Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Utah's Third District Candidate Jason Chaffetz To Join Six Other GOP Congressional Candidates On Fact-Finding Trip To Alaska And ANWR

On July 9th, 2008, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utah's Third Congressional District Republican candidate Jason Chaffetz will join six other Republican Congressional candidates on a fact-finding tour of Alaska, and specifically, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) from July 14-17. Chaffetz' trip will be paid for strictly out of campaign funds; no funds from oil companies will be accepted for this trip. Read Chaffetz' own press release HERE.

The seven candidates plans to meet with local and federal officials, energy experts and community members. Trip organizers vow that no oil company is subsidizing or organizing the junket. "Energy has become the No. 1 issue and I want to see firsthand part of the solution," Chaffetz said. Chaffetz can get an advance look by visiting the website, which promotes responsible exploitation of ANWR, and which shows that 75 percent of Alaskans and virtually every elected official in the state support opening ANWR.

The other six GOP candidates accompanying Chaffetz include Mike Sodrel, Indiana; Greg Goode Indiana; Chris Lien, South Dakota; Craig Williams, Pennsylvania; Luke Puckett, Indiana; and Paul Stark, Wisconsin. Click on their names to visit their official campaign websites.

Very little coverage of this visit can be found in the Alaska media. However, the Alaska Pride blog discusses this impending visit at greater length, and sees a parallel between the just-concluded primary fight between Jason Chaffetz and Chris Cannon and the upcoming Alaska primary fight between incumbent Don Young and challenger Sean Parnell, who also happens to be Alaska's lieutenant governor. Young is considered even more vulnerable than Cannon was, because of possible ethics problems, and Parnell appears to be a stronger challenger than Chaffetz was. A third candidate in that race, State Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, appears to have little more than an anecdotal effect. So the Chaffetz phenomenom may be starting to reverberate nationwide.


Dave D said...

Let's hope that Chaffetz' success is an indicator that we will be replacing RINO's nation-wide with real, principled conservatives.

MagnaMan said...

Sorry Dave D, Chaffetz is just saying what you want to hear. If he was principled he would run in his own district.