Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why LDS Residents Are Fleeing Salt Lake For Its Suburbs; Another Hispanic Gangbanger Shooting, This Time In The Poplar Grove Area Of Salt Lake

The local Utah media have been publishing stories on how and why many Latter-day Saint residents are moving out of Salt Lake City proper and into the suburbs. Stories on this issue have been published by KTVX Channel 4 and the Salt Lake Tribune. Among the reasons for relocation cited: Bigger and better homes for the same price, and they want to be closer to people they are comfortable with. Replacing them in Salt Lake: Single people (many of them gay), non-Mormons, people from out of state more accustomed to "diversity", and ethnic minorities.

And it was some of those ethnic minorities who caused a problem in the Poplar Grove neighborhood of Salt Lake, wedged in on the west side between Glendale and Rose Park. According to the Salt Lake Tribune and KTVX Channel 4, about 1:50 A.M. on July 19th, 2008, a crowd estimated from 15-20 people (KTVX reports 17) had gathered outside a residence at 1356 West Wasatch Avenue. Suddenly, a group of people led by 22-year-old Hector Urcino-Solano approached. After a verbal confrontation, Urcino-Solano drew a gun and fired several rounds into the crowd. He and his playmates took off, while two people received serious leg wounds, and a third person was grazed. The two people with leg wounds are currently reported in stable condition.

However, police response was quick, as it tends to be in Salt Lake City, and K-9 units found Urcino-Solano and the other suspects hiding in a garage of an abandoned house at 1455 West Wasatch Avenue. A total of six people were taken into custody. Urcino-Solano was arrested for aggravated assault, 19-year-old Kelsey Nakoi for inciting a riot, and 21-year-old Robert Sendejas for obstruction of justice. Three juveniles were also arrested, but the charges were not disclosed. All six are believed to be affiliated with the "Avenues”, a gang operating on the west side of Salt Lake.

Police report that witnesses say the attack was unprovoked, and was triggered by someone wearing the "wrong" colored shirt. “One of our suspects said the reason why it took place, one of the party goers was wearing a red shirt,” said Salt Lake Police Lt. J.R. Nelson.

Using the Zipskinny website (cut and paste link below, site does not permit direct hot-linking), I plugged in zip code 84104 to perform a demographic check, and I found it is 40.5 percent Hispanic, 40.1 percent White, and 7.1 percent Pacific Islander. The zip code actually extends beyond Poplar Grove alone, but at least you get a snapshot of what's going on.

And what has been the impact of the LDS movement out of Salt Lake upon LDS organization in Salt Lake City? LDS spokesman Rob Howell confirmed that total population of LDS Church members in Salt Lake City has decreased by approximately 5,000 individuals during the past five years. A year ago, the LDS Church closed a Mormon chapel on K Street between 10th and 11th avenues and sold the land. In March 2008, the Foothill Stake, which stretches from 1700 to 2100 South and 1900 to 2300 East, went from seven to five wards. And in June, the Hillside Stake, from 1300 to 2100 South and 1300 to 1900 East, went from nine wards to six.

By the way, the flight includes many of LDS Church's highest officials. Currently only LDS apostles Dallin H. Oaks, Joseph B. Wirthlin and M. Russell Ballard live on Salt Lake City's east bench. Apostles Russell M. Nelson, Robert D. Hales, Jeffrey R. Holland and David A. Bednar all live in North Salt Lake and Bountiful, as do Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the governing First Presidency.

Commentary: Can you blame them for moving? What civilized person wants to live amongst those types of people? You don't see 20 people gathered outside a house at 2:00 A.M. in a respectable neighborhood. What's wrong with those people? Doesn't it occur to them that their neighbors might need their sleep in order to be alert for work the next day? And why do so many Hispanic youth become gangbangers? I'm tired of the "mentor" excuse; most of these families have two parents, and you don't see White kids "ganging up".

And while the majority of LDS moving to the suburbs are undoubtedly White, not all are. The LDS Church welcomes people of all races.


Anonymous said...

I live downtown (84101) and quite honestly, the more people who move to the suburbs who also share your particular worldview, the better. You can blame ethnic minorities, or the poor, or the non-white non-Mormon population all you want from your white-tower perch in the suburbs. If you're not willing to help, then get out. Oh, and keep voting Republican. Nothing will make you more irrelevant on the national level in 2009 than a representative with an R behind his name.

Deseret Dawg said...

Enjoy your "diversity", Anonymous. Hope it doesn't backfire on you. You can have the city; we'll keep the rest of the state.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it occur to them that their neighbors might need their sleep in order to be alert for work the next day?

