Monday, July 28, 2008

Sandy Creswell, Who Plunged Three Stories Off A Parking Garage In Salt Lake On May 5th, Had Blacked Out Due To Pharmaceutical Drug Reaction

Note: On the upper left, you can see the parking space from which the SUV plunged. It cannonballed its way down and landed on its roof.

Remember the picture above? A motorist had inadvertently driven her car off the third floor of a parking garage at 185 East 200 South in Salt Lake City on May 5th (if you need background, see May 5th stories from the Deseret News and KSL Channel 5). She was hurt, but survived, and now tells her story to the Salt Lake Tribune.

How did it happen? As Sandy Creswell was parking her SUV, she suddenly fainted, accelerated, and crashed through the railing of the parking structure, dropping three floors. The next thing the 51-year-old Woods Cross woman remembers is waking with her seat and steering wheel above her. During the drop, her Toyota RAV4 flipped and landed on its roof in the garage's atrium. She was lying flat on the ceiling of her car. But Creswell neither remembers hearing the crash not feeling the drop. The next thing she remembered was the dozen or so EMTs who came to her rescue after an onlooker called police.

Why did she faint? Weeks before the accident, Creswell was prescribed blood-thinning medication after a new nurse used a "bad IV" during treatment for blood clots in her arms. Doctors gave her medication and said she would be fine. They never cautioned her against driving, though she had been feeling dizzy that week at work. Sounds like a pharmaceutical drug reaction. Big Pharma strikes again.

And the outcome? Creswell was transferred to University Hospital where she remained for two days with a broken vertebra, seven broken ribs and lacerations on the side of her face including her left ear, which split in two. It would have been a lot worse, except that upon impact, the air bags never deployed and she was not wearing a seat belt. So her body shifted to a small open space near the back of her car. She's currently undergoing physical therapy, but otherwise is back to her old self. She has since returned to work as a paralegal at the law firm Parr, Waddoups, Brown, Gee and Loveless.

Not only did her parents fly in to see her, but two of her four children dropped final college exams to fly to the hospital. "I reassured them that if they were here for their inheritance, there was nothing there to get," she said.

I'm sure they were quite relieved. This is one lucky lady.


steel68 said...

Wow!No lawsuit!At least no mention of it.These days if someone trips over a cross-walk line and turns an ankle,there's always some entity to blame.And her case might not be frivolous.

Deseret Dawg said...

No lawsuit so far. Of course, if it was a black woman, the NAACP'd already be involved, and Jesse and Al would have their rent-a-mobs in the streets. Obviously, that garage would be considered "racist and sheeit". LOL!

Or perhaps she hasn't decided who to sue. The drug company, the doctors, or the garage. Decisions, decisions.

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