But most importantly, Dr. Duke incisively exposes disproportionate Israeli involvement in Georgia's government, and correctly speculates on the possibility that Israel may have stirred up the Georgian government to launch the all-out attack on South Ossetia which spurred the Russian response. Furthermore, Dr. Duke also explains how the Jewish-dominated Western media may have deliberately promoted an anti-Russian point of view to the exclusion and outright suppression of contrasting points of view. Dr. Duke also discusses these issues on this YouTube video:

Here are six facts about the situation identified by Dr. Duke. I have some disagreements with these points and include them:

Here are the Cold Hard Facts:

1). Ossetia is a ninety percent Russian area. Georgia has made repeated efforts to ethnically cleanse the region. Russian peacekeeping troops have been in Ossetia for years and were approved in international agreements so as to protect the citizens of the region from attacks by the Georgian military. [Ed. Note: This is indeed how it started out. However, indications are that with the passage of time, the Russian role shifted from impartial peacekeeping to partisan anti-Georgian advocacy and agitation. By the mass dispensation of Russian citizenship to these people, the Russians abused and breached Georgian sovereignty in South Ossetia. Dr. Duke should better distinguish between North Ossetia, which is an integral part of Russia, vs. South Ossetia, which is part of Georgia. Russia clearly sowed the seeds for this conflict.]

2). Georgia, not Russia, started this war. Georgia invaded Ossetia trying to take control of the region and ethnically cleanse the Russian population.

3). The Georgian Army, commanded by their Minister of Defense (who is also an Israeli citizen), launched a surprise invasion and attack that caused the deaths of at least a thousand people in its first 24 hours. This attack was committed while the attention of the world was on the Olympics. [Ed. Note: To be precise, Defense Minister Davit Kerezashvili is a
former Israeli citizen, although the distinction would appear academic.]

4). In the wake of Georgia’s military invasion and massacres, Russia responded by battling to protect the Ossetian people and fighting the Georgia military so it could not continue its invasion and assault. Thousands of Ossetian civilians became refugees from the Georgian assault. [Ed. Note: But just how far should Russia go to prevent the Georgian military from "continuing its invasion and assault"? Does this militarily-sound objective justify invading and occupying the entirety of Georgia?]

5). Instead of reporting these cold, hard facts to the world, the Jewish-influenced media has been dishonestly reporting that the Zionist-allied Georgian state is a victim of “Russian aggression” and a “Russian invasion.” Georgia invaded, bombed, and massacred the people of Ossetia to start this conflict. On the cable news networks for hours after the Georgian launched invasion and massacres in Ossetia, all Americans were permitted to see was the Georgia President and Jewish U.S. State Department officials screaming about how Georgia was “invaded” by Russia! [Ed. Note: Jewish influence over the media is further explained HERE. Aside from that, the Soviet legacy casts lingering doubt upon the veracity of the Russian media. Russian media outlets still use many Soviet-era buzzwords. And, while most Russian media outlets appear reasonably unbiased, Pravda is flagrantly biased in favor of Russia.]

6). Instead of condemning Georgia from the outset for the invasion and massacre, Neocon controlled politicians such as George Bush are condemning Russia and attempting to move America and Europe toward a completely unjustified conflict with Russia. [Ed. Note: Mostly true. Georgian misbehavior in South Ossetia has been minimized.]

Dr. Duke then goes on to discuss Jewish and Israeli involvement in and manipulation of the situation. The two issues here are how the Jewish-dominated mainstream media manipulated the reporting by minimizing reports from the Russian perspective, as well as Israel's extensive involvement with the Georgian government. It has been revealed that there were as many as 1,000 Israeli advisers in Georgia working for Israeli security companies (undoubtedly with an IDF connection), and Israel sold around $300 million in weaponry to Georgia.

Now I offer you six reasons why the heavily Jewish-influenced media and political establishment of America side with Georgia

1). As Israeli newspapers freely report, Israel has long allied itself with Georgia, trained its troops, and supplied weapons to Georgia. Key figures in the Georgia government are Israeli citizens and partisans for Israel, including the “Georgian” who directly launched the war, Defense Minister Davit Kezerashvili. The major “Georgia” Spokesman is Temur Yakobashvili, also an Israeli citizen, is Georgia’s minister of reintegration.

2). Israel has strategic oil pipeline and economic interests in Georgia that it wants to keep under control.

3). Israel and Jewish powerbrokers around the world are angry with Russia because Russia keeps the Jewish Neocon-controlled United States from total domination of United Nations policy toward Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and toward a war against Iran.

4). The Russian government has had the courage to prosecute some of the Jewish criminal Oligarchs in Russia such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky and others, a great many of whom have fled with their stolen billions to Israel and other nations.

5). Russia is a democratic state, and not controlled by special interests such as the United States is by AIPAC and Jewish campaign money. While Jewish-influenced newspapers and politicians complain about “democracy in Russia,” America maintains a completely controlled two party system that is structured to stifle Third Party dissent and representation. Russia is no longer a communist state but an anti-communist state in the true sense. While Russia has moved toward more freedom and healthy national sentiment, America has moved toward more state control of every aspect of life. Ironically, today American policy is dominated by Neocons, a Jewish extremist led group that was founded by followers of Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) the notorious Jewish Bolshevik head of the Red Army in the early years of the Communist revolution in Russia, a man who murdered millions of Christians.

6). Zionists are trying to make the great, overwhelming White nation of Russia an enemy of America and Europe because nationalist Russia stymies their plans for the Mideast and for the New World Order. The conflict between Russia and Georgia is not in the true interest of either country, but one in which their main enemy, Russia is weakened both financially and in the court of world opinion, and Israel gets to sell Georgia more weapons. Once you understand the powerful role of the Jewish supremacists in media and government you can begin understand the nature of the world’s major conflicts.

The depth and scope of Israeli involvement in Georgian affairs warrants enquiry into whether or not they may have induced the Georgian government into launching the assault in South Ossetia, even if it was nothing more than inducing a false sense of success in the minds of the Georgians.

Nevertheless, none of these variables should in any way mitigate or excuse Russian overreaction or obscure Russia's own duplicity in clearly attempting to bait the Georgians into launching the attack which started the war. However, these variables should be considering in crafting an effective Western response to Russia. Let's examine the proposed responses:

(1). Condemnation: Russia needs to be condemned for their behavior in the appropriate international forums such as the United Nations.

(2). Rebuilding the Georgian military: Because Georgia contributed 2,000 troops to the American effort in Iraq, the United States has incurred a moral debt. Consequently, we should assist them in rebuilding their military.

(3). Expelling Russia from the G8: Absolutely NOT, this would be foolish and inflammatory. It would merely serve to isolate Russia and drive it further into the arms of China. While Russia should be "disfellowshipped" from the West for a while, it should NOT be "excommunicated" altogether.

(4). Declaring a NATO no-fly zone around Georgia to keep Russian aircraft out: This would be insanity at this point; it could provoke direct military confrontation between Russia and the United States. Only if Russia drags its heels on withdrawing from Georgia proper should this option be considered.

Our attitude towards Russia needs to be firm but rational; they are a Great Power and are worthy of some respect. But they owe the world some contrition. And the fact is that Putin is clearly the bad guy in the deal. We should communicate to Russia the idea that their period of contrition could be considerably shortened should Vladimir Putin resign as prime minister.

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