Friday, August 29, 2008

Dan Fair Speaks Out For The First Time On The Five-On-Two Vigilante Home Invasion And Mob Assault On Him And D.J. Bell In South Salt Lake

Update September 22nd, 2009. Superseded KUTV media link removed. All posts on this case can be viewed HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

Dan Fair, who along with D.J. Bell, was injured in the vigilante-style home invasion and mob assault by five Polynesian thugs on July 4th, 2008, has spoken out for the first time. His remarks were recorded and aired on August 28th by KUTV Channel 2, although this link has since been permanently lost when KUTV reorganized their website. The Deseret News has also filed a story. He still believes that he and Bell were targeted with such ferocity because they are gay, although the assailants claim it's not so.

What upsets Fair the most is that the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office has chosen not to press any charges against the five assailants. Instead, the District Attorney is charging D.J. Bell with kidnapping, even though all evidence points to the fact that the two little girls involved had voluntarily come to Bell's house to escape the drunken all-night party next door. Dan Fair is not being charged with any crime.

Supporters of the two victims have organized a website,, to inform the public about the case and to solicit donations. Dan Fair posted a statement on the site; here's the most pertinent part:

...I remember being grabbed from behind and pulled away from the door. The angry mob no longer had resistance and they were able to enter my home. As you can imagine the events that followed are a little blurry. I remember being passed back and forth between people who took turns battering me with their fists. Fists not being an ample enough weapon they began to use house hold objects including a TV, chair, frying pan, and an ornate salt shaker to inflict greater damage. My only thought at this point was to remain standing and conscious. Because I knew if I fell down or passed out my life was most likely at an end. I don’t know why they finally stopped. I just remember being thankful that I had survived so far.

After emergency personnel arrived one of my attackers walked back into my home. I was shocked to hear him tell the officers how he had just heard about what was going on and came to check things out. The shock gave way to relief as the police put him in handcuffs after I told them he had been one of the people who beat me. Only later did I find out that they released him with no charges. While the others in the home were safe, I was taken away by an ambulance before I could find out what happened to my partner. It was only during my questioning in the hospital that I found that DJ had been arrested for kidnapping.

Upon examination in the emergency room, it was determined that I had a concussion. Cat scans showed no extreme damage to the brain but did show a broken nose and that my orbital floor was fractured. I also sustained many lacerations in my attempts to keep the attackers out of my home. Nine different areas on my body required either stitches or staples. I remained in the hospital for three days. Since then I have had numerous follow up visits, surgery to repair the orbital floor of my eye, and an upcoming appointment to a neurologist because I am still experiencing continuous headaches. My eye doctor expects me to have an additional surgery. The physical damage is easy to list; the emotional anguish is not as easy to verbalize.

The combination of medical expenses for both Bell and Fair, as well as legal expenses for Bell have left both financially vulnerable. They are soliciting donations to help with those expenses. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be appreciated. The justice system has clearly failed these two so far.

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