No. That doesn't occur to them at all. The concept of preparing one's self for work is as foreign to them as some Bantu mating ritual would be to you.

But, I am glad to see that other parts of the country who have looked down their noses at White Southerners for being racists are getting a taste of what we have tolerated since the civil rights act became law.


GREL said...

Enjoy your "diversity", Anonymous. Hope it doesn't backfire on you. You can have the city; we'll keep the rest of the state.

No you won't. See, once the whites leave the city and flee to the burbs, there are no opportunities for the negros. The city becomes a slum/ghetto/housing project. It gets so bad that the negros try to escape from themselves. Guess where they go? Guess what happens? Same song, second verse.

So you move even further out . . .

I didn't think that this would ever happen in Utah or even Salt Lake. I thought that the Mormons would be cohesive enough of a group and a large enough majority to repel it.

Your first mistake was rejecting the advice of old Brigham Young and letting those with the mark of Cain anywhere near the fair state.


steel68 said...

"The LDS Church welcomes people of all races"

That's part of the problem.The church is a conduit for third-world individuals which further contributes to the problem of ethic fracturing.If the Church had even a rudimentary form of racial consciousness,things could be different.It won't be long before we'll have a Latino mayor,then Governor,and on and on.Then we will end up like the city of Detroit and everyone will wonder-WHAT HAPPENED?

Deseret Dawg said...

GREL - much of what you say is thought-provoking. I've always maintained we were a bit hard on the South. And the NAACP doesn't let up; even after Barack Obama recently aired them out, they continue to harass South Carolina over the Confederate battle flag.

However, my rather flippant response to Anonymous was designed to send the message that we are not about the let the rest of the state become like SLC. In other words, we will make no further concessions. Too many people keep running away from "diversity", and "diversity" keeps following them.

At some point, it becomes time to stop running.

Anonymous said...

As a convert of over thirty years, the Racially Aware Church I joined is no more. IMHO, White Mormons are ripe for the plucking. Ignorant as they come in racial matters, they look to their leaders for guidance and find none. They will be abandoned by their White Leaders just like the rest of America. The Church is already in decline in the Western (White) Nations and will become increasingly non-white as time moves on. In other words, "This ain't your Grand Daddys' Church anymore", and this change is welcomed in many Mormon circles. The BYU priestcraft takeover of the Church will soon be complete.


Deseret Dawg said...

LA Native - thoughtful comment. I don't think the ignorance is so much "what", but "why". By constantly seeking "greener" (or perhaps "whiter") pastures, people realize there is a problem, particularly with an immigration system deliberately and disproportionately skewed towards non-whites, so that the corporations acquire an endless supply of cheap and compliant labor.

But many are scared out of asking "why" by progressive anti-racists who savagely denounce them as "racist". Case in point: Senator Chris Buttars. He made an innocent black baby remark, and the progressives climbed all over him. Most people shudder at being exposed to that type of pressure, so they censor themselves in terms of race.

Anonymous said...

Desert Dog,

From my study of early American History, I note the active and often radical participation of the dominate churches of the day. Their support was a major factor in overcoming the natural reluctance of the populace to usurping their masters. By choosing to call on a higher power than their government, the people lost their fear. Today, I think that it is the fear of losing their Tax Exempt Status which is the primary reason for the virtual non-guidance from our church leaders in the most important political matters of our day, promiscuous warmongering and race. Indeed, this is a problem with most all of America's "Christian" faiths and not just our own. The recent CA Homo-marriage act letter notwithstanding, we hear a great silence. My solution to what ails us is to support the taxation of the churches. By doing so, we will remove the "fear" of loss of revenue and free the tongues of those whose calling it is to lead "His" sheep. Just my humble opinion of course, your mileage may vary;)

GREL, I am in complete agreement and can say a hearty "Amen" to the views of BY (and that of most Whites of that day in general). And to the extent I held such intolerant views towards the South before I "woke up", I apologize. I have learned a lot since I decided to forget what I was taught and lean for myself.

LA Native

Happily Free said...

I'm sure the Native Americans felt the same way you did, but they had a little more to worry about than some loud stereos and idiot gang bangers.
That said, a lot of Hispanics are really disrespectful with loud crappy Reggaeton at 2AM, as are a lot of stupid white boys from the suburbs with their pounding stereos and loud exhaust. Come on kids.
You know what else is obnoxious, religious nuts coming to your home and intruding into your spiritual life trying to proselytize their cult beliefs.

Anonymous said...

WTF is That HISPANIC GANGBANGER could't you've just said a GANGBANGER you race persen